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Chap: Goodnight, Kristina

After beating Evan with a ladle, Kurt slunk up to his room and collapsed on the bed. Gott, what a day. A knock at the door made him stir. "Ja?"

"Kurt? May I come in?"

Kurt's eyes went huge. "Professor?" He scrambled to the door and pulled it open to allow the headmaster in. He found a smile. "What can I do for you, professor?"

The man rolled into the room, smiling. "I just wanted to congradulate you."

"Congradulate me?"

"Yes. You are really developing a better understanding of how some of your team members feel and what they deal with everyday. It should really help you get along with them better. Not to mention, this will help to give you a greater knowledge of how some of our new recruits will feel someday when they come to Bayville."

Kurt's eyebrows went up in surprise. "We're getting new recruits?"

"A few, soon. But not until the end of the school year. Well, I'm sure you've—I mean, Kristina has some homework to send on to her cousin in Germany." He chuckled. "I never thought that that little joke I played would have such reactions."

"You know, that was funny when you did it. Now it just freaks me out," Kurt said with a sigh.

"Don't worry, it's only for a week. Nothing too bad can happen in a week. "

Kurt stiffened until the professor reached over and knocked on the dresser. "You know, superstitions are a little out-dated."

"Funny you should say that. That's what it says on my grandfather's tombstone. He died after walking under a ladder."

The professor blinked in surprise. "Oh? Hit with a bucket of paint off the ladder?"

"No. He was hit by the whole painter."

Only the fact that Kurt said it with a completely straight face prevented the professor from laughing. But he did smile as he backed up out of the room. "Good night, Kurt."

"Good night, professor."

He tried to get out his homework like the professor said. Five minutes later, Kitty walked in. "Kurt? You okay, fuzzy?"

"Ja, I'm fine."

She walked over to where he was sitting at his desk. "Homework?"

"The teachers all had me bring it so I could send it on to my 'cousin,'" he said with a shrug. "They'll be surprised when I come back and understand the stuff."

"No doubt," she laughed. The girl suddenly became sober. "Kurt, are you okay?"

He knew what she meant. The boy leaned back in his chair to look her in the face as he spoke. "I'm really freaked out by all this. I don't like being stared at like I'm some kind of piece of meat." He paused. "Did I ever do that to you?"

"No. You were a gentleman about it," she said with a smile. "You looked at me like a piece of cake."

"Oh, gott," he groaned. "I'm sorry, kitty."

"I'm kidding," she said with a smile. She straighten from leaning on the wall and made to walk out the door. "I'm gong to the kitchen. Want anything?"

"Better not. I'd hate to ruin Kristina's figure."

Kitty laughed as she phased through the floor.


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