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Chapter 8

Seto Kaiba and the 'Evil' Modem Socket

Serenity slowly walked up to Kaiba's door, unsure whether she should knock or just waltz in. Turning around, she saw Kaiba and Isis staring at her from the other side of the hall, looking intrigued. With a sigh, Serenity decided to face her doom. How bad could it be, really?

"Love!!!!" a shriek came from the room the moment she opened the door and then a couple of things happened. First, she was tackled by Pegasus and second, she was blinded by millions of camera flashes …

"Gefff ouffff!" she gritted out as Pegasus practically squashed her flat against the tiled floor. She could also hear somebody snickering in the background …

"What the…?" Pegasus took a good look at the one who was underneath him at the very moment. A girl with brown hair, green eyes and unnaturally blue skin….

"I can't breathe!" Serenity managed to chock out. For such a slim body, Pegasus was unnaturally heavy.

"Why…?" Pegasus blinked a couple of times and then looked straight ahead. What he saw made him want to die right there and then. Kaiba, standing with his arms folded across his chest, his I-told-you-I-am-smarter glare in place and Isis simply had a sad look on her face. With one fluid motion, Pegasus rolled off of Serenity and was on his feet in a matter of seconds. Serenity inhaled sharply.

"Ironic" was all that Kaiba said. He knew it, he just knew that Pegasus would go that far and yet he hoped that maybe, just maybe his imagination was playing its I-think-that-I-know-what-he-thinks-but-I-think-I-don't-know-what-he-thinks tricks on him. Realizing that he, after all, was right, Kaiba stormed back into Serenity and Isis's room and locked the door. By now, Mai and Tea came out of their room, having heard the commotion and were now gaping at a nearly naked Pegasus.

"It's not…" Pegasus put his head into his hands. While he stood there, engulfed in despair, Mai and Tea got a good look at his Blue Eyes White Dragon briefs and turned away in disgust.

"Let me help you" Isis told Serenity gently as the other girl took her outstretched hand in attempt to get off the floor.

"Thanks" Serenity murmured, trying to avert her gaze. If Joey ever found out that she was literally jumped by Pegasus, she would not be able to go outside, ever.

"We have plenty of proof," six people came out of the room that Kaiba was supposed to occupy, all wearing black suits and holding professional cameras in their hands.

"This is…" Pegasus finally came out of his stupor but the six reporters didn't even listen to him.

"We have a perfect story now, thank you." one of them said and they turned around, heading for the door.

"This isn't the one! I promise…" but Pegasus's words fell deaf to their ears.

"What is the meaning of this?" Mai demanded, arms crossed and her chin high in the air.

"Yes, I would like to know too," Tea tapped her foot impatiently, looking from Serenity to Pegasus to Isis and back to Serenity.

"I will hire a killer if you do so much as to say a word about this," Pegasus sent Serenity and Isis cold glares and disappeared into Kaiba's original room, slamming the door in process.

"What was he doing there?" Tea blinked, dumbfounded, and sent Isis a pleading looking.

"Ask Kaiba," Isis shook her head, as if to clear it. She wasn't getting involved in this and even if the other two girls begged, she wouldn't change her mind.

"There is no way we will be able to get any answers from Mr I-have-an-ice-cube-showed-up-my-ass," Mai slapped her forehead, referring to Kaiba. He was a very difficult person to manage, even for Mai. Then again, she always had to remind herself that even though Seto Kaiba had a lot of similarities with Joey, both of them were also very different people…

"Our room," was all that Isis suddenly said, starring at the locked door. "Kaiba, open the door this instant!" but no one replied. Isis and Serenity's eyes widened. Unbeknown to Mai and Tea, the two girls effectively changed the topic.

Kaiba knew that this would be a bad day, but he never thought that it would be this bad. First was the cold morning, then the discovery of the contestants, then trouble with Pegasus, then… Kaiba involuntarily shuddered.

"You know Seto, you should really reconsider not jumping out of your helicopter sometime soon," Kaiba spoke to himself. It was a thought that he entertained during one of his 'how-to-die' modes, when he would spend hours in a dark corner of his room, brooding on the possibilities of a painful or a less painful end. He never went through with it, never because one thing had stopped him. He couldn't put Mokuba through all the struggles he was going through, the kid simply didn't deserve it all.

"Speaking of Kaiba Corp. and Mokuba …" Kaiba trailed off, looking around the room for a working computer. Spotting one in the corner opposite of the one he was currently occupying, Kaiba had a little mental struggle while deciding whether to move or not to move. The temptation of wanting to see how his company was fairing without him was great and he gave in.

"Kaiba, open the door this instant," he could distantly hear as he crawled his way to the object of his desires. Yes, he was too lazy to get up and walk over, so why waste energy when you can crawl? Who cared if it was un-CEO like? Nobody was in the room to see him do so. The banging on the door to now his room continued until Kaiba remembered that he was still suffering from an immense headache.

"Cease that banging or you will decease," Kaiba roared, figuring that if he didn't do something to stop that crazy female, no one would do it for him. The banging abruptly stopped and he smiled his triumphal, winning smile.

"If you want something done, do it yourself, Seto!" he told himself cheerfully and finally made it to the computer, wondering if he would have any sense of self left once the week was over. Pressing the button, Kaiba was met with a very loud sound that definitely did not improve his 'I want to die' mode. After waiting for 5 minutes for the computer to load, Kaiba's mood went from 'I want to die' into 'I want to kill' mode.

"Stupid piece of &%$#!" Kaiba growled, realizing that not everybody in the world had computers as fast and cool as he. No, this discovery did not make him happy, and when the computer finally loaded, Kaiba was VERY intrigued when he discovered that the computer worked on dial-up.

"Some still use that?" His face was not showing his amusement, having the cold and collected façade permanently engraved into his pretty feature, but on the inside, his left AND right side of brain were compelled. Raising his eyebrow, he inspected the message that the computer gave him and realized that he, in fact, had to 'connect' the modem cable. If he hadn't been in an orphanage where there were only two computers, one in the director's room and the other at the front desk, he would've never known what a modem was. And so, Kaiba started his mission: Connect to the Internet.

"Phase 1," Kaiba murmured to himself as he, once again, found himself on the floor while his mind created a plan that would prove most efficient in this kind of task, "Find the cable wire!" This proved to be a little more complicated. Kaiba, being the impatient and perfect CEO, found it really annoying that his wristband got tangled up in all the wires connecting random devices to the main CPU. Kaiba, keeping in mind that he had a headache, proved to be very impatient and ended up ripping all of the wires out of their correct sockets. Bad move! Thus began a sub -mission to Phase 1: Reconnect Every Wire. Thus, another 5 minutes were spent being totally and completely pissed off at every single little wire that Kaiba had to painfully reconnect, as well as being mad at his wristband. His headache was so sever that for a second there, Kaiba thought that the wristband actually winked and smiled at him. However, once the sub-mission was accomplished, Kaiba's complicated mind (that was currently in much pain) set another task: To Find a Phone Socket. That, surprisingly, proved even more difficult that Phase 1 and its sub-mission combined.

"Where the %&#$ is it?" Kaiba glared around the room, and if looks could set things on fire, the entire cottage would've already been a small pile of innocent-looking ashes that would smile their evil smile while being collected into a mini lunch-box. Yes, Kaiba was so frustrated, that he actually bothered to get up from the floor and begin his search. He looked around the room and then, suddenly, came to a very shocking discovery when he tried to move an armchair he was sitting in while Isis and Serenity were still in the room.

"Never would've thought that they would screw and glue the furniture to the floor…" Kaiba silently mused as he realized the reason behind the armchair's immobility. Faced with such circumstances, Kaiba decided to just look through the small cracks between the walls and the furniture. His search, however, proved to be fruitless after he looked behind all the objects that were in close proximity to the computer, like the bed, the nightstand and even a random lamp. Nothing, his search turned up nothing. Then, his genius brain, sensing that the world was set against its owner, was struck with a sudden and yet brilliant idea. The idea was to look right across the room, the opposite wall, only to find quite a HUGE sofa that took up half the wall.

"No designer is dumb enough to place a computer so far from the only portal to the net," Kaiba told himself, scowling, as he moved to give the couch a closer inspection. He could NOT believe his eyes! There, right in the middle behind the huge sofa, was that desired socket. Ohhhh, Kaiba was beyond pissed because there was another wire already connected! That must've meant that the phone was somewhere around the room, also meaning that Seto Kaiba, the CEO of Kaiba Corp, was totally and completely stupid. So, entering his 'I am going to break something' mode, Kaiba stomped around the room in search for a phone. This time, he was MUCH smarter. Kaiba, the genius whose head was still in much pain, followed the little innocent wire to the closet. Yes, the closet.

"The designer was drunk, yes, drunk," Kaiba agreed with himself when he found the phone innocently perched on one of the shelves inside the closet. That little discovery marked the start of Kaiba's 'Time to Trash Everything in This Room' mode. Grabbing the innocent phone, Kaiba tore the entire shelf out of the closet because the phone, too, was screwed to the shelf, and flung it across the room, smashing the window along with whatever there was left of the phone. Suddenly, a draft made itself known.

"At least I have another cable wire!" Kaiba sighed with relief, realizing that his painful search didn't come to absolutely nothing. Once he got to the computer, he lowered himself onto the floor, crawled under the desk and suddenly realized the cable was an inch short to be able to reach the socket. Frustrated, Kaiba, with his extensive strength, pulled the wire and connected it, but at a price: the other end came out of the socket behind the couch. Kaiba, eyes flaring, did not like how things were going for him. No, he definitely did not like how things were going. His head hurt and Kaiba realized that he didn't want to think anymore. Well, that certainly proved disadvantageous when he tried to get up (not thinking) while still being under the desk, thus successfully smashing his already hurting head against hard wood that the desk he was currently residing under was made of. Nah, it felt more like some very strong metal to his poor, abused head!

"$&% it ALL!" he roared and, this time using a little part of his brain that still remained sane, crawled out from under the desk, got to his feet, stomped to the couch and literally ripped it out, carpet and all, and, lifting the couch over his head due to the adrenalin that was currently running through his veins due to the fact that he was very mad, he, too, tossed the couch out of the window, shattering the remaining glass. But, because he was NOT thinking at the moment, he didn't realize that maybe, maybe, the couch that he just tossed out the window might actually drag the carpet that it was literally glued to, and that evil carpet might actually start dragging other things (that were also glued to it) in the room!

"WHaa…" were Kaiba's words as he felt the carpet rise under his feet. He could also hear screams coming from somewhere below (presumable where the couch was about to land if not for the carpet that was holding it), but those screams were irrelevant due to his current situation. Kaiba, thinking, now thinking, jumped over the rim of the carpet and realized something that didn't come to him before: the underneath of the said carpet was metal. So now, the poor and fully mentally disturbed CEO of Kaiba Corp watched as the couch, combining its efforts with the evil-metal -underneath-carpet, dragged everything in the room through the window that was not really a window anymore. After what seemed like a minute, Kaiba found himself standing in a completely bare room, with no furniture or the precious computer insight. The only thing that he could see was that totally possessed phone socket.

"I don't like you," he told the phone socket and then suddenly got very angry. Marching up to the innocent-looking thing, he kicked it with intend of breaking the plastic and when his foot collided with it, not only did the plastic crack, but also one of his toes. Oh, behind the plastic was also metal. Suddenly, realization hit him. Looking out the ex-window, he blinked as he saw that his 'entire' ex-room was outside but what amused him the most was just 'how' it resided. The metal underneath the carpet was now serving as the 'roof' of the bent room, and Kaiba suspected that all items remained in their exact places (Isis and Serenity's clothes didn't count) but simply upside down.

"What the hell are you doing!!?" he heard that voice before, when the couch flew out the window. Looking right, Kaiba saw all girls (except Pegasus whose snores could be heard from Kaiba's other ex-room) starring at him with their eyes wide open and their jaws on the ground. Innocently blinking, Kaiba smiled and turned around, happily hopping (his toe hurt a lot) through the empty grey room and out into the hallway. A maniac smile appeared on his face as his mind (that had no sane part left) set a new destination: the kitchen.

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