A Pokémon Checkup It was a lonely, rainy day in Pallet. Ash was bored and Misty had left with Tracy to check out the ice cream parlor. Ash saw a commercial playing on the television, "Is your pokemon sick? Do they just act tired a lot? Of so they may need a checkup. Bring them to Dr. Proctor's office in Pallet town. No appointment necessary." Ash stood up. He decided to take his pokemon to the doctor. The doctor's office was much like a pokemon center but they checked things more vividly. Ash signed up at the desk. He was going to be 3rd. Ash sat silently until it was his turn. He took his pokeballs out and handed them to Dr. Proctor. The doctor went inside a small room. Ash waited outside reading magazines. Inside the small office Dr. Proctor set the pokeballs out on the table and took a look at Pikachu first. He had Pikachu do a thunder bolt so that he could measure the voltage. Pikachu's thunder shock was exceptionally strong. Next he took out Squirtle. He had it do a water gun attack. The attack was average but a little small. He recorded this in his notebook. After that he took out Bulbasaur. He had Bulbasaur do a vine whip. Its whips were weak. He needed to be used in battle a little bit more. Next he took out Pidgeotto. He tested its gust attack. It was average and the wings of Pidgeotto were very strong for his type of pokemon. Dr. Proctor also recorded this. Lapras came out next. Its ice beam was good for it's age. It was a little tired from the journey but it was well enough to do and ice beam. Last came out Charizard. Just as Charizard came out it saw Team Rocket burst in the doors. "Prepare for trouble" "And make it double" "To protect the world from devastation" "To untie all peoples within our nation" "To denounce the evils of truth and love" "To extend our reach to the stars above" "Jessie" "James" "Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light" "Surrender now or prepare to fight" "Meowth, lets just get that Pikachu. If you hand it over now no one will get freeze blasted." Dr. Proctor was very surprised. Charizard fire blasted Team Rocket away like they were bugs. "Team Rocket's blasting off again (ding)." Charizard was OK as far as its health. Dr. Proctor again recorded his observations. When he had finished with all of the tests he brought out the pokeballs and the papers. His pokemon were ready to go. After a long wait Ash left with his now happy pokemon just in time to see Team Rocket crash right in front of him. He just kept walking home. Tracy and Misty would start to worry soon.