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Braking- up, Coming Togther, and the End

Shuichi picked up his phone, for the eight time that day. His black hair sweeping over his face, looking down at the bright numbers on his purple cell. All he had to do was press the redial button, Eiri would pick up, and he could just brake it off. Yes, little Shuichi Shindou was trying to brake up with his lover. Eiri had finally broke the last straw on the camels back.

A few nights before, Eiri had told his little lover to fuck off, and leave him alone during one of his long writing sessions. Shuichi was use to that kind of treatment, he had lived with Eiri long enough to know when a deadline for a book was near, he and the rest of the world should leave his lover alone.

So Shuichi listened to his lover, and walked away and wallowed in self piety the rest of the night.

The next day Shuichi was busy getting ready for a day of recording his new hit single 'The Touch', with his band Bad Luck, when a the telephone started to ring. Smoothing down the crinkles of his ruffled 'Boy London' shirt, he called out for his lover to pick up the phone. Five rings later Eiri still had not answered the phone.

Must still be passed out on his lab top, was Shuichi's thought. Picking up the creamy white phone Shuichi voiced a "Morning. Yuki's residence. Shin..."

"Shu? It's me Hiro. You have to get down here fast. Suguru is saying he's gonna quit the band if ya don't get here pronto."

Shuichi sighed. "Hiro, Suguru always says he's gonna quit. But you know K always persuades him not too." (K was Bad Lucks producer. His height rested at 6'4, he was blue eyed, blond headed, and he carried a gun. Which he liked to frequently point at people. He was not someone to mess with.)

"Yeah, but Shu..." Shuichi's band member trailed on.

Shuichi started to float off into a dream land, ignoring Hiro's complaints.

He was on some remote island alone with Eiri. His lover held him close, whispering sweet endearments into his ear. Thinking of this set Shuichi to cloud nine.

Hiro's voice broke through his fantasy illusion. Bringing Shuichi to the harsh reality that something like that would never happen with Eiri. Eiri was just to caught up in his own life to ever even consider doing something like that with him. Shuichi sighed for the second time that day. It seemed the more he thought of his lover, the less highly he began to think of him. The spark was dying out in their relationship. Shuichi finally realized that. But the question was, did Eiri?

"Shuichi? Shuichi? Are you okay? You've been silent for the past minute." concern swept through Shuichi's friend's voice.

"Yeah I'm fine Hiro. Just tired." Perking up Shuichi, voice went a few octaves higher. "Well detain Sug's leaving as much as you can. Tell K to pull out his gun if you have to. See-ya in a few!"

"Bye, Shu."

Shuichi hanged up the phone. His brown eyes dropping. He had told Hiro the truth. He was tired.

He was tired of living a life were Eiri didn't give a fuck about him. He was tired that all Eiri had been using him lately was for a relief from work. A quick fuck. That's all he meant to Eiri now and days. A fuck.

Shuichi shook off his saddened thoughts. He had a recording to do.

Shuichi walked out of his apartment. Leaving all memories of the questions about his relationship with Eiri behind.


To Be continued....


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