Chapter Four---Fury of the Wind

Fujin and the others stumbled into Ariella's dorm around 1:30. Raijin's arm was drapped around Ariella and to his surprise, Squall hadn't removed his head. Of course that could be do to the fact that both Seifer and Squall had an arm around the silver beauty and neither were concentrating on anything other then the taste of her skin. Raijin looked to Ariella and they smiled, sneaking out when the three soon-to-be lovers weren't looking. They might need some alone time. (an: that sounds soo good lol))

"S-S-eifer...S-Squall..." Fujin mumbled, falling back onto the bed , the two men tumbling down beside her. Squall murmured something into her neck and Seifer simply continued to occupy her lips. Fujin's mind was scrambled. Everything felt so right, so good. But the both of them...agreeing to share her. Did she want to be shared? When Squall's lips met her own and Seifer's hands drifted down her thighs, she decided that she did, in fact, like being shared. But now was not the time...not like this.

"" Fujin didn't realise how hard those words would be to say. Especially to Seifer and Squall. Immediately the intimacy stopped. However, the contact did not stop. Instead Seifer and Squall cuddled up next to her and each gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. Fujin smiled and snuggled between them. Life was good.

" She grows to fond of these HUMANS!" The figure hissed to the group.

"We must bring her back to OUR realm." The others were not swayed.

"Wind must bring Harmony to Earth and Sun. Wind balances all." They announced to the male god. Discussion was ended. Wind stayed with the 'Humans'. However, they would not remain Humans much longer.


Sunlight accosted the room as two of the figures on the bed awoke. Squall and Seifer looked at each other and for a moment neither did anything. But when their eyes drifted to Fujin's sleeping face, both smiled.

"Fuu..."Seifer whispered. Fujin's eyes fluttered open and she yawned and pulled the blankets up.


"9..." Fujin smacked him on the chest, causing Squall to laugh.

"Why are you waking me up at 9 on a saturday!"

"..." Nothing was said and Fujin growled and turned into Squall, who wasn't waking her up. Seifer smirked and got up to make breakfast. There was a knock at the door and Fujin flung off the blankets and proceeded to fling open the door, fully prepared to send the knocker to meet Hyne himself. (A.n: I personally believe that Hyne is a blessing compared to any of the FF women angry.. : S )

However there stood a little girl with deep blue eyes and long ebon locks. She held out a package to Fujin with a shy smile.

" Harmony calls to Earth and Sun, Lady Wind." Suddenly the girl was gone, as if she'd never been. All that was left was the package. Fujin frowned and brought the box inside.

"Who was that? Sounded like one of the Third-Year students." Well, the good news was, Fujin wasn't completely insane. The bad news was she was up at 9 am on a Saturday with a box of who-knows-what from a girl who vanished into thin air.

"Well open it Fujin." Fujin held the box far away from her and told Seifer very pointedly if he wanted to know what was inside then he could open it. He frowned at her and opened the box. It contained three bottles, each marked with symbols.

"Well, well. Someone's sending the booze over a little early..." Seifer shrugged and popped the top off one of them, Squall soon followed suit. Fujin remained wary of the bottles. Seifer shoved the last one into her hand and told her to drink.

"Scared of a little drink Fuu?" Seifer smirked. Fujin chugged the bottle. No on called Fujin scared.

"Seifer, what was in those?" Squall swayed back and forth and Fujin looked to Seifer who was already passed out in his chair. Her head swam with fuzzy images that could barely be descerned and as she heard Squall fall to the floor, she wondered what in Hyne was happening.

"It is done."

"Good...the change is begining." The gods watched as Fujin and the others lay sprawled in their dorm, memories racing through their minds

"What if they reject what they are?" The youngest asked, a logical fear seizing them all.

"It must not happen. For the sake of them all it must not happen." The eldest, a silver-haired man, spoke softly and firmly. Praying for Harmony.

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