Ace walked into the control room and stopped dead. The music was blaring, but the Doctor was in no state to notice. He was lying fast asleep under the console wearing the stupidest pair of sun glasses she had ever seen in her life.

She turned off Marilyn Manson and surveyed the scene. Chaos, bottles, clothes and crisp packets everywhere, and, for some reason, the rotor was wearing his god awful question mark vest and was topped by his hat.

"Wow. Some party Professor. That's the last time we go visit Boris for a while. He's a bad influence he is."

"Want to go to bed Prof," she said loudly as she nudged him with her foot, but he seemed happy to stay where he was and merely rolled over muttering something about making a 'move on Romana' next time he was in E Space.

'Fine then' she thought and trudged off to get a blanket for him.

She wrapped him up in the blanket, stuck the sun glasses into her pocket (and not realising their historical significance made a mental note to leave them on the next doomed planet they visited) then she stuck his question mark jumper under his head for a pillow.

"Right, now you - get some sleep," she told him.

He opened his eyes and looked up at her. "But I am the king of the world?"

"No, that's Leonardo DeCaprio. You are the Doctor."

He looked at her suspiciously. "Am I really?" he asked dubiously.

"Yes. And even Doctors need a night off now and then. So get some sleep." She tapped his forehead with her finger and he went out like a light and started to snore gently into a little red woolly question mark.

She laughed to herself. 'Easy really, when you know how,' she thought.