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Robin woke up and stretched. Yawning, he sat up and looked around. He wasn't in his room, he wasn't in his room at Slade's.He was in-STARFIRE'S ROOM?!?!?!? He blushed and looked around. She had changed her room's colors for the time being, and Robin was glad to find he wasn't underneath pink covers. They were baby blue, the same color as his eyes. He reached up and touched his face. His mask was back on. Sighing happily, he laid back in the bed. Glancing over at the clock, his jaw dropped. 12:50????? He jumped out of the bed and ran into his room, pulling on his Teen Titans suit quickly. In the kitchen, Starfire had just begun to make lunch and Beast Boy and Raven were conversing in a corner. Cyborg was, as usual, playing video games, trying to beat Robin's high score. On a sudden whim, Robin snuck up behind Starfire and kissed her neck lightly. She jumped, and, being ticklish in that very spot, laughed and giggled, trying to swat Robin away. He laughed and wrapped his arms around her waist. Starfire stopped giggling after a couple seconds and kissed Robin's cheek. He let go of her waist as she set about making lunch for the Titans-Steak for the 'normal' people and tofu hotdogs for Beast Boy. Raven let out a sudden laugh and everyone looked at her stunned. She had just heard one of Beast Boy's jokes and couldn't help laughing. Beast Boy smiled and Raven grinned back. Cyborg yelled happily as he beat Robin's high score. Robin looked around the Titan Tower and smiled. This is how it should be.

"Lunch is served, my friends! Come and get it!" Starfire rang a pretend triangle and Robin laughed.

"Being a little extravagant, huh? Steak?" Starfire blushed and Robin kissed her lightly on the lips.

"I just heard that steak was served at very formal affairs. I wished to try some, and could not wait. So I bought some, and tried it raw. It is not good raw. Unlike mustard." Robin sweatdropped and Starfire smiled.

"Joking! Let us eat, my Boy Wonder!" Just then, the door bell rang. Robin turned to get it, smiling.

"Forgot to tell you. I invited someone over for lunch." Starfire peered around the corner to see Robin apologizing to a stunned Bruce Wayne. Then, the mentor grabbed his former side kick in a choke hold and gave him a noogie. Starfire giggled and smiled. Good thing she had made extra.

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