Blade woke up groggy. He tried sitting up, but nausea overwhelmed his senses and made him lie back down. He tried to make sense of the battle he had witnessed and what it meant for his life.

Someone coming into his room, which he had just realized was rather luxurious, shook him out of his thoughts. His eyes were drawn back to the woman who had entered the room with his clothing, ready to be worn again after being washed. After taking a moment to inspect her, he realized that she was just a girl. She smiled and put his clothes down on a dresser at the foot of his bed. "You are human," he said sitting up.

"Yes, and you are the day-walker. Ha'Dre wants to see you when you are ready," she replied as she pushed a stray strand of strawberry blond hair out of the way. She turned to go but stopped at the threshold to look back at him. "She's at the top floor. Oh, and it's not an order, just that your weapons are up there." She smiled and left, leaving Blade to change.

Minutes, Blade found himself examining in the mirror. The armor was stronger yet not as bulky as his previous one and the clothes fit just like he preferred it He had to frown though. Why had the hybrid kept his weapons? A nagging little voice told him to go up there to find out so moments later he was walking onto the top floor of a very tall building, considering the number of buttons there were in the elevator he had taken up.

The slayer found a large living room with a sitting area, bar in the corner and a desk with a computer on top and a wall of windows behind it. Light streamed through the windows, the rays showering the beautiful hybrid who sat behind the desk.

Ha'Dre looked up at him and smiled. "Glad to see you up," she said standing up. She wore leather all over, except her shirt, which showed her bareback tattooed with mythic words. "I assume you only came up here for you weapons."

Blade took a few steps forward, into the direct light. The warmth of the light hit his skin but the light was too much for his eyes. He turned away only to find Ha'Dre's hand pushing a pair of sunglasses towards him. "UV blocking windows," he said when he noticed her standing in the light.

She smiled again, enticingly. "Not at all, come talk to me outside." The hybrid lead the slayer outside, onto a large patio on top of the very high building. They stood in the light of the an ending day, telling Blade that he had been out for at least a day or two when he also took into account the fact that the wound to his side was just slightly tender.

Blade watched the woman's elegant movements. She was by all standards a beautiful creature yet she was also part vampire. She turned to him, the sun warming her back. The rays of light filtered through her hair, lighting the silver strands. Her eyes stared at him with the feral tone of a wolf as her body, lean and fit, was more or less suggestive of pleasures that a man could only enjoy in his dreams. "What do you want?"

Ha'Dre smiled and crossed her arms. "I want you to work for me." She put a hand up before he could reply and continued. "I will finance your operation and in exchange, once in a while, I will ask you to kill some specific vampire."

Blade raised an eyebrow, completely incredulous. "Or what? Kill me?" He didn't think that she would kill him considering she had saved his life and now offered him a job.

Ha'Dre's smile didn't disappear nor did it change. "Probably," she replied, there was nothing really cold in her voice but he took it as a threat, he didn't have much of a choice about it. "You and I will face-off one day. It is in our blood, but for now, we may join forces and learn each other's strengths and weaknesses."

The slayer heard his heart give a double beat. He didn't know why he felt a shiver run up his spine at the thought of her prophecy. He wasn't quite sure if he could win against her and he didn't want to find out anytime soon. He knew deep down that if it was convenient for her, he would by dead by now. He swallowed and formulated his plan. "I'm going to Canada."

"Your weapons are on the bar. The secretary downstairs will have a list of vampire hot spots for you on your way out," Ha'Dre replied, knowing full well that he had accepted.

The vampire hunter left without another word, feeling like he had just jumped in bed with the Devil himself. As he was walking out of the building, he could still feel the chill of her prediction. He hoped that her prediction would never come true, but for some reason, he had a feeling it would.

A grin came to his lips. He was going to hunt down the worse vampires to prepare for the battle. He looked up at the top floor as he left the large building. He would be ready for her, one day, just not today.