Beautiful One, Beautiful Child

Chapter 1 ~ She Smiled Sweetly

( One day at the Orphanage)

The little blonde boy sat anxiously at the window. "Matwon, when's he coming? The new little boy?" The tall women patted him on the head smiling. "Patience Seifer. And they will be here soon." "But how soon?" He wailed, anxious for new playmates that he could make friends with. Matron sighed exasperated. "Soon, my little knight, very soon." She said this softly as she patted his head once more and left him waiting by the window. An hour passed. Then two. Seifer was about to give up when the black social workers car pulled into the Orphanage. "Yay! Dere here Dere here!!!" He jumped up and down and ran outside to greet the new kids.

Once outside Seifer waited for the two children to get out of the car, standing shyly (as shy as Seifer got) behind Matron. A silver hair little girl with red eyes climbed out of the car, then a brown haired little boy. Matron gently pushed Seifer forward to met them. "Hi, I'm Seifer." He smiled really wide and the girl said her name sweetly. "Fujin." "Oh isn't she sweet?" Matron said cooing a bit. "That's a funny name for a girl." Seifer told her, scratching his head a bit. Then the 'sweet' little girl kicked him in the shin. HARD. The other little boy laughed as Seifer jumped around holding his shin. "What's so funny about that?" "She does that all the time, ya know?" "What's your name?" "Raijin, ya know?" "Seifer. You'll like Matron, she's weally nice." Fujin, who'd been silent through all of this, piped up quietly. "Matron, nice?" She seemed almost afraid of Matron when she came near, dashing to hide behind Raijin. "Yeh, you'll see. Come on let's go play, there's a little beach by de house." He smiled again and offered his hand to her. She smiled slightly and took it, pulling Raijin along by her other hand. "Isn't that nice?" Matron said, thinking out loud, and headed back into the house.

Down by the shore, Seifer showed them his secret cove. "Only we know about it. It'll be our secret k?" Fujin and Raijin nodded in agreement. Seifer drew lines in the sand. "What wrong?" Fujin asked softly. Seifer looked into her pretty red eyes and sighed. "You're the only fwiends I gots, no one else like me." Fujin hugged him from one side and Raijin from the other. "We'll be your fwiends, forever. We'll be a posse, ya know?" "Weally?!" "Weally." Fujin concluded, and they shook on it, promising that from that day on, they'd be a posse for ever. "Seifer! Raijin, Fujin. Come on! Dinner's ready!" Matron's voice called from far away. "Hurry! Or we'll be late!" Seifer pulled 'Fuu' and 'Rage' along into the orphanage, smiling proudly as he dragged his sandy posse into the kitchen.

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