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Chapter 31

The Cohen/Atwood/Nichol clan sat on the deck of the beach house watching as the lights that adorned the sailboats and yachts in the marina slowly came to life. There was very little conversation happening, just a comfortable quietness. Dr. Rodriguez released Ryan from the clinic that afternoon only after extricating a promise from the Cohen's that Ryan would see her again Monday afternoon. She also started to wean Ryan from the lorazepam, cutting out the afternoon dose. His last pill would be Monday morning.

Sandy watched as Ryan listened to Seth quietly speak of his plans to get Ryan out sailing. Ryan was pale, tired, but most importantly unguarded. The walls he had firmly in place during their first meeting in juvenile lock up were now gone. Sandy knew they would be put up again, but now they had the tools to dismantle them. He sipped the Beaujolais Caleb had brought up from the wine cellar. Only Caleb would have a beach house with a home office and a well stocked wine cellar. Necessities of life. He leaned back and ran his fingers over the back of Kirsten's hand. She smiled at him and leaned in closer. A huge weight had been lifted. The war had been won, but she knew there would still be battles. She looked up and watched as Seth went into the house and returned after a few moments with a throw blanket and covered Ryan. He then joined his parents and grandfather.

"Ryan was so excited about going sailing he just had to fall asleep right away so tomorrow would come faster..."

Seth watched his grandfather smirk.

"Okay, he said there was no way in hell he was getting on a boat...It's amazing how he can convey that sentiment with just a death glare..."

"Don't worry Seth, we'll turn Ryan into a sailor yet." Caleb looked at Sandy. "Do you want some help getting the boy in his bed?"

Sandy shook his head.

"I'll let him stay out here for a little while longer. The fresh air will probably do him some good. He's been cooped up for a long time..."

* * * * *

Sandy carried Ryan inside. The boy had definitely lost weight in the last month. He didn't stir as Sandy shifted his arms to hold Ryan more securely as he climbed the stairs. Sandy marveled at how Ryan nestled into him, a far cry from the times he would flinch from any type of physical contact. Sandy set his son down on the bed, pulling off Ryan's runners. He gently ran his fingers over the growing stubble.

"G'night Sandy..." Ryan mumbled, not opening his eyes.

"Sleep well son...." Sandy lingered a few moments, waiting for Ryan's breathing to deepen and even out, signaling he was once again asleep.

Kirsten rinsed out the wine glasses before she placed them in the dishwasher. She smiled as Sandy entered the kitchen.

"Is he all tucked in?"

"One down, one to go..."

Kirsten put her arms around Sandy.

"Seth's still down on the boat with my dad. Maybe we could..."

That particular lascivious thought ended promptly as Seth wandered into the kitchen.

"I can't leave you guys alone at all without you pawing each other. I'm amazed I turned out as well as I have... Is Ryan in bed?"

Kirsten stepped away enough from Sandy to let a little light shine between them.

"Your dad brought him upstairs a few minutes ago. I thought you were going to stay on the boat with your Grandfather tonight."

Seth shrugged.

"I... I was... I guess I just needed to talk to you guys..."

Sandy looked at Kirsten.

"I'll go fire up "Brunhilde"..."

* * * * * *

Kirsten and Sandy sat in the living room watching Seth, waiting for him to put his thoughts into words.

"Is Ryan going to be okay now?"

Kirsten got up and sat beside Seth. She put her arm around his shoulders.

"Sweetie... The worst is over, but Ryan still has a way to go. He'll still have to see Dr. Rodriguez twice a week and the three of us will have a few sessions with her as well."

Seth looked puzzled.

"Why do we need to see her? I'm..."

Kirsten gently put her finger on Seth's mouth to stop him from speaking.

"Your dad and I think it would be a good thing, to help us deal with Ryan's past and help him realize he's a part of our future..."

Seth took a few moments to process the information. Sandy swallowed hard. He didn't want to ask this question, but he had to.

"Son... Are you okay with Ryan? I mean, your Mom and I have been spending an awful lot of time with him. We..."

Seth shook his head.

"You're not serious are you? Ever since you brought Ryan home, it's like we've mutated into the "Cleaver" family... A slightly skewed version of the Cleavers, but that's what it feels like. Ward, June, Wally... that's me... and the "Beav"... that would be Ryan. Luke is even our very own Eddie Haskell. We have dinner together more, I see you guys in the morning... Dad, you even went Tipper Gore on me and listened to my cds to make sure there wasn't anything uh, objectionable. It took a little getting used to, but I like it... It's cool having a partner in crime, uh, metaphorically speaking of course and you guys... well, it seems every time I see you you're all over each other... Maybe seeing Dr. Rodriguez won't be so bad after all... You guys are going to scar me for life with all this... this..."

"Love and affection?" Sandy finished for him. "We're married, not dead..."

"Dad, please... If this is your way of keeping me celibate until I'm married or having to buy Viagara in bulk, it's working..."

Seth tried to stop the yawn that threatened to break his face in half.

"I second that motion..." Sandy said with a smile.

"Passed and carried." Groaned Kirsten. Sandy scooped his wife up and proceeded to carry her to the bedroom.

"My eyes... They burn..." Mumbled Seth.

"Good night Seth..."

"'Night Mom... G'night Dad."

* * * * * *

This time it wasn't a panicked scream that woke Sandy up. It was the sounds of loud whispers and clanging kitchen ware, interspersed with the occasional "SSHHHH!" He glanced at the clock on the night stand. 6:45 am. Even non-funny Gentiles celebrated a Sabbath, day of rest, day of not getting up this damn early. It was just on a different day than what he was used to.

Kirsten buried herself deeper under the blankets.

"They're your sons..." She mumbled

Sandy leaned over and nuzzled her neck.

"Oh... Is this how it works? They're mine when they wreak havoc, but when the halos are firmly attached to their heads they're yours? I don't think so..."

A loud crash cut through the air, followed by a frazzled "SETH!.... Quiet!"

Kirsten rolled over and faced Sandy.

"I distinctly remember saying we were in over our heads..."

He leaned in and kissed her.

"We are totally out numbered..."

Another crash, another "SETH!"

Kirsten looked at the man who stole her heart 19 years ago with his idealism, his self righteousness and his total love for her.

"World domination to follow..."