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Chp 1: Welcome to the fold

Something was dripping into her mouth.

It tasted thick and coppery, bittersweet. And it was way too cool to be a bad batch of coffee. Kagome groaned, trying to move her mouth away from that harsh stuff, but it followed her movement.

"Drink," said a cold commanding voice. A large rough hand reached behind her head, lifting it to a better angle so she could swallow properly. Kagome drank some more of the stuff, wincing at the taste. But she had to admit, she felt better for it. It made an odd feeling in her body, like it was seeping into her very blood. The voice spoke again. "Drink your fill. You will need to feed after so much sleep."

The girl blinked her eyes, trying to focus on whatever was near her mouth. It pulled away from her gaze. "S-sleep?" she asked softly. Somehow, that didn't feel right. Like she hadn't been sleeping at all. Her body felt sore, like she'd been out doing punishing work with no breaks for hours, and her skin was burning. It felt like sunburn. And her eyes seemed to be glued shut. Whatever she'd been doing, sleep was not it. "How long have I slept?"

"Roughly three days. Get up, girl. You have much to do for me."

Kagome tried to get up, but nothing wanted to respond. The hands reached again for her and helped pull her up. Ugh, she thought to herself. It certainly seemed like she'd slept in the same clothes for days. Her jeans were twisted around her waist and legs, very uncomfortable. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and her vision began to clear. She just wished the fog in her brain would lift as easily. She shook her head, bad idea. A headache the size of a small continent began to make itself known, and she grabbed her head to try and block out some of it.

She was in what looked like a large sitting room. She couldn't see much of it, only a single candle burned in the entire room. Suddenly the girl felt something inside her shift. The room suddenly was bright enough to read fine print and count every wrinkle in her yellow shirt. Her vision had just gotten a lot better.

It was a room full of dust and cobwebs. Old furniture that hadn't been cleaned in decades lined the room. Paintings on the walls were partially covered with sheets, some stained with dark brown spots and splashes. The something in her shifted once more, getting comfortable, and she suddenly could identify what the spots were. They were blood. Old dried blood. She knew it was years old. By scent alone. She could smell dust, old cigar smoke, cheap cigarette smoke, even the city pollution outside. She could also smell dog.

Or what she thought was dog. It was mixed thoroughly with human smell, and something that almost burned her nose. Something electric, but not. Something old and wild.

Magic, the something not quite whispered. It's the smell of magic, the power of werewolves. Man and dog and magic. Kagome didn't question were such surety of knowledge came from, but just accepted it for now. This was not the time to panic.

Werewolves. And they had been all over the place. Dozens of their scents were but a few hours old in the room, and she could tell that they were all still in the house. The one that was freshest was coming from behind her. A male, she knew. A very strong male in great physical condition. He smelled-healthy was the only word she knew for it, not knowing how she knew. He knew some magic of his own, she thought. Some parts of him smell of stronger magic than the rest of him. She didn't try to turn around to see him just yet, afraid of making her headache worse.

She sniffed again. She could smell something disgusting. Rotting blood and perfume were not meant to mix. There was something else she was picking up. A woman smell, she realized. Covered with a different sort of magic, an older magic than the werewolf. A vampire. The magic smell was strong. She's powerful, Kagome thought. Whoever she is, she's old and powerful. She looked up to see the female vampire.

She was sitting on a long chase couch, legs curled under her. A long white and red fan dangled from one of her wrists. She was dressed in a long silk red robe. It was partially open, exposing her breasts to the room. Her black hair was wound on top of her head in a loose bun, and her eyes were partially open. They were the red color of blood, the color dripping off the woman's lips. One of her fangs came over her lower lip as she smiled.

"Welcome to the world of the vampires, Kagome. I am Kagura, your sire."


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