Hey everybody! Thought I'd try my hand at fics for mone of my fav shows on the planet. It will be a little racy, its rated r for a reason. Let me know what you think!

Chap 1: the trouble with tails

"Left foot, green!"

"Twister! See, I have one on every row across!"

"No, no, Amara, this is not bingo! You just put your foot on the green circle without moving any other body parts and staying up off the ground," Jubilee patiently explained. The Nova Roma princess nodded, "Oh yes, of course."

Hank grinned to himself. This had been one of his better ideas, if he said so himself. Everyone had gathered in the common room, pushing furniture out lf the way to spread out the twister game. Evan was taking bets on the first people to fall or how long someone would last, making a killing profit. They were playing in teams of two, two on each end since only four could play at a time. Jubilee and Amara were playing Roberto and Sam, a battle of the sexes on the first one. Rahne and John were playing Kurt and Kitty on the other. Bobby and Jamie were their wheel callers, and Hank was playing judge for both rings.

When Scott had protested everyone playing this instead of practicing in the danger room, the Beast had just smiled, explaining, "this is a completely safe, non-destructive way to increase agility and endurance. Not to mention spending some time with the younger group. The danger room is limited use only for them, so they don't get to spend as much time with their future team leader as they need to." Scott had conceded the point, a little upset with himself that he hadn't noticed it sooner. He threw himself into the game, cheering everyone on, and despite himself began to have some fun. He, of course, was paired with Jean. Scott made a mental note to self: 'Never let Jean be on top again, way too distracting.' He'd no idea Twister could be so erotic if your thoughts went that way.

Not that his did, of course.

Kitty was the envy of everyone there being paired with Kurt, as he was the Rubber-band Man, guaranteed to win with his ability to bend himself into a pretzel. Evan had to keep his bets at least semi-fair, and had forbidden the fuzzy one from using his tail as a third arm or leg. Kurt had cheerfully conceded, happy just to be paired with Kitty. She was above him, trying to reach the right foot, blue circle. He easily maneuvered to let her do so, almost toppling John. "Hey, watch it!"

"Sorry, mein frund. Just making way for a fraulien."

Rahne craned her neck around to look at him. "And what does 'fruline' mean?"

He laughed, "Fraulien means a woman, better translated as a lady. Just a term of respect."

Kitty beamed down at him. "Thanks, Kurt." He turned his head back to the ground to hide his blush. The match went on for about five more minutes, before Rahne brought out her secret weapon. She partially morphed and used her tail. To tickle what she thought, since she couldn't see over Kitty, was Kurt's chest. It turned out to be-"Kurt, you cheater! No tail!" John shouted.

"Its not mine," he said, holding his up. They all turned to Rahne, and while Kurt was distracted, John immediately used the opening and began to tickle Kitty. She burst out laughing, retaliating as best she could in the akward position she was in while still holding herself up. Jamie gave up calling out stuff and started laughing hysterically. John managed to twist around and threw the board at him. Another Jamie appeared, and both boys just grinned at him. "Oh, hell," was all John said. The whole thing quickly deteriorated into a major tickle fight.

Evan simple threw his arms up in despair. So much for the bets.

Kitty had Kurt pinned down, mercilessly tickling him till the tears came. Just brushing his fur the wrong way was enough to make his ache laughing. Rahne was in no better shape, John nearly rubbing her sides raw. She did manage to go dog on him and change positions, making him chase her all over the room with the Jamies help. They knocked over the other board players, spreading the tickle fight even farther. Scott had Jean at his mercy, since no powers could be used, while Hank just smiled. Ororo walked in, took one look at the whole scene and rolled her eyes. She brushed up against him with a smile. "Looks like fun."

"Indeed." He started to twitch. "S-Storm. Not the fur. Not the!"-hank started laughing, clutching his sides as Ororo used her nails to lightly brush his fur along his ribs. He got her back, using his feet to pick her up by the waist while he caught his breath. Evan just whistled suggestively, and his aunt blushed.

Kurt was getting awfully desperate by this time. Kitty was going at it so hard he could barely breathe, not that he'd show it. She had to have a tickle spot somewhere! But his hands were busy trying to protect his ribs-- -idea struck. He only couldn't use his tail in twister, not in tickle fights. He brought it up from the ground, tip first to weasel through any defenses. It wrapped around her leg, going for the backs of her knees, winding round her thigh to hold her still.

Kitty never noticed it, too focused on him to really feel what he was doing. She rolled them over, trying to get him off his side and ended up on top of his back. Kurt twisted, trying anything to get out from under her and off his stomach. His tail flexed---

Kitty gasped and froze above him. Kurt grinned. 'Found it!' He wound his tail more firmly around her leg and flexed it again. Kitty let out a little yelp, falling back to sit on her shins. Kurt flipped himself over, thankful his tail was made of cartilage so as to not to strain twisting like that. He rocked his tail again. "Had enough, Kit"---He stopped instantly at seeing her face.

Kitty's eyes were huge in shock and rolled so far back only the whites showed, her hands clenched into fists. Her head was tilted back and her breath was coming in tiny pants. Jean saw this from the corner of her eye and lifted Scott off her. His protests died when he got a good look at the girl with Kurt. Everyone turned at the sound of Shadowcat's harsh gasps.


Kurt began to withdraw his tail-

Whatever the hell had been wrong with her just got a lot worse. Kitty screamed, a high thin wail, her body arching back so far her head touched the bottoms of her feet. Her fingers dug into the carpet, clenching tight as her hips bucked up, nearly ripping the tendons in her feet and ankles. Everyone could only stare in shock. Jean had Scott off her in an instant as Ororo leapt over Hank to try and help her. They reached her just as Kitty started to convulse, full body jerks.

"KITTY!!!" Kurt yanked his tail away from her, staring in horror. Scott ran over to him, pulling him away from the rest slightly as Jean used her abilities to hold her still. The leader took Kurt by his shoulders and tried to speak calmly. "Kurt, what happened?"

"I-I don't know! We were just playing around and I tickled her and then this!! Mein Gott, Scott I didn't mean to hurt her! I would never hurt Katzchen!" oh hell, Kurt was near total panic. Scott shook him hard. "Get a hold on yourself, man, we don't even know what happened to her. We'll help her, Kurt, she'll be fine." The blue boy seemed slightly reassured, but his face was still bloodless under his fur. Scott could feel the boy shaking in reaction, and winced mentally. What the hell had happened?

Jean lifted the girl up to one of the couches as Hank came over, first aid kit in hand. The convulsions had finally stopped, but it had amazed Jean just how strong Kitty had been. It had taken serious effort to hold her down. Ororo kept the girl's head in her lap, smoothing the hair away from her face. "Hank, she's very warm and flushed. Could it be a sudden fever?"

"With convulsions? I hope not." He put the stethoscope to her chest-"Good god, her heart rate's going over 90 beats a minute! Kurt!" Nightcrawler came forward hesitantly. "Teleport us to the freezer."

"The freezer? Okay." He touched them both, almost afraid to be near Kitty lest he hurt her again. They ported out to the big freezer by the utility room, and Hank handed Kitty to Kurt. The boy almost refused to take her. "What if I hurt her again?!"

"Kurt, I sincerely doubt you did this to her."

"Vas-what are you doing?" Hank was pulling out various things from the freezer. He explained, "I'm going to put kitty in the cold air. The shock to her system will slow her heart down. If not, I'm very afraid she might have a coronary."

"Vas?! Speak English!"

"I'm afraid she might have a heart attack if we can't calm her down." Kurt blanched and held Kitty tighter to his chest. Hank pulled out the last pack of frozen peas and took her from Kurt. He lowered her down until the cold of frozen meat hit her skin. She subconsciously gasped, groaning at the feel of such burning cold. It was the most beautiful sound Kurt had ever heard. Hank nodded to himself. "That will help, but we need to get her a more thorough exam. Can you take us to the med wing?"

"Ja, Herr McCoy." Hank smiled as the boy reached in for Shadowcat, lifting her like she was made of spun sugar. 'that kid's got it so bad.' He ported them both out of the room. ~*~*~*~*~~* I am a huge Kutty fan, so this will turn out okay, just so you know. Let me know what you all think of it!