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Beast Boy turned into a rat and ran around Raven's room, nails making no more than the slightest scritch-scratch on her floor. He sniffed at a bottle of a strange liquid on her floor and wrinkled his nose in disgust. He then turned to her cd collection. She had a portable cd player in one corner, of course black. Next to it was a cd rack. Evanescence was at the top, along with some other goth artists. Beast Boy wiggled his ears under the headphones, set the volume to low, and pressed play. An Evanescence song, My Immortal, played softly into his ears and a tear dropped from Beast Boy's rat eye. He stopped the cd player and turned it off, and snuck back out of Raven's room.

Starfire ran to Robin's room and knocked softly on the door. She heard a groan and smiled. "Robin! Wake up, we have a surprise for you!" There was a thunk that Starfire presumed was Robin falling out of his bed as he tried to get up. Another groan followed and Starfire giggled. Robin's head peeked out of his door and Starfire stopped giggling. Robin had dark bags under his eyes and his hair was more messed than ever before. Starfire looked down at her shoes and scuffed a purple boot along the floor. "Maybe now is not such a good time. I will come back later." Robin caught Starfire's arm as she turned to leave and pulled her back. "I'll be ready in a minute. Just let me try and fix my hair," Robin said, looking up. Even he could see how messed his hair was. Starfire tried her best to suppress a giggle, but it came out anyway. She hovered two inches off the ground and Robin's eyebrows shot up. Starfire blushed and forced herself back down onto the ground. "It is much easier to feel the joy of flight when you are around me for some reason, Robin." Robin nodded like he understood, but his eyes were very perplexed. His door hissed as it shut, and Starfire waited a couple feet away from it for Robin to come out. When he finally did, his hair was looking better than it had, but the dark circles were still under his eyes. Starfire realized he was very pale and his movements were more sluggish than usual. "Robin, are you alright? You look like you are sick." Robin stopped in his tracks and stared at Starfire. "I'm not sick. I just haven't been sleeping well." Starfire nodded. She knew the reason. Robin was worried Slade might try to get Robin to be his apprentice again by hurting one of the Titans. "We will be prepared if he tries, Robin. Do not worry." Robin nodded and continued walking down the hall to the main room. He stopped dead in his tracks as his eyes met with his foster father's. The man stood and Robin narrowed his eyes. The man took a step toward Robin and Robin let out something like a growl. "Long time no see, Dick." Starfire's face fell as she saw Robin wasn't happy with her surprise. "You do not like it," she said disappointedly. Robin turned to look at her, and his features were softer than they had been when he was looking at his "father". "Star, I do like it. I just.didn't want to see him again so soon. And," Robin turned back his foster father, "It's Robin now, not 'Dick', Batman."