Ranma: Legends

Prologue: And so it begins...

~*~A cheap dive in San Francisco....~*~

In the back of the bar is a man dressed like a ronin or should I say rurouni. He drinks a cup of sake and sits in quiet repose. Suddenly his right hand starts moving spastically. He grabs it and it calms down. He quietly gets up and pays his bar tab. The bartender raises an eyebrow as this man had previously consumed 4 bottles of high proof sake and just walked out without the slightest hint of drunkenness. The man walks a few blocks and goes into a nearby building. A moment later, he has ascended to the rooftop. He puts his right hand out in front of him and reaches into the hand which ripples and parts like an object going into a pool. He pulls out an orb that seems to pulse with a light almost like a heartbeat. He raises it and says " O soul of Chaos that transcends time and space, I call upon you now to reveal your master".

The orb begins displaying a array of colors and then...... Suddenly displays the words " insert coin here".

The man sweatdrops. "(*sotto voce* Once more from the top), O soul of Chaos that transcends time and space, I call upon you once again to reveal your master ".

The orb pulses faster again and reads " no sale ".

The man now has a large twitch above his eye. " Ok you piece of junk, tell me where he is or I stuff you into a pile driver.

The orb sweatdrops now and quickly spells out " Ok Ok, China, Quihai province, Cursed springs of Jusenkyo. "

"Better. And his name?"

In an ominous tone it reads "Ranma Saotome."

"His destination?"

"Japan, Tokyo, Nerima district."

The man thinks for a moment and then pulls out a cell phone from somewhere in his hakama. He dials a number. "Hello, Taishin?"

*Mumbling on the other end*

"Yes. It's me. Get me a red-eye flight to Japan immediately. The sooner the better."

*more mumbling*

"4:25 am? Perfect, see you in 3-4 hours." He hangs the phone up and puts it away. He then starts walking to SFO. He lifts his straw hat and looks skyward, and as he does so the moonlight reflects off a silver half mask of a fox on the left side of his face. He starts thinking ("It's been a long time and finally our labors are baring fruit. It took 17 years since you came back to this world. This should be fun. Even if he keeps me waiting for a while, it should be well worth it.")

Chapter 1:

~*~Meanwhile at a familiar rainy street, 4 months later....~*~

A red-headed girl is walking down a street whilst the rain cascades onto her head. Behind her a shadow of a large beast rises up. The girl sighs and does a bicycle kick knocking her attacker down. "Listen old man, I'm getting bored dealing with your lame surprise attacks. Come up with something original or stop already."

The attacker, now revealed to be a large panda produces a sign saying: " Respect your elders, boy!"

The girl smirks and says, "Wrong gender and you're not my elder with regards to the art. Besides, where is your friends house anyway? You said it was down this way."

The panda sweatdrops and slowly pulls another sign out: "Well, you see, it's uh like this, uh..."

The girl looks back at him and we see that she is quite good-looking but surprisingly athletic as well. "Please tell me you didn't lose the directions." A nervous sweatdrop from the panda. "You do have directions right?" A minor twitch develops on her eye. The panda develops even more sweatdrops. The girl walks over leaps into the air delivering a flying kick to the panda, knocking him into a pole. " Baka oyaji! You mean you have no directions, and you don't know where it is?!" She takes a deep breath and calmly walks over to a person looking flabbergasted at the scene. " Excuse me sir," she says whilst putting a very cute face on, "Could you please give me directions to the Tendo dojo?"

The man calms down slightly and says with a nervous smile, "Yeah, just go down that way take a left and it's the 4th house on the right. Can't miss it. Uh miss?"


"Does your pet do that often?" She looks back and sees the panda broke the metal pole on impact and is currently feigning unconsciousness.

"Oh yeah every once in a while it tries to attack me, but I never hurt it much. Right now it's just pretending to be hurt, right Panda-san?"

The panda gets up and pulls a sign out " Yes, indeed little girl, I am fine."

The man walks away confused and mumbling "A trained panda in Nerima? Now I've seen everything."

~*~Tendo training hall~*~

A black haired man is reading a letter postmarked Hong Kong, China. The letter reads as follows: "To my Good friend Soun Tendo. The training trip took a little longer at the end then expected, but we will arrive by the time this letter reaches you. Inform your daughters. At last the schools shall be joined! Signed, Genma Saotome."

The man known as Soun Tendo is smiling and thinking, "Soon, someone wed one of my baby girls and secure their future." He gets up and walks to the kitchen. A older girl, indeed a young woman with long hair tied in a ponytail is preparing vegetables. "Ahem." She turns around with a smile on her face.

"Yes father what is it?"

Soun smiles and says, "Kasumi, could you please call your sisters into the dining room, I have an announcement to make."

She walks over to the stairs, goes up halfway and calls out, "Nabiki, Akane, Father wants us to come to the dining room right away." A girl with short just above shoulder length hair comes down. "Oh where is Akane?"

Nabiki shrugs and says "Probably practicing in the dojo again."

Kasumi smiles and goes over to the dojo and opens the shoji (A/N: the sliding door used in traditional japanese homes) and sees a young girl with long blackish blue hair in a stance with a stack of bricks in front of her. The girl cries out "Hiya!" and smashes the bricks into smithereens.

"Akane." The girl turns around and sees Kasumi clapping.

Akane smiles and asks, "Thank you Kasumi, what is it?"

Kasumi (still smiling) says, "Father has asked us to come to the dining room for an announcement."

Akane straightens out her Gi and says, "Alright, just one more pile of bricks, then I'll come."

Kasumi says, "Alright."

Five minutes later, The Tendo family is gathered. Soun pulls himself to the most height he can muster whilst sitting and says, "My daughters, I have good news. An old friend of mine is coming here from China. He is bringing his son with him. In order to fulfill an old pact between friends, and to unite the two branches of the Anything goes School of Martial Arts, one of you will be engaged to and marry him. I'm told his name is Ranma."

The reactions proceed as follows "Oh my", "hmm" and "what!?". Mentally it's "I hope he's older, I don't like younger men", "I'm not taking him unless he's rich" and "No way I'm getting engaged to a smelly old boy". No need for an explanation of who's who.

Akane stands up and says, "Father, have you even met this boy?"

Soun with a plain expression says, "No, I never have." A facefault triggers on all except Kasumi, who only develops a minor strain on her smile.

Just then the doorbell rings. Kasumi gets up and opens it to reveal the Redhead, who in better lighting is actually a red head with a lot of coral streaks in her hair, and the panda from earlier. The girl says, "Can we please come in, the rain is cold and I promise a good explanation for the panda." Kasumi nods and admits them. The girl turns and asks, "Oh, and could I please have two cups of hot water. I'll explain later." Again Kasumi nods. The girl walks into the living room and notices the people in it. Before she can say anything however, she is immediately enveloped in a bone-crushing hug by Soun.

He says, "You've finally arrived, now we can..." He trails off as he detects two things that a boy should not have and comes to the conclusion reached by everyone else in the room. This is a girl. He immediately faints.

The redhead sighs and turns to the panda, "Let's show up in our curse forms, it won't be a problem. My friend won't mind. I knew I shouldn't have wasted that Umbrella on you," she says in a sarcastic and slightly annoyed tone. She turns to the rest of them. "Can you please wake him up? I am Ranma Saotome, and there is a reason for my condition at the moment. I would prefer to tell everyone at the same time." Kasumi comes in with a teapot and two cups of hot water. "Ah, thank you Kasumi, this will help a lot." So saying she upends the cup on her own head resulting in a change to a guy with black hair also in a pigtail. "As I said, I am Ranma Saotome, and this panda here..." At this he tosses the other cup at the panda who changes into a balding slightly overweight man with glasses in a dirty gi. "Is my dad, Genma Saotome, who will apologize for the current situation that I consider to be his fault."

Genma snorts and says, "Boy, as your father, it is my duty to teach you the art and raise you to be a 'man among men.' (A/N: That is a very vague definition. What exactly is that? I have never figured it out). As such I considered it to in your best interests to train at Jusenkyo."

Ranma grins and says: "Really? Then you won't mind me telling them exactly what happened there, will you?"

Genma sweatdrops a little and says: "No...., Go ahead."

Ranma, "Thank you. Well it started when we arrived at the cursed spring training ground...."

(Flashback, 5 months ago)

A familiar teenager with black hair is carrying a obscenely heavy pack while a fat and balding man in a dirty gi tries to read a map. Genma: "Damn it! It should be here, but this writing is weird."

Ranma: "Pop, let me see it." He takes one look at it and glares lightly at his dad. Ranma: "You are aware this map is in chinese, not japanese, right?" Genma sweatdrops a little.

A fat chinese man with a cap with a red star appears and looks at them. He looks carefully and says in broken japanese: "Ah, honored customer. Are you looking for Jusenkyo springs?"

Genma does a double-take and says, "Yes, are they nearby?!"

The fat man nods and says, "Yes, honored customer, cursed springs right past next hill." Genma breaks into a run. Ranma grabs the pack and puts in back on his shoulders.

Ranma: "Lead the way mister...?"

The fat man bows and says, "Jusenkyo guide is title. Please use"

A few moments later.... "We're here at last!" shouts Genma. "Now we can finish your training trip!"

Ranma smiles at the remark. "Good, I could use a break from your slave driving methods."

Genma leaps on top of a pole and shouts, "Come on boy, are you too much of a girl to fight with me?"

Ranma leaps onto an opposing pole and takes a crane stance (the karate kid stance with one leg in the air). "Ready when you are, old fart." Genma does a flying leap at Ranma. Ranma does a bicycle kick counter and grabs a pole getting back on the top area.

The Jusenkyo guide meanwhile, sees them fighting and yells, "No, honored customer! Don't fight! Spring cursed! Bad if fall in!"

Ranma hears part of this and yellsm "Time out pop! The guide said something about the springs!"

Genma continues his attack and says, "Don't try to fool me! You're not stopping till you knock me down!"

Ranma gets angry, and leaps into a spin kick knocking Genma into a pool. "Enough damn it! Unlike you I don't cheat when I fight for real!" He suddenly realizes Genma has not come up for air, and gets worried. "Pop? Are you ok?" An animal roar is heard. "Huh? What's that?" A giant panda leaps onto the poles and starts attacking Ranma.

Jusenkyo Guide: "Oh no! Honored customer fall into (insert chinese name here), the spring of drowned giant panda! 2000 years ago, giant panda drown in pool here. Pool become cursed. Now whoever fall into spring take body of panda!"

Ranma continues fending off Genma's assaults and yells to the guide, "Is there any way to remove the curse? Ow, kuso!" While he was talking to the guide, Genma pressed his assault and swiped with one of his now clawed hands or paw as the case may be. Ranma, distracted by the attack did not notice that he had no pole to fall back on. Ranma: "Oh, shit." He then proceeds to fall into a spring.

Ranma is currently having his life flash before his eyes and one thing pops into his head. "I really hope I don't turn into something as bad as a panda." *Splash* The guide runs up and checks a sign. Genma meanwhile is gloating about his victory and suddenly he realizes that the morning cold is no longer affecting him. He looks at his hand and instead spots a five clawed paw. He runs over to the guide and starts gesturing wildly and attempting to speak. He stops after a bit realizing that pandas can't talk.

The guide says, "Honored younger customer should have been up by now. Something is wrong with pool." A cry of dismay is heard and a dark ki blast that seems to cause the environment to ripple and flow is directed at Genma. Genma is knocked flat on his ass and is shot into a nearby bamboo tree knocking it over and causing it to hit someone else and cause them to trip into a spring. (A/N: The person will not be revealed because I'm an evil author and also because that would be a spoiler. Back to Genma.)

The panda in question is wondering what the hell hit him, when a figure dressed in his son's garb starts walking slowly toward him. The figure upon closer inspection is a red headed girl with a strange aura visible. The girl is within four feet of Genma when she stops and asks, "So, pop, what exactly does Jusenkyo mean anyway? I'm just wondering why exactly you brought us here, because obviously you had no idea of what this place was!" The girl launches a combo that rather than the usual grace of anything goes, is considerably more brutal. After about one minute of laying into him, Ranma pauses and signals the guide to come over. "Now, I'm not going to hurt you, you warned us about this, but we didn't listen, well mostly him, but that's beside the point. Is there a cure?"

The guide smiles and says, "Thank you for attempt at listen. No cure, but curse not permanent. Curse activate with cold water and change back with hot water."

Ranma then picks up the panda and slings him over her shoulder, "Could we please stay the night? I think I hurt him this time and I need to figure what to do next." The guide says: "Follow me."

(End Flashback)

~*~Tendo training hall (again)~*~

"..... And that's how we ended up appearing that way."

Genma snorts and says, "The true martial artist's path is fraught with peril. He must be willing to give..."

Ranma interrupts, "Even his life for the art. I've heard this way too many times pop, and this time I'm going to stop you before you get started. I certainly had no intention of becoming a girl, but I gotta say it has been very enlighting." Genma's jaw drops at this. "I've only just started rethinking most of your ideas of how girls are weak and need to be protected... Hang on a sec, these aren't my ideas and if you want to hit me, be polite and wait till I'm done." Akane was gripping the table and relaxes her grip and sits back down with a frown on her face. "Thank you, as I was saying, most of your ideas are bull. Girls are just as strong as guys and stronger in some areas. For instance my girl form is somewhat faster and has better balance than my guy side. That compensates for the lack of power and ki ability."

Genma starts yelling, "Nonsense boy! Girls are weak little things that know nothing of the martial arts! I can't believe a son of mine would fall so..." *bam!!!* Genma is sent flying to the koi pond and emerges as the panda.

"Thanks for waiting till I was done. I never said you couldn't interrupt him," says Ranma with a smirk. "Next time though, use the mallet and don't waste furniture."

Akane is looking in shock and thinking, ("how did see my mallet?").

Ranma then stands and gestures to Akane, "I can see you alone out all of your sisters has martial arts ability. Want to spar?"

Akane shoots up and says: "Sure, I'm the best in Nerima!"

Ranma smirks again and thinks, ("Then you better be holding a lot back, cause I think pop could take you easily").

~*~Tendo Training hall, dojo~*~

"Now then before we start, I'm going to ask three questions, ok?" Akane nods. "First off, since we skipped the introduction let's say hi. I'm Ranma Saotome of the anything goes school of martial arts, saotome branch."

"Akane Tendo of the anything goes school of martial arts, Tendo branch."

Ranma nods. "Ok then, first question, which form do you want to fight, this one or my girl side?"

Akane thinks for a moment and replies, "Girl side."

Ranma splashes himself with some water and becomes a she. "Second question, how good are you?"

Akane strikes a pose and shouts, "I'm the best in Nerima!!!"

Ranma smirks and asks, "And the last question... Do want me to go all out?"

Akane looks incredulously at him and asks, "What?"

Ranma smirks again and asks, "I said, do you want me to go all out?"

Akane: "Of course!"

Ranma: "If you're a worthy opponent, I'll use my full power."

Nabiki steps in and announces, "I'm Nabiki Tendo and I'll be acting as Referee with our father Soun Tendo helping on technical points. Ready?" (Akane is in a stance, Ranma is looking non-chalent).

Ranma: "One sec..." He walks over his pack and pulls out a cd. "Could you please put track six on?" Nabiki nods and gets a cd player out and puts the cd in. A moment later, Rhythm Emotion from Gundam Wing is playing. "Thanks."

Nabiki nods and says, "Go!"

Ranma braces one hand behind the other, "I'll give you a free shot at my hand, I want to gauge your power." Akane rushes him. She strikes and much to the surprise of the Tendo family, Ranma doesn't even move. "Not bad, a little too much force, not enough control and finesse. You're potentially quite powerful." Akane beams. "My turn, and I would brace for this." Ranma strikes a stance and Akane braces her hands. Ranma gets close and pulls his fist back. He strikes. Akane is knocked into the wall. She gets up a little groggily. "I warned you to brace properly. Next time put one foot behind the other."

Akane: "Shut up! I'm gonna knock you down!" She charges Ranma who sidesteps and taps her on her back. Akane turns and launches a combo. Ranma begins dodging and taping her on various points.

"I'm tapping you to point out weaknesses in your defense."

"Shut up and fight!"

Ranma shrugs his shoulders whilst in a flip, "Ok, your funeral." He then launches an ax kick at her. She blocks. Ranma use his backwards momentum to flip and charges her. Akane, surprised by his tactic cannot defend. Ranma punches, stopping inches from her nose. Akane blinks, bats his hand away, and starts attacking again. Ranma is starting to look annoyed. He kicks at her midsection, again stopping inches from a hit. Akane tries to strike his crotch. Ranma hops out of the way. He raises an eyebrow: "Hitting below the belt? That's not a honorable tactic."

Akane: "It's called anything goes for a reason!" Ranma attacks, fakes a punch and does a slide kick. Akane slips and Ranma catches her.

At this point the song stops. "Stop. The fight is over. I'm obviously the winner by superior skill. Good fight, I have one question. Who taught you how to fight?" He puts her down and starts walking to the exit.

Akane was in shock while being held. However she is thinking one thing: ("That pervert touched me!"). She yells and charges Ranma launching a flying kick. Just before she connects, a dark aura springs up around Ranma. With a cold look in his eye, he grabs her leg, taps a point with two fingers and then launches his own spin kick whilst she is still in the air. Akane slams very hard into the wall making a person shaped imprint a la looney toons. She then falls to the ground.

Ranma turns to the others with the same cold look: "I absolutely hate sore losers. Disgraceful tactics like that have no place in anything goes. She should learn when she is outclassed. She'll be ok, the blow to the wall was done with just enough power to knock her out. I'm sure she can survive the impact from the wall with minor injuries. I tapped a pressure point on her left leg, she won't be kicking for a few hours. After that it will just be numb for a bit. Nothing permanent. Where is the bath?"

Kasumi smiles and says, "Second floor, first door on the right. You're sure she'll be ok?"

Ranma relaxes and smiles. "I'm sure she'll be fine in about fifteen to twenty minutes. She won't be using the leg and she will have a headache, miss....?"

"Tendo, Kasumi Tendo."

Soun comes out of his shock and produces his infamous demon head attack, which for the uniniated is where his head takes on a demonic appearance and grows to fill most of the screen in the series. Pretty damn scary looking. "Yahhhhhh, what have you done to my baby, Ranma?!?!!?!?!"

Ranma's aura flares up again and the cold look returns to his eyes. "Perhaps you can tell me who trained, or should I say mistrained her?"

Soun's demon head attack is disrupted as he answers, "I did."

Ranma grabs him by the hems of his gi and picks him up. "Now listen to me, you sorry excuse for a martial artist. You have not only messed her training up, you've mistrained her to the point where she believes it's ok to attack an opponent who is many times her superior. Against someone else, that might have proven a fatal lesson. She might have been killed or worse."

Soun is in shock at Ranma's words, but tears, real ones, not the crocodile tears that he normally cries, are being shed. "You are right, I didn't train her properly. I was too deep in sorrow over my wife's death. I have let Kimiko down. I have disgraced the honor of the anything goes school. I'm deeply in your debt, Ranma."

Ranma's expression softens and he offers his hand to him. "It's not a permanent mistake, you can redeem yourself. However, you seem out of shape. How long has it been since you truly practiced anything goes?"

Soun sighs. " Not since the death of my wife sixteen years ago. However.... ." He stands up with a fire of determination in his eye. "I will redeem myself in Kimiko's eyes. I will teach Akane the true spirit of the anything goes school."

Ranma smirks. " In the meantime, do you mind if I train her while you get back into shape?" Soun nods. " Good, now if you'll excuse me, I need a bath." Ranma walks upstairs.

A short time later, Akane wakes up on the couch. "Ugh, my head hurts. What happened?"

Kasumi removes a damp cloth from Akane's head. "You fought Ranma and lost. You tried to attack him after the match, but he stopped your attack and hit you to the wall. He said that you weren't hurt much by the blow."

Akane springs up and strikes a pose: "No way, I'm going to smash that boy with *kathump!* ow. What happened?"

Kasumi: "He also said that he hit a pressure point on your leg. It's supposed to wear off in a few hours. He said it wasn't very nice to be a sore loser after a match."

Akane: "I didn't lose!!! He cheated!!!" Soun walks in along with Nabiki. The panda is sitting on the floor by Kasumi.

Soun: "No, my daughter, I'm afraid you did lose. It was a fair match. He beat you because your defense was open and his skill level was much higher."

Nabiki *nodding*: "Sorry sis, But Daddy is right. The kid was way better than you."

Akane tries to stand and succeeds but winces a little. "Can someone help me to the bath?" Nabiki nods with a slight smile.

~*~Tendo Training hall, Bathroom~*~

Inside the steam, Ranma is relaxing. (" I just don't get why she wasn't trained at all. She had no basic training.")

???: ("Relax, You'll fix that with her dad's help.")

Ranma sighs and thinks: ("I know that, but I need to take a look at the style. There are two branches to this school. I only know our family's.")

???: ("I noticed that as well. Judging from your limited knowledge, I would guess that the two versions used to be one. Therefore, combining them will make us stronger.")

Ranma: ("Ours is air combat, their's I think is ground.")

???: ("That logic fills in some gaps in the style. Your style was originally better in the air and had less power on the ground. Her style never left the ground until that last kick. By the way, good work on her dad. I hope she wasn't so badly trained that we hurt her permanently.")

Ranma: ("We'll talk later, someone is outside the door.")

???: ("Till later then").

Akane, in the nude, walks in.

Ranma: "Akane, I presume?" Akane tenses up. "You should have read the occupied sign. I haven't seen anything. If you want to use it, please wait for a couple of minutes". Akane nods and slowly walks out. A few moments later... "Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!" Ranma gets out and dries off. "Saw that one coming"

About three minutes later, the Tendo's are gathered at the dinner table. Akane is fuming smoke and saying: "I hate boys" under her breath, Soun is wondering what happened, Nabiki has some clue and is wondering how much money there is to be made via blackmail, Kasumi is serving dinner and Genma is sitting, as confused as Soun about the cause of this. Ranma strolls down the stairs. "Pervert! You tried to peep on me!" Akane jumps at Ranma with a large mallet. Ranma raises an eyebrow and kicks the head of the mallet knocking it into the floor. Akane is left holding a stick and is staring dumbly at it.

"I don't know what she said, but I was in the bath first. She walked in on me. I didn't even turn around and look at her. So if anyone is a pervert, it's her". Ranma is smirking as that bit of logic is digested.

The reactions are as follows: "Ara, how odd", *cash sign in eyes*, "You're still a pervert", "....." and "Boy, how dare you insult one of your fiances!?" This is a no--Brainer. Ranma: Fiances? I don't what you're...., Wait a minute. This is the old friend, we were going to see about a old pledge? This is what it was about? Haahahaahaa!"

Ranma starts laughing out loud. This reaction does something pretty rare in the Tendo house. It causes silence from everyone else. Ranma stops laughing. "Haahahaha, sorry about that. If that was a joke, it was very funny. Unfortunately, knowing Oyaji here, there's a strong chance it's true."

Genma: "Of course boy! The age-old pledge between friends will be honored and the school will be joined at last!" Soun jumps up and joins Genma in a round of toasting the wedding to be.

Ranma smirks. "No dice." They ignore him and continue dancing. Ranma briefly flares his aura. "I said, no dice!" They stop this time. "I don't know when you did this, but there is no way I'm agreeing to this."

Genma and Soun: "Quiet boy! This is for the good of the schools!"

Genma: "Oh, what a worthless dishonorable son I have! To think that he would betray his family's honor!"

Ranma walks over to Genma and Soun, grins, and bashes their heads against each other. "Now if you two will listen, I'll explain myself. First off, Genma, you have no right to talk of honor. You've ruined your own many times over. Second, I won't marry any of them. I'll give this thing a few months. If none of them appeal to me, then it will be called off. Third, I'll teach Akane the techniques of our branch of the any thing goes school. That will "join the schools" as you so put it. Do we have a deal? If you don't nod your heads, I'm going to smash them against each other till you agree. So, are we in agreement?"

*Nods from Genma and Soun*

"Good, now it's late and I think that everyone here, especially Akane, could use some sleep. Ouyasumi" Ranma starts walking up the stairs, but then turns and walks back down. "I just remembered. Kasumi, which room is mine?"

"The last door on the left. You're sharing it with your father."

Ranma sighs. "I Should have known. Once again, ouyasumi".

~*~Next Morning~*~

Akane is awakened by the sounds of a fierce battle outside. She shoots up and runs to the window, only to see Ranma fighting Genma in a mid air duel. "Come on, oyaji, is the best you can do?"

"Hah! I'll show you what real training is, boy!" Ranma and Genma continue to fight when Ranma flips back and leaps into the air and shoots down in a fiercesome kick. Genma blocks and Ranma strikes with his other leg and knocks Genma into the koi pond.

Sign: "Not bad boy," *flips sign* "but I'm still able to land a few blows on you." Ranma looks at his left arm and notices a mark that says: "unguarded". *Smirk*

"Maybe, but I'm getting better every time. I have to eat breakfast." So saying, Ranma dashes inside. Genma blinks and starts running, before tripping. He then remembers he can't run the same way when he's a panda. A typical saotome food fight ensues with the tendo household in shock at the display.

"Ahh, that was amazing! I've never eaten food that good before!" Genma (who was tossed into the koi pond after trying to steal from Akane), while chewing on some bamboo that Kasumi provided holds up another sign: "Boy, you have to go school while you are here. Your fiancé will show you where."

Ranma: "Oh well, it's not like I don't need it. Thanks to you, my education needs more training than Akane."

Akane: *eye twitch* "Stupid boy."

Ranma gets up: "Well, "student", which way to..., Sorry, which school is it?"

Nabiki: "Furinkan high."

"Thanks, which way to Furinkan?"

Akane proceeds to glare at him before answering, "Follow me"

~*~10 minutes later....~*~

"Why are you walking on the fence?"

"Balance training. It took me a while to learn, but I got this down when I was 8. You could do it, but you need some work in that area."

Akane: "Really?"

Ranma: "Yes, only don't wear a skirt, or wear some gym shorts underneath, unless you're an exbitionist?"

Akane: "Pervert!"

~*~At the gates of Furinkan....~*~

A large group has gathered, carrying signs that say, "We love you, Akane!", "Please date me!" and, "You will be mine!"

Ranma's eyebrow raises. "What the? Why are they... ?"

Akane: "Don't ask" She proceeds to chant while breaking into a run: "I hate boy, I hate boys, I hate boys! Yahhh!" She starts by knocking a few basketball players into the bulk of the group. Then, she hits a hockey guy into the ground.

Ranma: "Not bad, but this kind of fighting will cause her skill level to degrade. Not one of these guys has any skill.

???:(True, but it is giving us the opportunity to observe her style in a hectic situation... What's wrong with her left leg?)

Ranma: (What are you talking about? She shouldn't be having any problems with her.... Oh shit. She didn't let her leg recover from my attack. She can beat these guys, but there's someone who's better around here. If that guy attacks, she is dead meat).

Akane is panting after disposing of the attackers. ("Stupid Ranma. If he hadn't struck my leg, I wouldn't have had to work so hard").

"Oh what a boorish lot they are, that dare to vie for the hand of this tigress." A rose hits the ground in front of her.

*Sigh* "Hello upperclassman." A guy in a kendo outfit with a bokken strapped to his side approaches.

"I would challenge you to honorable combat, fair maiden." Akane is gritting her teeth and wondering how to beat him with an injured leg when suddenly... .

"I think that's a bit of a cheap shot, kendo dude." Ranma walks up with his hands in his pockets. "If you were paying attention, she is injured in her left leg and thus, cannot fight at your level".

The "kendo dude" glares at Ranma. "Impudent cur, how dare you speak in such a manner to your betters. Declare thy name!"

Ranma smirks: "Ok, I'm...."

"Wait is it not customary to give ones own name first? I am the kendo champion of this school, the rising star of Furinkan High, Tatewaki Kuno, The Blue Thunder!" *thunderclap*

Random student: "I thought he was the shooting star."

Ranma: "Ok, that was rude, but what the heck. I'm Ranma Saotome, heir to the anything goes school of martial arts. I'm not going to let Akane fight against you with an injury that I caused."

"What! By what right do you stop her from fighting?!"

Ranma: *smirking* "By the right of being her Sensei appointed by her father."

Kuno laughs. "Hahahahahahah, what could a mongrel peasant like you, teach the likes of Akane Tendo?"

"Tell you what, I'll show just how I beat her and became her sensei later on, but right now I'm late for class. See ya at lunch." Ranma lunges and makes a strike on Kuno's chest. Kuno cannot block, but the strike is not very powerful and he is seemingly unhurt. "That was a sample of my skill. Oh, and don't think I didn't hit you. Check again in about 15 minutes." He walks in with Akane limping behind him. Kuno is dragged in by a teacher about 5 minutes after the bell rings.


Akane sits down at her desk. Ranma walks over to the teacher and greets him. The teacher acknowledges him and tells him to stand in front of the class. "Class, we have a new student, his name is Ranma Saotome and he came all the way from China, so give him a nihao welcome."

"Nihao, Ranma."

Ranma: "Thanks, I'm Ranma Saotome, heir to the anything goes school of martial arts. I don't really have much to say about my life, but I might divulge some details if some of the cute girls in this class ask *wink*"

Girls: *swoon*. Ranma proceeds to take a seat 2 seats behind Akane. He then promptly falls asleep 5 minutes later. The class sweatdrops.

???:(You really should have tried to stay awake a little longer).

Meanwhile in a another classroom.... .

Nabiki: "I can't believe he did this in one strike"

Kuno: "Humph, that arrogant cur was lucky that I was distracted by Akane's beauty." Kuno is sporting a mark on his chest that reads: "Blind spot".

Kuno: "Nabiki, he claimed to be Akane's sensei, and that he defeated her. Is this true?"

Nabiki: *ice queen grin* "10,000 yen, Kuno baby." Kuno promptly hands it over. "Thanks, yes it's true, he beat my sister, and he did it easily. But there's something else that will make you madder."

Kuno: "What else is there could awake my wrath further?"

Nabiki: "5,000 yen." Kuno hands another, smaller wad of cash over. "Thanks again, Kuno Baby. He's my sister's finace by arranged marriage."

"What?!!?! I will not allow this travesty!!!" *bonk* The teacher is sporting a few veins on his head. "Kuno, go stand in the hall!".

During this exchange, Ranma had slept through most of the lesson. The teacher tossed an eraser at him, it was blocked. He tried a book, same result. Akane brings out "mallet-sama". *Ka-smash!*

"Ow, that hurt."

"Ranma, go stand in the hall and hold these buckets of water." Akane smirks. "Miss Tendo, as much I appreciate your waking him, I've told you not to use that hammer during class. Please join him". Ranma is exercising with the buckets. "I realize this was my fault and I'm sorry. Why did this Kuno guy and everybody and his brother attack you when you arrived?"

Akane sighs. "Kuno said at the beginning of the year and I quote: " If thou wisheth to date with Akane Tendo, thou must defeat her in combat!"

Ranma sweatdrops. "You're kidding I hope, though judging from the fight, I guess he was serious."

Akane: "Why did you stop me? I could have beat him!"

Ranma: "Not on that leg. You tried to exercise it before the point wore off, didn't you?" Akane gets a mild sweatdrop. "You did. That's guaranteed to hurt if you don't wait or counter the point first. Also you couldn't have beaten him. He was holding back when he approached you. I could tell that he was better than you."

At that point a loud shout is heard. "Never! I will accept neither your position as sensei nor your engagement to Akane Tendo!" A collective gasp is heard.

Girl: "He's your sensei and your fiancé? Wow, you are so lucky!"

Guy:"Lucky S.O.B. ..."

Ranma: Oh well, the cat's out of the bag. So Kuno, do you want to fight now or shall we get some more room?"

Kuno: "Lead the way." Ranma jumps out the window. Kuno follows. The other students are thinking: (This is the third floor. Is this guy nuts?). Kuno is falling toward a pool and Ranma is going to hit nearby Kuno. Ranma then starts twisting in the air and angles himself to face the outside edge of the pool. A few bursts of aura are visible to those who can sense such things. Ranma's descent slows and finally he lands gently on his feet at the edge. Kuno impacts the water behind him. A splash is erupts. Ranma blanches and runs trying to escape it. He gets away and is out of sight in a nearby treetop. (Crap, I can't believe it. I almost made it through without this happening).

???: (Not like it wasn't going to happen at some point. We still have to deal with Kuno though. Any ideas?)

Ranma: "Just one."

???: (We were going to do that anyway, but use one of your custom CDs. We need good music for a fight). Ranma jumps out into the open. Her shirt is wet from the water and is showing quite a bit of her figure.

Ranma: "I'm Ranko." She jumps to a second story window. Ranko: "Could you please take this CD to Nabiki and ask her to put track one on? I would like it on the PA system." A guy trying to fight a nosebleed and failing complies and starts running to Nabiki. Ranko jumps down to the ground and pulls Kuno out of the water. The guy she gave to the CD to goes to the window and signals her. "Ok, put it on when Kuno wakes up." The guy gives the thumbs-up. Kuno is groggy. Ranko steps on his stomach hard. Kuno coughs up a good deal of water. He then sees Ranko.

"Gods in the heavens, what vision of loveliness is this that appears before my eyes,"

Ranko: "Huh?"

Kuno: "I would know thy name, oh pigtailed goddess."

"Ranko. Ranko Saotome."

Kuno: "What!? A relation of that coward, Ranma Saotome?"

Ranko: "I wouldn't talk, blind boy." Kuno notices the mark on his chest.

Kuno: "He used foul sorcery to make this devil mark. His skill pales before the Blue Thunder."

Ranko smirks. "Let's see how good you are, Kuno."

Kuno grabs his bokken and assumes a stance. "If I win, you would date with me."

Ranko: "If I win, you fight Ranma for real and test your skill against him." She signals to the 2nd floor.

Kuno: "Hmm?"

Ranko: "Just getting some good fight music." She takes a stance. Kuno raises his bokken. A braking car is heard. Latin music is heard.

PA: "She's into superstition, Black cats and voodoo dolls" Kuno facefaults.

"What manner of cacophony is this?!"

Ranko: "Livin La Vida Loca, by Ricky Martin. It's latin dance music. Come on, that's no way to fight or dance".

PA: "I feel a premonition, that girl's gonna make me fall." She then starts dancing to the music and punches Kuno while swaying her hips. Kuno takes the hit but doesn't fall. He takes up his bokken again.

PA: "She's into new sensations, new kicks in the candlelight. She's got a new addiction for every day and night." Kuno charges. Ranko charges as well. She blocks the bokken and snags Kuno's shirt off him.

PA: "She'll make you take your clothes and go dancing in the rain."

Ranko joins the song: "She'll make you live the crazy life, but she'll take away your pain. Like a bullet to your brain." Kuno notices his lack of haori and gets a weird expression on his face. For a close similarity, check out the expressions on guys that are nosebleeding.

"My pig tailed goddess, you would gaze on my magnificence? Then allow me to view your glory as well!" He charges again.

PA: "Upside inside out, She's living la vida loca. She'll push and pull you down. Livin la vida loca." Ranko winks in a seductive way.

PA: "Her lips are devil red, and her skin's the color mocha." Akane and Nabiki are watching with jaws to the ground.

Akane: "What is she doing?!"

Nabiki: (How can I collect bets on this? She's dancing and singing a american song). "Wait a minute, look at how she's dancing. She's using the music to coordinate her attacks."

PA: "She will wear you out, livin la vida loca, livin la vida loca. She's livin la vida loca."

Akane: "She's still a pervert." (Nice dance moves though).

Ranko meanwhile yells out to them. "Hey, Akane, Nabiki, can I get a chorus to back me up out here?"

Nabiki: "Huh?!"

Ranko: "Trust me!" Nabiki shrugs and sends some people out. Ranko: "One sec Kuno. Ok, people, sing what I sing. Back me up especially on livin la vida loca. Now, where were we?"

PA and chorus: "woke up in New york city, in a funky cheap motel. She took my heart and she took my money, she must have slipped me a sleeping pill."

Kuno starts attacking with rapid slashes. "I will have you, pig tailed goddess!" Ranko keeps making suggestive gestures with her eyes and by moving her hips to the music. She does a back flip, then goes into a flying leap and stomps on Kuno's head."

"Wow, you take a lot of damage to stop."

PA and chorus: "She never drinks the water, makes you order french champagne."

Ranko: "Once you've had a taste of her, you'll never be the same."

Chorus: "Yeah, she'll make you go insane."

Ranko then starts doing a ricky martin impression with her dance moves. "Time to end this." She rushes Kuno. Kuno guards inside. She smirks and punches him hard in the stomach, then grabs his bokken and spins it out of his hands. She whistles to Akane, who comes over.

Akane: "What?"

Ranko: "Thought you might want the last strike. I'm through playing around. This guy was really weak." She whispers: "Plus, I don't want to finish him myself, I think he might not stop bugging me even if he loses". She hands the bokken to Akane. Akane grins evilly and proceeds to smash Kuno with his own weapon.

PA: Livin la vida loca, livin la vida loca."

Ranko: "You can kill the music now. Oh, and Nabiki, please return my CD later. I'm out of here." Ranko then jumps the wall and starts roof hopping to the Tendo house.

The view pulls back and we see the rurouni guy from the beginning watching the action unfold from a nearby rooftop. "Heh, heh, heh, still got the weird sense of humor I see. Well, from the glimpses I got of your aura, you're mostly definetly his chosen one. I have to leave you to your own devices now, but I'll be back later when you're ready for a real opponent. In the meantime, a friend of yours will be here in a few weeks, hopefully. He'll keep you from slacking until I get back. Have fun while you can, 'Brother'". He then starts roofhopping in the opposite direction of Ranma.

End chapter one.

Author's notes: Well, that was fun. I hope you all enjoyed it as much I did. Who is the rurouni guy in the fox mask? Why did he call Ranma, "brother"? Who is the voice that Ranma hears? And, where did she learn to dance like that? Some questions will answered, some more will asked, next time on Ranma: Legends. BTW, no advice on pairing Ranma! I already have my own ideas about that. I might be open to ideas later on. No R/A though. This will be a crossover soon. I can't tell you which series yet. I'm just an S.O.B. In that I like to keep you guys in suspense. To my pre-readers, Buds, Crys, Boo, Gualen, Ketsurui and Reiko, thanks for the assist thus far. I'll listen to suggestions that you guys say.