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Chap 13: Eris come to town.....

The rumbling purr of a motorcycle could be faintly heard outside the gates of the Institute. A gorgeous red and yellow chopper came up the road, its rider fully intent on going in. But once the grounds came within earshot to his sensitive hearing, the tires almost screamed as the brakes were suddenly jerked. The man yanked off his helmet before he even stopped, just to be sure he'd heard right. He dismounted and popped out the kick-stand, walking a few feet further so that he could see the school grounds.

Logan just stared.

This was just too----- he could not think of how to describe it, even to himself.

This man could safely say that he had seen just about everything in his travels around the world. He'd seen (1) monsters, (human and otherwise), (2) a woman change into a man, and vice versa, (3) solid metal twist like a scarf in the wind, and that was just the tip of the iceberg. He had even seen, to his nightmares at least twice a month, Sabertooth in his boxers. In other words, it was extremely hard to impress, disturb, and/or frighten this man. Getting on his list of most impressive/weird things was damn near impossible.

However, what he was seeing had most certainly made the list. Hell, it was in the top ten. He hadn't seen something like this since his last trip to Singapore.

Scott, in his underwear, with both hands handcuffed behind his back, was running for dear life across the yard. It looked----Logan squinted in the moonlight to be sure he wasn't seeing things. Oh hell. It looked like he was wearing make-up. And what was that white stuff in his hair?

Jean was right behind him in her pajamas, levitating in the air and from the looks of her, fighting mad. She had a black marker in one hand and a camera in the other.

Logan's jaw dropped open. What sort of kinky shit went on here when he wasn't around?!

A sudden explosion lit the night as pieces of what he thought was the boathouse rained down from the sky. Logan jerked his gaze from the dynamic duo of fun and turned to see this next bit of calamity.

Well, actually the calamity almost came to him.

Bobby and Ray suddenly streaked across the lawn in the same direction as Scott, both looking very singed and----what the hell?! Bobby had make-up on too! He had no shirt and was quickly trying to remove his pants while running. Raymond was---

Wolverine blinked hard twice to be sure. Oh god. Berserker was purple. Not his clothes, which were soaked. (He'd obviously been hiding in the water and it hadn't worked.) It was his skin. And his hair. Bright, choking-a- Smurf purple.

Tabby and Rogue were chasing after them, both looking madder than Hell.

What he saw next really took the cake.

Sam came flying out the second story window, smashing glass in a grand style, and desperately tried to make for the gates. He also had make-up on, and—Logan couldn't help it and started to laugh. Cannonball had a yellow boa phased through his head, the ends of it sticking out and looking like a pair of sick chicken wings. Or one hell of a bad Viking wig. The older man halfway expected him to start chanting 'Ride of the Valkyries' any second.

Kitty was holding onto his ankle while in midair and jumped to the ground before they hit. She, also in her pajamas, glared over at the boy, who started to shake in fear. "You want another piece of Kitty Pryde?!"

Sam did the wisest thing. He screamed out, "RUNAWAY!!!!!" and followed his own advice. Kitty grinned manically and sprinted back inside, where the shouts could clearly be heard, "We've got him cornered!!!"

Explosions echoed from outside and inside the mansion. He noticed multiple brown bones strewn across the back wall, roof, and part of the brick fencing. Evan had apparently been fighting someone around here. But judging by the sheer amount of burn marks on his 'spykes', the teacher was willing to bet the boy hadn't won.

A sudden ring from his cell phone made Logan start as he hurried to answer it. It was Hank. "Um, Logan? You might want to rent a hotel room tonight, things have gotten a bit rowdy. Would you tell the professor and Ms. Munroe?"

"Hank? Where are you?!"

"Currently in the Blackbird, cruising at 10,000 feet. Safest place to be right about now."

The man raised an incredulous eyebrow as Amara dumped someone's entire underwear drawer out a second floor window. "What the hell is going on in—"

"Trust me, you don't want to go in and find out." The phone clicked off.

The man took one more look at the place he usually called home and got back on his bike in a hurry. He'd call the prof from a safe distance.

A harsh scream from inside the building made him jump. A high pitched male voice was swearing a blue streak in Portugese and English. It suddenly pitched even higher as the owner screamed out, "WHAT THE HELL??!! YOU CAN'T SHAVE THERE!!!"

Logan's eyes went huge as he silently agreed with Beast. He really didn't want to know.


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