Author: Alasia Moonstalker
Legalese: I don't own anything LOTR, but I do own the three girls.
Genre: Action/Adventure/Humor
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Three insane girls fall through the History Class floor into Middle Earth. One has an unbreakable guitar, the second a multitude of cigarette lighters and is a disorganized pack rat, and the third is sarcastic and has no respect for authority.

Author's Note: *beams* It's finished! The final chapter is now up! ^_^ I'm very proud of myself right now!

Chapter Eighteen:

The days after their return from Mordor all blurred together. They healed, and watched as Aragorn and Arwen were wed. Aragorn began his rule over Gondor with a steady and kind hand as King Elessar. But soon enough, it was time to leave. The Hobbits were returning to the Shire, and Legolas and Gimli were off to Mirkwood. They would pass through Lorien on their way to Legolas' home, and so the three girls would travel with them.

Haley's gear had doubled, though she'd lost clothes along the way. Her armor was packed away, her knife and sword she would keep as well, along with the forest green gown she'd worn to the wedding. Corrie had brown and green armor in leather, all light. Theoden had outfitted her in Archer's wear for battle, and she would carry those home as well as her red dress. Karen had a tooled mithril flask filled with the water of the Ents, to remind her. A book filled with Elvish, Dwarven, Entish and the songs of men. She had her own blue dress.

The trip to Lorien was much calmer than their trip away from Charas Galadhon. They reached the city within two weeks of steady travel. There they were greeted by the Lady herself and they stayed one final night in Middle-Earth. Then, with an escort of Elves, Orophin and Rumil, Haldir's brothers included, they made their way from the wood, across the Nimrodel and to the rocky hills beyond.

They spent the entire day combing the hills for those chairs, and when they found them, the three girls could only grin before gathering up their gear and setting it around their chairs before saying their farewells. Karen hugged both Elf and Dwarf, teary eyed before retreating to her chair and sitting down, making sure she had everything. Corrie did the same, and gave a final parting shot.

"Gimli, where we come from, there's a saying, 'When in Rome, do what Romans do'. When you go to Mirkwood I want to to pretend to be an Elf and have fun, okay."

Said Dwarf had laughed and nodded. Finally Halry said goodbye to the elves. She turned to Rumil and Orophin and drew something from her bag. It was wrapped in what appeared to be the remains of a finely made red cloak. From it she drew Haldir's sword. She offered both cloak and sword to Haldir's brothers before she spoke.

"I am glad to have met Haldir and be able to call him my friend. He fought valiantly and died a hero. He saved my life that night on the wall of Helm's Deep. I know it doesn't mean much, and that your loss is great, but I wished to return a piece of your brother to you."

Rumil and Orophin enveloped her in a threeway hug before thanking her and stepping back. She hugged Legolas and Gimli.

"You two need to stop counting who kills more than who, seettle down with a nice Elf girl and Dwarf girl and raise fat babies." She said, teary as the two men laughed. "Seeing as I can't be here to watch you raise said fat babies, do me a favour?"

"Anything, Mellonamin." Legolas said.

"I know it isn't tradtion to give your kids middle names, but when you have a girl, give her my name as a middle name." Haley said with a smile, then she hugged each male again and moved to her chair, pulled her backpack onto her back, threw her saddlebags that held everything from Middle-earth that she'd aquired and placed her sword along her lap.

"Ready girls?" Corrie asked, the other two nodded and they waved to their Elvin and Dwarven friends before a bright flash of while light surrounded them, and they were gone.

* * *

They landed in their exact spot as they had before. They looked around before Haley quickly pulled out her gray Elvish cloak and hid away her sword.

"Miss Hayes, do you have something to say, or are you just filling the air with carbon?"

The three girls looke at each other. Barnes had said that to them right before they'd gone on their adventure. They looked at each other and grinned. Their appearances had changed, but apparently they'd not been gone long. Karen reached out and trached the scar on Haley's cheek before haly pulled out her very last Dum Dum - a cherry one and unwrapped it, propping her feet up on the table before her with a grin.

"I have a vitally important role in serving as a bad example, Mr. Barnes, you know this."

~ * finis * ~