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In other words, that last chapter was a psych out. And a bit of a test. I wanted to see whow people would react to this story, and I remain surprised as hell.

This story will be continued in a sequal called, originally enough, 'The Trouble with Tails, Part II.' It will continue what this chapter starts. Hope you'll come see it!

Chap: Finding family demons

Kitty browsed on the computer, grumbling a bit. If geneology was the most popular search on the web, why the hell was it so hard to do!? Of course, she thought to herself, it does help if you have the name of a parent to go by.

Kitty was trying to see if she could find any trace of Kurt's father. She wanted to get him something after all the trouble they'd had together, and she thought that this would be a great gift. He'd always wondered about his father's family. Like what kind of man would marry Mystique, if they had been married. She'd said something about some kind of castle, he thought, so it was possible that he'd been some kind of nobility. Kitty thought so too. Mystique would have wanted the best in whatever area she lived in, and marrying a lord would have been too good an opportunity to pass up.

But this was incredibly frustrating. She'd called his parents, asking for both permission to search for Kurt's biological father, and for any details they might have. They'd agreed to the search if it was alright with Kurt, (which she hadn't told about this yet,) but could give very little help. Kitty was getting discouraged. This was going nowhere, fast.

She snorted as an idea came, almost dismissing it before thinking, what the hell? It couldn't hurt. She typed the word 'demon' in the list for family traits, sent out the search again for German nobility----

And got a response. Three of them. Two were just ridiculous movie promos, but the third......she gasped.

The picture on the screen was of a man in his late twenties, with human skin, hair so black it looked blue, and only three fingers on each hand.

She stared in stunned shock. "That guy could pass for Kurt's older brother," she whispered. "Oh, my god." She read farther down the screen, and immediately called for the professor. If this was real, if it wasn't just a prank or a mistake, then....

She may have really found Kurt's biological father.