Chapter Three

It took some time for Neo and Trinity to summon both the will and the physical strength to lift themselves out of their comfortable embrace. Apparently, as it would seem, the machines had indeed healed them but only enough so that they were no longer mortally wounded.

Trinity's internal injuries had been mended but she was still left with several shallow flesh wounds that were not life threatening but hindered her performance nevertheless.

Neo was another story altogether.

He had died in the Matrix therefore he had died in the real world also. What was "repaired" after the machines had reinserted him into the Matrix had been centered solely on his mind. In other words, they had had to convince him that he was still alive. Subconsciously speaking, of course, but the same even so.

Physically, Neo was much weaker than his companion. And then there was his eyesight. His eyes no longer burned as fiercely as before, which left him guessing that they must have been healed at least somewhat, but he didn't want to unwrap the sensitive area just yet.

"Come on," Trinity gently encouraged, her heart aching at his obvious weakness. She placed his arm around her shoulder. At first Neo didn't resist but then his fingers inadvertently brushed over the open wound on her forearm and Trinity hissed in pain.

"You're still hurt," he stated more than questioned, concern playing over his features. Neo started to remove his arm but Trinity held onto his hand and squeezed it lightly.

"Not as bad as you," she said. Seeing the skeptical expression of his face she smiled slightly. "Don't be a stubborn-ass and make me give you an order, Neo. You know you can't make it on your own."

Neo sighed but resented.

They slowly made their way along the walkway, or at least it could be defined as that; the machines didn't make "walkways" per say because they didn't have to walk.

"Have you been back to the ship?" Neo asked as they continued forward, somewhat out of breath from the exertion.

"No," Trinity replied, shaking her head, "I only woke up a little while before you did. I was on my way there when I heard voices and I came back and found you."

"There it is."

Trinity looked to where Neo's gaze was directed. Sure enough, the ship was there. Or what was left of it.

"How bad?" Neo inquired. At first that question took Trinity be surprise but she then remembered that his sight was limited to seeing only the outline of images, not the details.

She paused before answering and, when she did, her voice was as close as it had ever sounded to being defeated.

"She'll never fly again," Trinity whispered.

Neo swallowed.

"No," he said.


"No," he said again, more firmly this time. "We weren't given this second chance so we could live out the rest of our lives in this hell-hole."

"But it was the machines that gave us the second chance, Neo. This might just be a part of that equation."

Neo shook his head. "No, something else is going to happen."

He looked directly at her and, if not for his eyes being covered, Trinity knew that his eyes would be locked on hers.

"We're going to get out of here, Trin. I promise."

Trinity nodded slowly.

She brought her free arm up and tenderly traced her fingers along the side of his face.

"I know."


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