This takes place after the episode featuring the Bayville Sirens, just so you know. I've been tossing this idea around for months after I saw what kurt looked like when the professor played around with his holowatch. I thought this would be massive fun, so sit back and enjoy! ~*~*~*~**~ Chap 1: enter Kristina

"I still can't believe you guys went all commando like that. I mean, it was a turn on, but still. That's more of a guy thing." Roberto stopped after feeling ten icy glares hit his back. Every guy in the room just averted his eyes, not wanting to get caught in the crossfire. "Poor idiot," Kurt muttered. "You'd have thought he would have learned."

Amara whirled to face him. "And what exactly does that mean?"

"Shouldn't have said something, man," evan said softly. Amara turned her icy look to him too, and every other guy in the mansion decided it would be a good time to go get some fresh air, take out the x-van, maybe spar with Logan for, oh say, however long it took until it was safe to come back in.

Jean hmphed, "you know, its not easy being a girl."

Kitty nodded, "yeah, I bet you guys wouldn't last a day as a girl."

Kurt laughed before he could stop himself. Every female eye was on him, and Scott started saying a sincere prayer for his safety. "What's so funny?"

"W-well," he stuttered, man it was scary having every girl with mutant powers mad at you at the same time, "you have it easy. Gym is soft on you guys," Jean gave a sharp laugh of disbelief. "Guys are nice to you," "to get in our pants, you mean," Rogue said bitterly.

Kitty snorted. "Believe me Kurt, with that kind of thinking, you wouldn't last one day as a woman. I'd bet my next three weeks money on it."

Evan perked up quite a bit. "You really think so? Willing to put your money where your mouth is?"

Jean glared at him, along with Amara, Rahne and Jubilee. "You bet we would. No guy could last a whole week as a girl. We guarantee it."

"I'll take that bet, Spyke said slyly. But since I can't change my shape, we'll have to go with the next best thing." He looked over at Kurt.

Kurt began to get really frightened.

The girls all looked at him too. "That's right," Rogue said. "He can use his image inducer to look like a girl! We can get change it to look right"-

"Get him the clothes"-

"Vas!? I am not wearing girls clothes!!"


"Heels, what else?"

"Where from? Kelly's gonna want to know."

"We'll say he's-she's kurt's cousin from germany, same skin disease to make up for the no -touching thing"-

"And for showering in gym class"-

"Nien!! I'm not doing this!!"

"Come on kurt, no one will know it's you! Help me out man," evan said under his breath. "Don't you want to prove them wrong?"

"Not this badly," he nearly hissed. I will not dress like a woman!"

Kitty spoke up, "see, I told you. No guy will even dare to try it. Too chicken."

"That's it," kurt almost snarled. "I'll do it. I am not chicken."

Every girl lit up like he'd said Christmas was coming early. "We'll call her"-

"Kristina!" ~*~*~*~*~ I am aware of just how corny that opening can be, but trust me, it gets better! Let me know what you think and review!!