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Chapter 1- In The Hospital

Just a few moments later , after Max was taken away by the Sector
Police, Logan wakes up.

The sun was shining bright in his eyes. He yawned rubbed the sleep
from his eyes with his palms, still feeling disorientated.

"Uhhh" - He winced. His back was sore. It felt like he was hit by a

Doctor Sam Carr entered his room. He had a worried look on his face.

" Hey . . ."


There was a short moment of silence. Logan saw Dr Sam took a breath
before beginning to speak. But Logan's response was quicker.

"Here, Sam, let me start you off . . . Logan, I've got some bad news."
- He said with sarcasm.

"We removed the bullet fragments, that's a good thing. But the
fragment has migrated upwards and hit an artery. You were bleeding
from the inside, and that is why Bling found you unconscious. You've
lost a lot of blood, Logan. We've almost lost you, if it wasn't for
Max's blood. She transferred blood to you."

"Her blood? "Logan frowned. "Where is Max?".
She was not supposed to be here in Seattle where they are looking for
her? -He thought.

Doctor Sam hesitated. Should he tell Logan the truth, that Max was
taken by the sector police? Or . . .

". . . I don't know " - He lied. "Bling might know."

"Ok" - Shrugged Logan.

Dr Sam started scribbling something in this notepad. He felt guilty
for not telling the truth, but he didn't want him to get upset right
now, since Logan didn't know the whole story about his current

Logan looked at the pre-occupied doctor and realized that he wasn't
wearing his glasses. No wonder his vision was a bit blurry!

He rolled over to the left, where his glasses were lying on the

"Aaarghh!" - He cried.

There was a sharp pain in his back. It felt like a knife stabbing
him. His upper body was still turned to the left. The pain was so bad
that he couldn't turn back.

Dr Sam dropped his notepad and reached out for Logan, who's face was
grimacing with pain. He carefully supported Logan's upper-back in its
current position.

"Easy, Logan . . . easy . . . You need to lie down and rest, you just
had major back surgery!"

With one hand supporting his back and one under arm, Doctor Sam
began to lay Logan slowly on his back ."

"Come on . . . slowly . . .easy . . . there you go . . ."

Logan was gasping for breath. The pain was so strong that a small tear
rolled down his cheek.

"Are you OK? " - Dr Sam asked.

He couldn't respond to the question, he was still overwhelmed with
what just had

Dr Sam scribbled something in his notepad again.

"I will give you something for the pain, OK?"

Logan hesitated for a while but he gave a little nod. He wasn't really
fond of needles, medicine or any other medical stuff. Even hospitals
freaks him out. He closed his eyes when Dr Sam was ready to give him
a shot of morphine.

"You're going to feel a bit better in a few moments. Then we're going
to do some tests."

"What tests?" - Logan opened his eyes. "Why?"

"We're suspecting that the bullet fragment, which has migrated and
hit your artery, has damaged a few nerves in your spine.

Instantly Logan lay his hand on his abdomen right above his
bellybutton where his sensation started, but he didn't feel his hand
lying on top of his stomach. He started to panic.

Maybe it was just the blankets, maybe that was the reason why his
abdomen didn't feel the presence of his hand. Logan threw the blanket
of his stomach and stared down at his hospital gown. He was scared,
what if he really lost more sensation from his abdomen. He didn't want
to know.

Dr Sam moved the gown up and touched his lower abdomen right under
his bellybutton with his thumb and index finger.

"From this point your sensation has stopped. Now I am going to move
upwards . . . Logan, can you feel this ?"

"I don't know . . . I think so." - He said with a panicky voice. To
be honest, he didn't feel the touch, he had seen the touch, knowing it
was there, but couldn't feel it.
He got scared, he wanted to cry, but he couldn't. Not here, not now in
front of the doctor.

"Close your eyes, Logan"

Logan did what he was told and took a deep breath.

"Can you feel this ?" - Dr Sam hands were where they were before, but
this time he squeezed.

" I don't know" - He opened his eyes and looked down and was relieved
to see that the hands was still on the same place.

"Keep your eyes closed, Logan" - He said seriously.

"Can you feel this?"

". . . I . . . I think so" -He lied, realizing that the injury level
had risen.

At this moment Bling walked in to the room and watched the whole scene
without saying a word.

"And this?"

"Don't know . . . Maybe . . . " - The sarcasm was back in his voice.

Bling and Dr Sam looked at each other. Both looking concerned.

"What about this"

Logan didn't respond. Dr Sam continued.

"And this? . . . Here? . . . This?"

He opened his eyes and saw that the hands were right below his chest
on his upper abdomen.

"Leave it!" He said while staring at the hands that were poking and
squeezing him.

"Ok, I think we know enough for now. . . Sorry Logan, it didn't turn
out the way we wanted . . . " - Dr Sam sighed. " . . . All you have to
do now is get some rest. I am going to give you a break now, I'll be
back later with some more tests."

Logan stared at the door and saw Dr Sam leaving.

"Hey." - Said Bling with his soothing voice.

"Hey" - He answered back.

"How are you feeling?"

"Fine . . . How long have you been here?"- He was surprised that he
didn't know when Bling had entered the room.

"Long enough to see what's really going on" - He said with a concerned

"I don't want your pity"

"Don't worry you aren't getting any! I thought you know me better by
now!." He laughed.

"I don't want to stay here, Bling."

"I don't think they will let you go so soon and you need your rest,
Logan. And I am sure they want to do some more tests with you."

" Why??? I don't have to be poked and squeezed again to find out what
I already know!" - He said with an angry tone. "And besides, I can
rest at home! In my own bed!"

Bling sighed. "I'll have a word with Dr Sam." - He knew how Logan
felt about hospitals.

Logan stared out of the window wondering what Max was going to think
of him now when he was even more crippler than before. He didn't want
to bother her with his issues, and definitely didn't want her to feel
pity for him. Perhaps it was better for him to keep it a secret.

* * *

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