Worst Fear…

Favorite Childhood Toy…

Sexual Orientation…

Preferred Style of Underclothes…

Justin quilled his answers into the form as neatly as he could manage. It was a bit bothersome to need to use the loo so desperately, but there wasn't one in sight. He could only hope he'd find one on the other side of the door there. That was, if they didn't start testing right off. He couldn't help wondering if they could have made the questionnaire just a bit longer. Not enough of it was pointless after all.

He was seated in Auror Headquarters, in a stuffy foyer room with a gum popping young secretary that had to be addressed three times before she'd look up. It was a bit warm in the little room, despite the icy chill of January outside, and the seats seemed to have been engineered to be uncomfortable. Justin Finch-Fletchley was18 and had graduated from Hogwarts over the summer. In the months following that sorrowful parting with the first home he'd found in the wizarding world, Justin had wracked his brain to decide what to do with himself. He'd not the schooling to succeed in the Muggle world, although it hadn't seemed an option since around fifth year anyhow. Over the years, he'd gradually lost touch with the world and state in which his family lived. They could hardly communicate any longer, although he still loved them dearly.

He'd tried an internship at Ollivander's. It had seemed like an interesting career choice at the time, however after nearly causing the shop to burn up two or three times, due to grossly miss-guided wand selection, it had become apparent that wands were not his forte. His parents were now forking the bill for his small one room flat down Abnorm Alley. And it was his duty to find something to support himself; he couldn't ask them to do so for him any longer.

So when the call had come for Auror's to back the war against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Justin had felt it was his best choice. He'd never considered himself the military type, but after participating in Harry Potter's DADA club for 3 years he did feel he was a bit more apt then the next fellow for the job. Or so he hoped.

He was just flipping to the final parchment of the lengthy document when he heard a disgusted huff nearby. A fluty voice he quite recognized, but couldn't quite place tittered over to him.

"Well, I /never/ thought I'd see a /Hufflepuff/ Auror. Did you lose your way looking for the market Finch-Fletchley? It /is/ Finch-Fletchley isn't it, or are you MacMillan? All of you Hufflepuffs always looked the same to me." Eyebrows shooting skyward in surprise, Justin looked toward the source of these unwarranted insults. Pansy Parkinson was just taking a seat a few chairs down. Maturity had been good to her. Pansy hadn't ever been an ugly girl, but she'd been rather unattractive most of her years at Hogwarts. Then again, he never much paid attention to most of the Slytherin girls, or in particular Malfoy's lot of friends. They just hadn't been worth his time. But here before him was a grown up Pansy, upturned button nose and all. It sort of gave one a sense that she was always looking down her nose at them, but then again he assumed she just might be.

"Hullo Pansy," He replied to her as courteously as possible under the circumstances, only just then something occurred to him. With a puzzled, and somewhat suspicious expression, although he hated to judge, he cautioned, "Fancy meeting you /here/…"

If it was possible Pansy turned her nose up to him even more. Crossing her legs, smooth olive skin peeking out from the flap of her robes, which Justin's adolescent eyes couldn't miss noticing, she parsed her lips before retorting. "You /know/ Finch-Fletchley, Slytherin doesn't automatically mean ultimately evil and a follower of the Dark Lord. You ought to have a pit of compassion really. I mean, I /did/ receive DADA marks in the top five of our class, second in Slytherin."

She diverted her eyes to her own form and began to fill it out in small flowery silver ink. Justin's brown fell. Of course the fact that she'd said just such a thing as he had did not occur to him. Ouch though. She'd said nearly what he was thinking. It was rather unlike him to be offensive to anyone, but somehow it was much harder with Slytherin's. He supposed it was a prejudice, and it was awful, but there it was. And now the guilt set in. Yes, Justin felt guilt at the drop of a hat. He was a very good boy, well raised, simple but golden hearted. Shifting his eyes to stare blankly at his near completed pamphlet he stewed for a moment before stealing himself for an apology.

"Look Pansy. I'm awfully sorry. I'm sure you'll be an excellent Auror. I was only surprised that's all." Her only response to this was a dismissive wave of her hand, without so much as looking up.

Justin finished his parchment-work, doing his best not to stare over at Pansy in regret at his behavior. The silence, aside from the incessant popping from the secretary desk, was oppressive. He passed his form into the young witch at the desk and impatiently awaited a response from behind the door, and a chance to use the men's room.

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