Title - Birthday Kiss Part 3

Author's name - Carol

E-mail - Writestories315@yahoo.com

Rating - PG

Spoilers - none

Disclaimer – I'm releasing this on my birthday.  I'm the Birthday Girl, damn it. I should get anything I want.  And I want JAG to be mine.  I also weight-gain-free Godiva…..I don't see that happening either.

Summary – A kiss on Mac's birthday

Author's Notes –

Huge thanks to everyone who "ordered" me to write a part three.  This is the last chapter in the Birthday Kisses.  Y'all have been great.  BIG SMILES =)

Also big, huge, gigantic thanks to Kay for being my Beta-Goddess.  (Another nickname for ya'.)   =)


March 15

Harm's Apartment

6:03 am

Mac moaned as she woke up to a new feeling.  It was a very pleasant feeling and one she hoped would not end too soon.  Harm was slowly trailing his delicious lips across her shoulder towards her neck and finally to her ear lobe.  "I get the feeling you like this."  Harm gently tugged on her ear with his teeth.

"I like that very much," Mac whispered in a sleepy moan.

Harm rolled her onto her back and kissed across her forehead, down her cheek, crossed over to her other ear, and down her neck.  "I think you like this, too."

Mac giggled as he dropped sweet kisses across the top of her chest and her collar bone.  "You're in a good mood this morning."

He hovered across her body.  "You bet your sweet six I'm in a good mood this morning."

Mac looped her arms around his neck.  "And just why are you in a good morning this morning?"

He leaned down and kissed her nose.  "I've got my beautiful, breathtaking girlfriend in my bed, wearing my favorite white silk night gown, and she's going to kiss me."

"Oh, really."  Mac smiled.

"Really," Harm said just before their lips met in a sweet, soft kiss.  The gentle brushing of their lips caused a charge to rip though them.  Harm reluctantly pulled away from her lips, causing Mac to look up at him in disappointment.  "I'm also in a good mood for another reason."

"Why's that?" 

"Today is my beautifully sexy girlfriend's 36th  birthday."  Harm grinned.

Mac groaned.  "Gee, thanks, honey."

"It's only 36."

"And next year will be 37, then forty."

Harm glared at her playfully.  "Hey, I'm forty."

"And your point is…what?"  Mac joked.

Harm briefly kissed her lips.  "You'll be forty in four years and I have a great and wonderful feeling that you will be even sexier then."  He stood up from the bed and smiled down at her.  "Now you go shower and I'll have your breakfast ready for you when you're done."

"Yes, Dear," Mac called to him as she admired the view of him as he walked down the steps of the bedroom after grabbing his robe.


12:12 pm

"You have a delivery, Ma'am."  Jen Coates stood in front of Mac's door with a vase of freshly cut daisies.

Mac looked up from her file and gave Jen a mildly surprised look.  "Thank you, Jen."

Jen walked into the office and placed the flowers on Mac's desk.  "Can I ask who they are from, Ma'am?"

Mac smiled and pulled the card from the flowers.  She read the card to herself and laughed softly.  "They're from my Uncle Matt."

Jen smiled.  "Is Commander Rabb going to send you flowers?"

"He said he wasn't going to send any flowers to the office." 

Jen looked over her shoulder towards Harm's dark office.  "It has been pretty quite since he left for the Pentagon."

"Trust me, when he's on loan to us, things will be back to normal."  Mac smiled knowing Harm was still adjusting to working at the Pentagon and at JAG.  

When they decided to have a relationship they both knew someone was going to have to go elsewhere.  Luckily for them the Pentagon had a position open, which was begging for someone like Harm.  Admiral Chegwidden made the call, and by that afternoon, Harm was officially working for the Pentagon and Mac was still at JAG.

"I'm sure your right, Ma'am," Jen agreed.  "Is there anything else I can do for you, Ma'am?"

"No, I believe that will be all.  Just close my door when you leave," Mac said noticing the blinds were closed on her door and windows.

"Yes, Ma'am," Jen said before she left the office.

Mac turned towards her phone, but before she dialed the number she quickly consulted her internal clock.  "He's at lunch."  She smiled and picked up the receiver and dialed a very familiar number.

{"Rabb," Harm said as he picked up his cell phone.}

"Hi," Mac softly said.

{Harm smiled at her voice.  "And to what do I owe this pleasure to?"}

"I just got a very nice vase full of daisies from my uncle and I know you had a hand in them." 

{"Do you like them?"}

"I love them.  Matt always gave me daisies as a kid."

{"I offered to get you roses instead but he demanded daisies."}

Mac chuckled.  "Are you saying that Marines are demanding?"

{"I know one that is very demanding."  Harm grinned.}

"How demanding?"

{"So demanding it makes me want her more and more."}

"Hold that thought till we get home, Commander."

{"Yes, Ma'am."}

Mac was about to ask him a question but there was a knock at her door.  "Ugh, I have to go."

{"Okay.  I'll see you at home tonight and don't forget we are going to Benzinger's tonight."}

"I won't forget.  I love you."

{"I love you, too.  Bye."}

"Bye," Mac added before she hung up the phone.  "Enter."  She called towards the door.

The door swung open and Harm stood there holding a dozen multi-colored roses in a crystal vase with intertwined hearts etched into it.  Mac's jaw nearly hit her desk, but luckily she was able to remember how to speak.  "You told me you wouldn't have flowers delivered."

Harm gave her his best smile as he walked in and shut her office door.  "I didn't have them delivered, I brought them with me."

"You're incorrigible at times," Mac told him when he placed the flowers on her desk.

"That's why you love me."  Harm stole a kiss from her.  "Got time for lunch?"

"I've got court in twenty minutes."

Harm gave her a sad expression.  "Okay, I'll just grab Sturgis.  He owes me anyway."

"I'm sorry, honey." 

"I know.  Just remember you're mine all night tonight."

"Like I could forget that."  Mac smiled.

Benzinger's Bar

9:13 PM

"Happy birthday, Ma'am."  Harriet smiled as Mac stood at the bar.

"Thanks, Harriet.  Are the boys with the sitter tonight?"  Mac asked.

"Mikey came into town for the weekend.  He's watching them.  So what does Harm have planned?"

"I know nothing," Mac stated as she looked across the bar to where Harm was sitting with Sturgis and Keeter.  "But I'll dump him if he does anything circa Top Gun."

Both women stated laughing and the sound caught the attention of the men at the table.

"Five bucks to cop a feel of Mac while you two are dancing?"  Keeter dared Harm.

Harm laughed.  "Why would I do that in public?"

"For five bucks," Sturgis stated wondering if Harm would actually do it.

Harm looked over at his girlfriend who was laughing with Harriet.  "Make it ten and we got a deal."

"Ten it is." Keeter sealed the deal by tapping his glass of beer to Harm's glass of coke.

Sturgis chuckled at his two friends; they always seemed to be making beats.  He stopped laughing when he watched Harm's hand start to tap again.

"You okay?"  Sturgis asked.

"Fine.  Why?"  Harm questioned.

Sturgis pointed to his hand.  "You're tapping like you're nervous about something."

Harm stopped tapping.  "Sorry, just extra energy."

"I think it's the kiss-thing.  You know AJ is going to make you do it."  Keeter grinned remembering how the whole thing started on Harm's birthday.

"Yeah, I know.  But there's only one problem."  Harm told them.

"What's the problem?"  Keeter asked.

"I can't count when I kiss her.  Hell, sometimes I forget what I'm doing.  And to top that off, she knows it and uses my kissing weakness against me when we're auguring now," Harm said with a smile on his face.

Keeter rolled his eyes and joked.  "Oh, poor Harm has to kiss a beautiful woman.  I would feel for you, buddy.  If I thought you deserved it."

"Don't forget he has to cop a feel, too," Sturgis added in.

"It's a hard job, but someone has to do it."  Harm grinned as the three laughed.

The three joked around for a few more minutes until Mac approached the table.  She stood next to Harm, he took her hand into his and stood up, before Keeter or Sturgis could get her involved in a conversation.

"Dance with me?"  Harm asked before he kissed her on the cheek.

Mac's eyes danced when she smiled at him.  "Love to."  Then she turned her attention to the men at the table.  "Excuse us."

Sturgis and Keeter chuckled as the happy couple walked away.  They then watched as Harm wrapped both arms around Mac's back and let them rest on the small of her back, therefore holding her against him.  Mac's arms twinned around his neck and her head rested in the space between his shoulder and neck.

Harm gently led them in a small circle, which quickly became their own world.  The music danced over them and they sighed into each other.  People around the bar watched them and knew the couple had finally reached that one place where they always wanted to be. 

Towards the end of the song Harm opened his eyes and saw Keeter staring at them with a ten dollar bill in his hands.  Harm smirked at the friend and slowly drifted his hands to Mac's bottom and rested his hands against the back pockets of her jeans.

Mac felt his hands move.  "Harm?"


"What are you hands doing?"  She asked still keeping her head in it's content spot.

"Nothing," He innocently replied.

"Nothing, my six."

Harm chuckled and gave her a light pat.  "Yep, that is your six."

"Harmmmm," Mac warned.

"What?  You like it when they rest there.  You didn't say anything last night when they were there, and might I add last night they were under your jeans."

She lifted her head as her cheeks blushed slightly.  "We were alone when you did that.  Now, we are at a bar with all of our friends and our CO."

Harm didn't chuckle at her as he admitted the truth.  "Okay, Keeter dared me ten bucks."

She sighed and tried not to laugh.  "You do know where this money is going?"

Harm whined slightly before saying, "I know.  The Beltway Burger fund."

"Thank you, Honey."  Mac smiled.

Harm kissed her lips softly.  "Love you."

"Love you, too."

Another song started as Harm moved his hands back to the small of her back.  They were starting to get back into their own world as they danced when Harm heard AJ call his name.

"We're being paged," Harm said as he stopped leading their new dance.

Mac chuckled.  "You owe me a dance."

"You'll get one, I promise," Harm said before he took her hand and they walked over to where AJ was standing along with a group of their friends.

As Harm passed Keeter, Jack gave him the ten dollars, to which Mac promptly placed into her pocket. 

They now stood in front of AJ, their friends, and a table.  On the table was a sheet cake, but the cover was still over it and no one knew what it looked like.

"As we all know, we are here tonight to celebrate Mac's birthday," AJ started to say as everyone gave a good sized clap to the honor of the occasion.  Once everyone stopped he continued.  "Now, before we enjoy the cake, there is one thing Commander Rabb must do.  I believe he called it payback."

Mac turned to Harm and laughed at him.  "Payback?"

"Actually, Admiral, it was you who said I needed to do this,"  Harm told his mentor.

"True, but you know you're going to enjoy every second of it."  AJ grinned.

Mac looked at Harm with mild confusion, but had an idea of what it was.  "What are you going to enjoy?"

"This," Harm said before he ducked his head and kissed Mac firmly on the lips.  His arms wrapped around her and pulled her towards him.  Her arms quickly settled onto him, gripping his sides for support before moving to his back to caress him.

Just like all of their kisses, an explosion occurred deep inside them, bringing desire and need to the surface.  Their hands became a way to feel that desire, and their lips were the core which welcomed the flame of their desire.  That flame quickly spread as their mouths opened and welcomed the other into known, but beloved territory. 

Harm wasted no time moving a hand to her six and giving her a not to gentle squeeze towards him.  He pressed her against him, causing her to feel his need for her.  A moan escaped from her mouth as they deepened an already passion induced kiss.

The people around them this time were not shocked, but were almost in awe at the love surrounding these two people.  The force of this attraction was enough to make the women swoon and the men to take a step closer to their loved one, as to suggest a kiss like this one laid in their future tonight.

AJ watched the second hand on his watch as it grew nearer to 36 seconds, and as it closed in the catcalls started.  He grinned knowing Harm would hear the 'sign' that time was closing in.  The calls grew louder and a few applauded enthusiastically at the couple. 

Finally at time Harm and Mac broke apart from each other, both dazed by the other.  Harm opened his eyes and smiled at his love, then kissed her nose.  "Happy birthday, Sarah."

Mac chuckled as she blushed in front of him.  Harm gave her a hug to assure her everything was okay and no one really minded their display of affection, which was true, no one thought much about the changes in their relationship now.  In fact, their friends welcomed it with open arms and expected it from the two passionate people.

Mac slowly turned around and Harm stood behind her with his hands at her hips.  He usually stood behind her this way when they were out with their friends, but tonight he needed to be behind her for his own sake.  He needed a minute to calm himself down.

AJ grinned at the couple.  "So, Harm, was the payback appropriate?"

"Yes, Sir.  Payback is hell."  Harm grinned before he added, "And I would gladly go to hell and back for another one of those."

Everyone laughed at his comment as Mac chuckled and slapped his arm lightly.

AJ regained everyone's attention.  "Okay, people.  We have a cake here and I know Mac is eager to have some.  So, let's get back to the business at hand."  He motioned for the waitress to remove the cover the cake. 

"Happy birthday, Sarah," AJ said before he kissed Mac's cheek and stepped away from the table.

Everyone clapped as the cake was unveiled.  Mac and Harm moved closer to the table to see the cake.  It was a half sheet cake, big enough to feed everyone there and a few others.  It was covered in white frosting and announced.  Happy 36th Birthday Mac across the center with colorful frosted roses scattered around it.

Mac grinned as she read it, but her throat choked up as she saw something in the bottom right side.  There sat something she once told Harm.  They had spent one night talking about their childhood.  Somewhere around two in the morning she told him about the type of birthday cake she always wanted as a child, but never had.  She couldn't believe he had done such a thing.

Adorned on the cake, in the corner, sat a Cinderella arrangement with some subtle differences.   There was the pumpkin coach being lead by two white horses and Cinderella standing to the side.  But instead of the usual long blond hair, this Cinderella had short brown hair.  She still wore the most beautiful dress of the ball.  Prince Charming was standing near facing her.  His clothing was also changed from the blue prince uniform, to dress whites.  To which, if she would have looked closer, she would have found very tiny gold wings painted onto the figure.  In Prince Charming's hands sat the glass slipper along with something else.

Mac's hand flew to her mouth as she realized what the item was.  Tears then fell down her cheeks as she read the words iced in red below the Cinderella scene.  Marry me, Princess?

Harm slowly lifted his right hand from her hip and took the diamond ring from Prince Charming.  His mouth lowered to Mac's ear as he asked the question.  "Marry me, Princess?"

Mac turned around and faced him in complete shock.  Her eyes met his loved filled ones.  She met his tender look with one of her own and saw her future was going to be a fairy tale. 

"Yes."  The word left her lips and was quickly swallowed by her pressing her lips against Harm's in an excited, shocked, loving kiss.

He quickly wrapped his arms around her and held her to him as they kissed.  Their friends cheered as the kiss broke.  Harm grinned down at Mac's wet cheeks and took her left hand.  Slowly he slid the ring down her finger and her eyes never left his.

"I love you," Harm told her in a soft whisper, which couldn't be heard by anyone around them.

"I love you."  Mac returned as their friend continued to laugh in happiness and cheer for them.

She then leaned up and kissed him gently.  She broke the kiss and laughed at what brought them here, a dare for a birthday kiss.

The End