(Author's note): Dear Reader. I would first like to apologize, because as I haven't seen any Sailor Moon in at least a year, some of the names may be misspelled. However, I am fairly proud of this fic, and hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. This story takes place after the Sailor Galexia series, but don't worry if you haven't seen any of them, you don't have to in order to understand. I just figured I'd mention that. And that, while reading you can't really 'hear' music, but if you are a true fan of Sailor Moon, me advising that you try to 'listen' for the classic Sailor Moon music in your mind, shouldn't be all that difficult. Well, the story begins when Darien.



Chapter One: Childish


Darien paced. And paced, and paced, and paced. He stopped a moment and glanced up at the sign above the door.

"Takagomi Playhouse". Oh, come on, Miko. We're gonna be late! The show's starting soon!

He continued his pacing at the front of the building. A half an hour melted together into a long, slow mass of time.

"Oh, come - !"


Darien turned uneasily. "Serena! W-what are you doing here?"

"Oh, I was just on my way home," she stated weakly. As always, her emotions were visible on her face. "Wow, Darien. You're all dressed up. Are you -"

"Darien!" A girl around Darien's age ran around the corner. She stopped and began to smooth out her pale green dress and red hair. "Darin, I'm so sorry I'm late!" She huffed. Finally, she looked up from her outfit and saw Serena for the first time.

"Darien, you know her?" Serena asked softly.

"Yeah. Um, well listen, Serena: it was nice seeing you." Hesitating, he reached around the other girl's waist and began to lead her into the building.

"But -"

"Later," was all he said. And with that, him and his date left Serena staring after them.


"Her name is Miko Hurei," Amara offered. "I see her around school every once in a while; she's really nice."

Serena had spent the following morning sopping in the company of Amara and Michelle. She told them how she was walking home from Rei's when she bumped into him at the playhouse. By their faces, it seemed pretty obvious that they didn't find the situation all that important.

"Miko Hurei?"

"That's her," Michelle said. "I don't remember hearing anything bad about her. Good grades, athletic. I even hear she plays piano. You should feel happy for Darien. She sounds like she'd be almost perfect for him."

That stung.

"But -"

"Serena, you have my sympathies, of course. But, Miko is a great girl," Amara said.

They had been on their way to Rei's when Serena found them. Apparently, Rei was selling charms again, and asked the two if they could help. Serena decided to tag along, hearing that all the girls were going to be there.

Walking up the stairs to the temple, Mina greeted them from behind.

"Hiya, ladies." She called brightly.

Exchanging hellos, they reached the top, where a huge line of customers was already on their way to purchasing Rei's new charms. Seeing them, Rei flagged them down from the head of the line. She stood behind a counter, with a variety of charms in front of her.

"Hey! Oh, thank you SO much for coming! Lita and Amy are inside getting some more charms. These babies really sell!" She puffed.

When Lita and Amy returned, there were three lines of customers, Mina as a clerk on the left, Amy as a clerk on the right, and Rei as the clerk in the middle. Serena, Amara, Lita and Michelle were stuck with the chore of restocking the charms at the front with charms from the back.

"Hey, Serena, you okay?" Lita asked on one of the trips to the back of the temple. "You look kinda bumbed."

"Yeah, I'm alright," she said, abstently, and continued to space out.

Lita wasn't fooled.

"It's Darien," Amara filled in. "She ran into him last night over by the playhouse."

"Oh. Sounds like it would have been nice," Lita puzzled.

"It probably would have been. That is if Darien wasn't on a date."

Lita turned to Michelle in shock. "Oh man! That's rough."

"Upside though," Michelle continued, "She was a girl name Miko Hurei. Really nice. Amara and I think Darien has respectable taste if he's interested in her."

After the last charm was sold all the girls were sitting inside the temple, completely exhausted.

"Wow, guys. Thanks a lot," Rei said at last. By now, they all had heard of what happened with Serena, and weren't sure what they should say to her. It was a very uneasy setting.

"Oh, Rei! It was no problem," Lita replied.

"Yeah," agreed Amy, "You're very welcome."

"Well, I really appreciated it," Rei finished.

When the conversation died back into awkward silence. It was a short, seemingly long length of time before Amara, exasperated, cut through.

"Oh come on, Serena! Look, I know it must have been strange seeing Darien with another girl, but you two broke up a month ago. Don't you think you're being a bit childish?"

"Amara!" Lita scolded.

"Lita, she sorta has a point," Rei admitted. "It makes sense that Darien was with another girl. You two broke up because he couldn't handle your immaturity anymore. And from what I've heard about Miko, she sounds really nice and intelligent."

Michelle nodded. "Serena, you should be happy for Darien. You would be if you really loved him."

Serena stared at them in utter shock. Tears welled in her eyes, her hand clasped to her chest in emotional pain. "Y-you mean that? Is that what you all think?"

Mina walked over and placed her hand on Serena's shoulder, trying to comfort her. "Please, excuse THEM," Mina shot the three a chiding look. "What they mean to say is that you should be trying to be happy for Darien. As far as your own feelings, you should learn to sort out your emotions, and work them out for yourself."

"Well I try to, but I -"

"Uh! Serena! See? You're acting very childish!" Rei's impulsive temper erupted.

"I - " Serena tried to defend herself against the words.

"Rei, stop." Mina ordered firmly.

"Yeah Rei, you're being very harsh." Lita protested. "To be honest, I feel as though I've lost something too. I've never been able to picture Darien or Serena without each other, and now that they are.I don't know."

"With.out.each..other.." Serena breathed and the first tear slid down her cheek. "I'm sorry guys, I've got to get going." And with that she left the six of them standing worriedly behind her.

*** Serena fought the tears on the way home and through her parents' worried "Are you okays?"

When finally she made it to her room, she thought she'd be able to let the tears go, but Luna's voice stopped her.

Luna leapt down from the windowsill and planted herself in front of Serena. " Oh, there you are! What's wrong? You know, this past month you've been acting very childish. Sometimes I wonder about you." the nagging continued.

Serena, leaning against her closed door, stood up straight and opened her bedroom door wide. She stepped away from the threshold of it and said in a coldly calm voice.

"Get out."

Luna stopped mid-nag and blinked a moment before saying, "What?"

"GET OUT!" Serena raged.

Stunned, Luna walked out of the room. She turned around in the hallway just as the door shut silently in her face.

Serena walked faintly to the center of her room, trying to make it to her bed; but she couldn't. Her legs gave out beneath her and she collapsed to the floor, and in the darkness of her room she curled up into a fetal potion and began to weep. She wept her eyes shut. She wept her throat to aching, until finally she wept herself to sleep.


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