Ha'Dre looked at the vampire before her, no not vampire, hybrid of vampire and human. She had heard to this one, he hunts vampires even though he is not the slayer. She had come to find him, to warn him, to save his life if she could. The question was: Would he let her?

"Who are you?" he asked her, his sword ready to attack. '

She had cornered him after a kill of another vampire that he had hunted all night. It was almost morning now. She could see the exhaustion in him, but feel the determination emanating from him as well. "People have been calling me Ha'Dre for centuries, you may use that name, Blade," she stated softly, making raise an eyebrow in surprise. "I warn you hunter, if you are thinking to slay me, you will fail. I mean no harm to you or the people of this city." It was a standard warning that she gave everyone, just to say that she had warned them.

Blade almost chuckled, not really believing what she had just said. "Yeah right, why should I trust you?"

The woman smiled. "I could ask you the same thing now couldn't I, vampire?"

Blade contemplated her words as he eyed her warily. "I'm not a full blown vampire. Your people call me Day-walker," he replied, testing the woman's mettle.

Ha'Dre kept on smiling. "I am not a full blood vampire either. I am also part werewolf." She made her way closer to him however still not within reach of his sword. She wasn't afraid of him, she was pretty sure that she was faster but she didn't need to test fate. "I personally prefer either sunrise or sunset though."

The Day-Walker stared at her somewhat confused but recovered quickly. "Who sent you? What do you want?"

"I work for no one, Blade. The only thing that drives me is this." Her hand went to the medallion around her neck. It held part of a red gem that almost leaked blood. What was odd about it was that it was partially broken.

"Kinda open for a vamp, aren't you?"

"Yes, sometimes too open for my own good but hey, I've lived this long, so I guess I'm doing something right, huh?" Her nose picked out something in the air, something that should not have been there, that's when she saw him; a vampire behind Blade ready to go in for the kill. Before anyone knew what happened, the vampire was disintegrating over her, the dust falling at her feet. When she realized she had pushed Blade out of the way and had killed his would-be attacker, she felt a pain in her stomach. Her gaze drifted down to see the Day-walker's sword lodged in her stomach. Ha'Dre saw a hand yank the sword from her body and Blade kneeling at her side as she sank down to her knees.

"Did you know him?" the man beside her asked urgently. "Tell me!" he ordered as his fingers threaded through her short silver-brown hair to pull her head back.

"No, no." Her voice weak, she didn't seem to be able to recover that's when she made the connection. His sword was made with silver, her deadliest enemy. Her eyes closed as she tried to concentrate on Blade asking if it was of her doing. "He was sent by Dragen to kill you. All the vampires are after you. I came here to warn you, to give you a chanceā€¦" she passed out soon after though it wasn't a blow that would kill her instantly, it would mean her death in the end, she was after all, highly allergic to silver.

The Day-walker studied the woman for a moment, not quite sure what to do. Who was this Dragen? And why had this hybrid decided to intervene? The questions bubbled up inside of him as he picked up her and brought her to his car. Maybe he could do something for her and hope against hope that she would survive long enough to help her.

A few hours later, Ha'Dre was bandaged up, though Blade wasn't sure she would survive. He didn't know much about her actually, but he still had to try. It could just mean his own survival. The Day-walker knew what his mentor would have told him, "What are you doing? Bringing home a blood sucking bitch?" But something about her spoke to him like none other had. Maybe it was her eyes, or the fact that they shared something in common when it came down to their genetics. Whatever it was, he had better things to do than think it over.

He had to find out what Dragen wanted and maybe who this woman really was. After making sure she wasn't going to go anywhere, he made his way into town. Maybe one of his snitches knew something.