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Third Wheel.


Chapter 3: Oblivious.


It anyone of us mutants at the school was going to fall to the 'Dark Side', chances are it would have been Johnny. He was a rebel, didn't do his work and liked to use his powers at every chance he had. Most of the kids would have said he was destined to be the bad guy.

Looking back, that must have been hard on Johnny.

Not that any of us thought like that. We didn't seem to really care what we said about him - after all he didn't really care. He was Johnny, just Johnny, always ready to forget the last smart comment you made because it didn't matter. I think it did though. Matter I mean.

If it was anyone else someone would have stepped in to stop it. We didn't bully him or anything, after all Johnny would have burnt us to a crisp if anyone had even thought about bulling him. I suppose it was bulling in a way, a sort of mental bulling. We didn't know we were doing it, I swear. It was like we were hypnotizing him into thinking that he would end up evil no matter what.

But Johnny is dead. He was killed by Pyro. So now, I fight Pyro at ever chance I get in the hope of avenging my best friends death. It's my way of saying sorry... that sounds so messed up, but it's true. I fight Pyro to say sorry to Johnny, sorry for everything. Most of all, sorry that I got the girl and he didn't. And now, he never will, Johnny might have had a chance, but Pyro has no chance, Pyro is evil.

I'm not stupid or blind... I'm not oblivious.

I've seen the way he looked at Rogue, seen the way Pyro still does. Pyro lusts after her, he practically starts drooling at the sight of her. But I just ignore it, like I always have.

It's as if I'm wearing blinkers and I can't see to either side of me. It's as if - when it comes to Rogue - I can't see the bigger picture. All I can see is Rogue, not the fact that Pyro lusts after her or that she sometimes lusts after him when she thinks I'm not looking.

She fights it. I know she does... when ever it's just us, no one else, not even her precious Logan, she's sweetness itself. When ever she's fully in control of herself, she's mine and she wants to be mine. That's the important thing to remember, she wants to be my girlfriend. No-one else. She wants to be mine.

It's those few hours after we see Pyro that are the worst. She's a nervous bundle of energy, walking up and down, doing that little movement with her hands, that I've come to love so much. God, what I would give for her to act like that after seeing me. For her to think of me like that, for her to love me like that...

It's different to what me and her have, I don't think there is a name to what they have. If Johnny hadn't died when he did, she would have ended up with him. I know that, in my heart. It's a good thing he did die then isn't it?

It's a good thing my best friend died... because I get to keep my girlfriend.

Isn't it?

Rogue was becoming more weak, every day, she seemed to get more and more distant, less attached. She didn't even know she was doing it.

And they call me oblivious.

After he left she flung herself back into our relationship with renewed vigor. Yet something seemed... different. She seemed different. There was something in her that wasn't there before that day.

The day she kissed me for the first time. The day she absorbed Johnny's power for the first time. The day he died. The day everything changed.

That day.

At first I thought it was because she kissed me. That she had somehow had permanently been affected by our kiss. Then I realized that she wasn't colder or have any nifty ice powers and she didn't have any traits that she could have picked up from me.

So I deiced it was because he died. Well, you would be different is one of your best friends died. But it didn't seem to cover it. She wasn't different in that way either, it was something else, something so small that you couldn't pick it up unless you were really looking for it and even then, you couldn't define it.

It took me a while to work it out. She was different, more reckless, more energy. How could I have not guessed?

She was more like Johnny.

She liked being like that as well. You could tell from the glow on her face that hadn't been there before. She liked it. She liked the feel of fire.

I don't mean she doesn't love me or that she is unfaithful to me. It's nothing like that. I know she loves me. I know she cares. She's not being selfish, she just doesn't seem to know what she's doing to me.

That or she just doesn't care.

No! She cares, she has to care, why else would she stay?

You wanna know the really funny thing? The really funny thing was during our dates - the dates Johnny tagged along on - I would sometimes feel like I was a third wheel. On a date with my own girlfriend. When I said funny, I didn't mean funny 'ha ha', I meant funny ironic.

Sometimes it really sucks to be me.

Even though I seem to have everything I've ever wanted. Seem being the operative word here. Everybody at the mansion was jealous of me, when I first came. I had a 'perfect' family. I had a family, which was a lot more than most people. They didn't know I was a mutant, which was different to most of the other kids here.

That crumbled all around me.

I have the 'perfect' girlfriend. Most people would think I would never have to be jealous or worried that she would cheat on me, after she can't touch people. Huh, some joke. She doesn't need to cheat on me.

So that crumbled all around me as well.

Even if nobody sees the ruins at the moment and only see the farad of a perfect and a strong, loving couple, I know the truth. No matter how much I wish I didn't.

They say that ignorance is bliss. 'They' say a lot of things. Who would have thought that they would have been right? To be oblivious... to never have noticed the undercurrents between the two.

That would be bliss.

Don't misunderstand me - In a way I'm glad I know. They don't. That gives me some satisfaction at least. They don't even know that they love each other. I'm not going to tell them. Why should I? After all, she loves me and at the moment that's all that matters.

I know Rogue loves me and I love her. It's just... I don't think it's enough for her. She wants something more, something I can't give her.

She wants fire.

I'm not stupid or blind. I'm not oblivious... but I'll just keep pretending I am. How else can I keep her?

And even though I have her, there is a part of her I'll never really have. A part of her that will always belong to him, no matter how much she might say it isn't so. And that hurts.

It will always hurt.

Why can't I just be oblivious?


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