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Chap 1: when girls get ideas, you should hide

Tabitha whooped as the last bell rang out over the school. "Three day weekend!! No waking up early on a Friday!"

"You wake up on Fridays?" Rogue asked sarcastically. Tabby shrugged merrily, way too happy to be out and free to let the goth one bring her down. She waved over at her roommate as Kitty came over. "Hey guys, you free tonight?"

"Heard about a party?" Tabby asked excitedly.

"No, that's not until Saturday night at Tarryn's. But I have an idea for tonight."

"Whacha' got in mind?" the wild one asked.

"A girls' night in! We'll do hair, makeup, nails-and I figured out a way to do yours, Rogue, so no excuses! Chips, dip, chains, whips!"

Jean laughed out loud as she came up behind them. "You've seen 'Weird Science' way too many times, Pryde. But I like the idea. Every girl at the institute?"

"Yep! I've got Amara, Jubilee, and Rahne coming too. Pack the good pajamas!" Kitty crowed merrily.

"Sounds good," Rogue said. "I'm in."

"You have to be," Kitty answered with a smile, "it's in our room."

"Count me in too," Tabby said. "I haven't hung out with girls in way too long. Pietro was talking about baseball the other day and I actually understood how to do a batting average." She shuddered in remembered horror. "I need to be feminine again. I think I might have forgotten how to shop."

Jean looked at her in shock. "Shopping's an instinct, you can't forget it!

"Shop later," Rogue said, "party now."

"Then let's do it!"


Evan groaned out loud. Man this sucked. Security duty on the night of a three day weekend. 'Whoopdee. I get to watch the cameras for six hours with nothing else to do. Maybe Roberto managed to get that movie and I can watch it while he plays'-Spyke caught movement from the corner of his eye, and turned to catch the living quarters' camera. He saw all the girls walking into Rogue and Kitty's room. They had popcorn, chips, what looked like lots of bottles of something, movies, and ninety different bags of luggage. He rolled his eyes, what the hell did women need with that damn much stuff? They weren't even leaving the building, for Christ's sake!

It suddenly hit him what they were up to. Sleep-over! Many pretty girls in their nighties all in one room! He knew what to do. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

It was a tight fit, but Scott, Ray, Roberto, Remy, Kurt, Sam, and Bobby all managed to fit in the small room with him.

They'd almost had to talk Kurt into it. He was the gentleman of the group, and not up for sneaking a peek at the girls. But as soon as Evan mentioned it was in Kitty's room, he'd jumped at the chance. Kitty and Lance had broken up, again, over two weeks ago. But instead of talking things over with Kurt like she always did, Shadowcat had avoided him. Well, not quite avoided him, but she wasn't talking to him like she used to. For two whole weeks. It was driving Kurt insane, and led most of the house to believe that Lance had been jealous of the blue furred boy and gotten into it with Kitty. Kurt was hoping that some of the girls would ask about it and Kitty could tell them something. After all, it could just be a girl thing.

All of them agreed it was worth it the moment they got a good look at the girls. Jean was in a lavender teddy, making Remy joke that Scott might need to clean his tongue from all the lint off the carpet. Cyclops had punched his arm, but did stop drooling. Rogue was in a button up green satin sleeper with flannel heart print pants. Jubilee had on a short silver robe over undies, to Ray's delight, and Tabby had on a tight wife- beater with pink silk boxers, that she admitted she bought solely to annoy Lance. "It drives him nuts when he washes clothes and sees my cute little boxers," she said with a smirk.

Amara had on what looked like royal sitting robes, made of the finest silk, and Rahne had a p.j. suit of cotton with little dogs and cats printed on it. Kitty, to Kurt's and every other guys' surprise, wore a pair of blue fuzzy slippers and an over-sized shirt that Kurt would have sworn belonged to him.

They were sitting in various positions, doing make-overs, talking about school and who was dating who. Tabby was elaborately braiding Jean's long hair, and Kitty carefully dusted blush on jubilee's cheeks. Rahne was carefully painting Rogue's nails, using latex gloves like professionals did. She took her work seriously, and nearly every girl said that she should be a beautician.

*************** "What is it with girls and their nails?" Scott asked out loud. "I mean, does any guy care what color a girl's nails are? I never notice." 'Liar,' he thought mentally. 'I know exactly what color Jean wears.'

"I don't either, but it seems to make them happy to color-coordinate," Roberto said puzzled. "Go figure." *********************

Tabby spoke up. "I've got an idea for a game if anyone wants to try it."

Jean raised a slightly nervous eyebrow. "Truth or Dare?"

"Nah, this is more fun. Its called Blast, and all you do is pick a girl, give her a guy, and have her say the most outrageous thing she can think of to him."

"Sounds fun," Jubilee said. "Who picks the guy?"

"We all do," Tabby answered. "and I say we do this in order of age. Jean, you first!"

"Oh, come on"-

"Yeah Jean, it'll be fun," Kitty said.

Tabby looked around with a conspiracy smile. "We won't tell anyone what we say here, right girls?"

"Right!" they all chorused.

"Okay, okay. Who's my guy?"

Rogue rolled her eyes. "You really have to ask? Scott of course!"

*** Every guy just whooped, grinning at the blushing leader. ***

"Oh, no, not him"-

"C'mon, Jean, it never goes out of this room," Tabby assured her.

"Yeah, Jean, lets hear it," Amara said wickedly.

"What do I have to say again?"

"C'mon, Jean, don't be a spoil sport! Just the craziest thing possible."

"Alright. Here goes." She threw back her head and in her best sultry voice sang out softly, "Who wants to be spanked by me?"

Every girl's jaw dropped.

Then they all burst out laughing. Even Jean was cracking up at the thought. Tabby laughed so hard she almost wet her pants and had to make an emergency trip to the bathroom. Rahne fell off the bed laughing so hard.

Kitty managed to say as soon as they calmed down a little, "I know exactly what would happen if you ever said that to him. Either he starts hearing the hallelujah chorus in the back of his head, or you're gonna end up leaning over him, while he's out on the floor, going 'hold on Scott, the paramedics are coming!'" They broke down laughing again, all of them picturing the look on his face.

*** On the other side of the mansion, every guy was howling in laughter, Kurt having to be supported by Bobby and Roberto to stop from going into convulsions. The whole while Evan pounded on the back of their leader, barely managing to get out between laughing fits, "Breathe, Scott, breathe! I don't wanna do CPR on a guy!"

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