Chapter 5: The Tournament for Ranma's heart.

2 Weeks and 2 days after the beach disaster, inside the arena's locker room area

Ranma sips on a soda. (Well, it looks like we haven't gotten much of a battle thus far. Who knew we would skip the qualifying round?) says Vel. Ranma sits up and walks to the booth for fighters who wish to see the matches. (The first matches were a joke, but at least Kuno, Akane and that creepy girl Kodachi are out.) thinks Ranma.

Flashback, 2 days prior to present time

Kazuro sits next to Nabiki in the announcers box next to the press box. "I hope you are as good as the boss says" he says while turning toward the ring. "Because it's rare for him to recruit someone directly, and he expects to be impressed."

Nabiki gives her ice queen smile. "Your boss asked me to help keep the local bookies under control, and help with the odds and gambling. He'll get what he paid for. I do have one question, why did he ask me to be an announcer for this?"

Kazuro shrugs. "No idea, but he said he wouldn't be back for the tournament till the end." He looks out the window. "Opening ceremonies are about to begin, get your headset on." He adjusts his mike. Happosai walks to the center of the ring, flanked by Cologne and a person dressed in a black referee costume with a black veil over their face, and holding a small solid red flag and a solid white flag. (A/n: think the referee from Samurai Showdown, with the flags.)

Happi takes a mic out. "Good day men, and pretty ladies. I am the renowned, famous and virtuous martial artist, Happosai. The crowd loudly boos and throws things at him. "Ingrates" he mutters, "I am one of 3 judges for the kamikaze budoukai, the others being the esteemed elder Cologne of the Chinese Amazons, and our special mystery ring side referee." Cologne and the ref bow. "To protect the referee, his identity will not be revealed until the conclusion of the tournament. You all know the rules, no attacking the audience, no attacking the ref, ring out is a loss, no outside help. I declare the Kamikaze budoukai, open!" The crowd roars it's appreciation.

5 minutes later

Kuno moves to step into the ring, his hands in the sleeves of his hakama. Akane enters the ring from the opposite side. "Tatewaki Kuno, or as I call him 'Kuno baby', is the stronger fighter, but I'm going to say this match is going to my little sister Akane." Nabiki says. Kazuro shakes his head.

"From the fighter report that I have here, it says that Kuno was holding back during their last few fights and a true match has never been had. I think that Kuno may have a better chance at this."

"Nope, Kuno baby won't use his full strength on Akane. Besides, he may not be aware of the ring out rule." Nabiki waggled her finger as she spoke.

"The match is about to start." Kuno and Akane bow to each other. The ref steps between them. He holds up a sign:

"Alright, you both know the rules, so I want a fair and honourable match. Any questions?" Kuno nods.

"Just one. Might I ask the fair tigress to date with me if she wins, or if I defeat her?" The ref turns to Akane.

"Do you accept his wager and terms?" the sign says. Akane gets an angry look on her face.

"No! I do not! Kuno, if I win, you stop the morning fights!"

Kuno ponders this. "Agreed! The Blue Thunder never loses!" The ref holds up another sign.

"When the gong sounds, you may begin. Both fighters freeze in the event of a whistle blown." They move a few paces apart. The crowd tenses up. Clang! The gong sounds, and they rush each other.

"I will date with thee, fierce tigress!"

"Shove it, Kuno sempai!" She knees him in the stomach knocking the wind out of him. Kuno falls over. He unsteadily rises to his feet.

"I fight on!" He slashs at Akane, creating an air pressure blast. Akane's eyes widen. She dodges to the side, but her left leg is nicked on her tendon by the edge of the blast.

(No no no! I can't lose to him! I'm the best in Nerima! There's no way Kuno sempai can be better than me!) He rushes her with his sword in a thrust postion.

"I have thee, Akane Tendo!" Akane sees him coming at her, and rolls out of the way, sticking her foot out in his path. Kuno fails to realize that he has missed his target, and trips on her foot. His forward momentum carries him to the edge of the ring, luckily, he stops just before he falls out. Kuno feels a tap on his shoulders. He turns and sees Akane smiling widely at him. "Ah my fighting goddess, your smile is as radiant as the morning sun."

"Kuno Sempai, I decided to give you a gift, close your eyes and pucker your lips." Kuno does so with an idiotic grin on his face.

(There are times when I really hate this girl, and yet once in awhile she shows some real talent.) thinks Ranma.

"Kiss this Kuno!" yells Akane as she pulls out a giant mallet and whacks Kuno into the concrete wall. The ref walks over to Kuno. He checks his pulse. He walks back to Akane and raises one of her arms up. The crowd cheers. The loud roar of the crowd seems to revive Kuno, who dizzily returns to his feet.

"I fight on" The ref holds up a sign:

"The match is over. You have lost by ring out." Kuno gets an angry look on his face.

"Nonsense! The Blue Thunder never loses! You have been bewitched by the fair Akane Tendo's beauty or are controlled by the foul sorcerer Saotome!" The ref develops a twitch and pulls out another sign:

"The match is OVER. Leave now or be removed by force." Kuno pulls out a bokken. He prepares to launch into his usual spiel, when a loud and annoying laugh is heard.

"Oho ho ho ho ho! Brother dear, the battle is over. Why waste your time on such a common peasent?" Kodachi calls out.

"Look who's talking! I kicked your ass during that rhythmic gymnastics fight!" Akane yells back. Kodachi turns up her nose.

"I do not recall such a defeat. In any case, I will take the opportunity to attack you now and remove an obstacle to my Ranma darling." Ranma facefaults.

"Ranma darling?"

Kodachi turns to him and smiles sweetly. "Yes, my manly hero. When you saved me from that monster, I fell in love with you. Oh Ranma dearest, I will defeat this commoner so you may take me by your side!" Ranma gags.

"We don't think so!" A beam strikes the arena, and the senshi emerge from the smoke. "Fighting for profit and hurting people for the sport of it is wrong! In the name of the moon, I will punish you!" Ranma looks down, and a hint of anger can be seen in his face. He looks up, and walks away.

(Screw this, it's not worth dealing with these girls.) Kodachi flails her ribbon at the senshi.

"Low born vermin should bow to nobility!" The senshi dodge, however, there is a breeze, and it seems that Minako did not escape unscathed. She feels her head, and discovers that the wind drag on it is considerably lesser.

"My hair... she sliced my hair... The bitch is dead!" She pulls out a glowing yellow chain. "My hair is for making me look good and nailing cute boys! For daring to harm it, I, Sailor Venus will punish you! Venus Love me chain!" She throws the chain at Kodachi. Said psycho bitch, raises an eyebrow, and counters with her ribbon. The two whips tangle with the other. "Hey, give me back my chains!"

"Foul harpie, unhand my ribbon!" They each tug on part of the ribbon and chain. The battle quickly degenerates into a cat fight. The ref walks up to the other senshi.

"Are any of you competing in this tournament?" says his sign. They shake their heads. "No, but we are." says Haruka followed by Setsuna, and Michiru. The ref points to a tunnel marked competitor's lockers. "Please wait there, you will be directed to seats later." They nod and walk off. He throws a flag into the ring near the cat fight. They take no notice. He pulls out a whistle. The piercing sound forces them to stop as they cover their ears.

"Last warning, all non combatents leave the ring. Failure to leave will result in disqualification, and ejection from the stadium." Kuno scoffs upon finishing reading it.

"Absurd, the blue thunder cannot be ejected from this tournament!"

"O ho ho ho ho! Brother dear, you have broken the rules, I on the other hand am merely eliminating riff raff from this noble ring." The ref walks up and whaps a flag on the side of her head.

"You are disqualified for attacking the audience and using illegal gas bombs." Kodachi blinks, and pulls out a club.

"You dare to attack my graceful personage? Die peasent!" The ref dodges, and pulls out a remote from his jacket. He depresses a large red button. Ryouga blinks.

"What did he do?" Zu looks at the remote.

"Dude, run for the hills. That button is to call in the emergency ring bouncer."

"Who?" Zu sighs. "The enemy of women's undergarments, my trainer, the perverted master Happosai."

"Pretty ladies! Happosai is here to save your panties and bras!" The gnome man leaps into the bosum of Sailor Mars.

"What the hell is this thing! Mercury, is it a youma?" Ami pulls out the mercury computer.

"I'm reading high ki levels, but no dark energy." Sailor moon fidgets.

(It may not be youma, but it gives me the creeps.) Happosai squeezes Rei's breasts.

"Ahhh! Die pervert! Mars burning mandala!" A ring of fire appears around her and closes in around Happosai, who leaps out of the way, landing on the chest of Minako.

"Get it off! Get It off!" she yells screaming while running around hysterically.

"Jupiter Oak Evolution!" yells Makoto.

"Ahhhh! Why did you shoot me!"

"I was aiming for the little pervert!" Happosai jumps off Minako, and grabs Ami's butt.

"Ahhh! Mercury Shabon Spray!" Happosai leaps up and pulls out some firecrackers.

"Happo Dai Karin!"

10 minutes later

Kazuro has taken on the appearence of a staue, with several crack along his surface. "What... What... What happened!"

Nabiki whistles. "Hard to believe that we walk away for about 3 or 4 minutes and the ring is destroyed. She flicks Kazuro on the side of his head. "So, now what? We obviously have to cancel the remaining fights till the ring is fixed. Unfortunately, we may also need to give out refunds..." Kazuro looks at her with a horrified expression.

"Absolutely not! We'll give out a coupon for those who purchased today's tickets. But, what do I about the senshi... Of course!" He pulls several envelopes. "Sir Kayin told me to open this in case of certain situations." He pulls out a envelope marked: In case of ring destruction. He skims it over. He then pulls out a cell phone. "Have someone inform the Inner Senshi they are disqualified. Kodachi is out, Kuno is out. Hmmm, yeah, Akane too. Happosai? Forget it, I have orders not to interfere with him, his being brought in is the sole discretion of the referee." He folds up his phone. "Miss Tendo, I have been told that you are very good at getting discounts in this part of town." Nabiki smiles.

"Call me Nabiki. When do you need the ring fixed?"

"Sir Kayin said as soon as possible for complete repairs and reinforcement. You have our cash at your disposal. Try to make it as cheap as possible, while not sacrificing quality. You may also site Sir Kayin as your employer."

Present time,

(Well, At least we weren't involved in that mess.) Ranma sighs

(I have one of those bad stomach feelings about this tournament.)

(You think that something is wrong or something bad will happen?) Ranma nods.

"Ranma Saotome, and Sailor Pluto, please head to the arena." Ranma does a kick up from his seat. He walks down the long corridor to the arena.

Meanwhile on the other side of the ring, Sailor Pluto sighs with a melancholy look. (He's not Vel, but why do I feel this way about him?) She shakes her head repeatedly. (No. I promised myself that I wouldn't love another. But why did Kayin say he's a lot like Vel? Then again, if anyone would know, it would be him. Vel was his brother.) She stops and her eyes widen. (Oh no... He must have known about us! And I made him my enemy...) She steels her expression. (Nothing I can do now. Crystal Tokyo will come forth. I won't let anyone else suffer like I did.) She grips her key staff tightly. Ranma steps into the ring. The ref raises a sign.

"All fighters ready? On the sound of the gong, begin." He steps aside. Clang! Setsuna takes a stance. Ranma nods and takes his own stance.

"Who are you?" Setsuna blinks.

"Sailor Pluto." He walks over to her and whispers in her ear.

"I know you, Setsuna, but it's not from the beach where we met."

She starts. "How? How did you know who I am?" Ranma looks into her eyes with determination.

"I, or at least Velkaris, knew you."

"Velkaris!" she whispers in a shocked voice.

"You really are Vel's reincarnation..."

"You did know him then." She nods.

"A long time ago. I know you are powerful, and if you have his power, then I can't possibly win this."

"Can you tell me a few things?"

"Alright" He sighs. "Who was Velkaris, who is this Kayin guy, what's the phantom fist, and why are you wearing such a short skirt?" Setsuna shakes her head.

"I can't answer the first three questions, Kayin could tell you. He promised you answers, did he not?" She blinks.

"Short skirt... were you peeking?" Ranma blushes, and holds his hand behind his head.

"Well, your skirt is so short, that I'd be surprised if I was the only one who saw anything." Her hand starts shaking.

"Pervert! Dead scream!" She fires a blast at Ranma who jumps over it and starts dodging.

"Can't you take a joke!" He leans back to dodge a shot.

"Dead scream!"

"Oufff!" He gets knocked to the edge of the ring. "For a girl, you hit hard, ouch." He grips his head. "Ughhh..." Setsuna raises an eyebrow.

"I know that I didn't hurt you that much." He looks down for a moment, then looks up. For one moment, there is a look of cold fury, that quickly disappears.

"Hoten." He turns his back on her and takes a stance. An ethereal version dashes from his back and hits her. Three more trail him like shadows in rapid succession, all punching the same spot on her chest. The phantom kicks at her head, then her legs. Suddenly the ghost solidifies and he knocks her out of the ring with an elbow hit. He breathes out slowly. He steps out and helps her to her feet.

"Are you ok?" She groans and starts stretching. Ranma looks away.

(Setsuna...Sailor Pluto...Moon Kingd...) Ranma blinks.

(What was that?)

(A memory, or at least a fragment of one.) Haruka blinks in shock.

"That bastard..." She draws her sword. She moves to charge up her attack. She stops midway. (I felt a fiercesome malice just now, someone was looking at me with killing intent.) She shivers. (If there is someone like that at the tournament, then I may need the rest of the senshi as back up.) She sheathes her blade and walks out.

"The next fight will be starting in 5 minutes, will Ketsurui Ichigami, and Sailor Neptune come to the arena immediately. Neptune strides calmy to the ring.

(This shouldn't be too hard. Setsuna was careless, and this girl can't be as powerful as that Ranma guy.) The speakers begin playing ACDC's "Big balls". Ketsurui cocks an eyebrow at Michiru.

"So, Sailor Neptune, your power is water?" Michiru nods.

"So, if I hit you with water would it hurt?" Michiru puts a hand on her chin.

(Would my own element hurt me? I don't think it would hurt, but I'm not sure.) Ketsurui shakes her head.

(Kayin was right, they are surprisingly easy to distract.) "Geyser Strike!" A geyser slams into Michiru. Michiru gets up and rolls out of the way as a water scythe blade impacts her previous position. She pulls out her mirror.

"Deep Submerge!" A torrent of water blasts towards Ketsurui. Ketsurui narrows her eyes. She spins her scythe above her head.

"Yahhhh!" She strikes in a downward slash at the water blast. No effect appears to take place, then the the blast is frozen and stuck. Ketsurui grimaces and falls to one knee panting. Michiru stands in shock. Then she blinks and charges at Ketsurui. Ketsurui unsteadily gets to her feet.

"He's got big balls."

Michiru kicks at her. Ketsurui takes a guard stance and glows. The kick is stopped a few inches from her. Michiru blinks, and suddenly seemingly takes a blow to her midsection knocking her down. She struggles to get to her feet, only to find Ketsurui's scythe on her back.

"She's got big balls."

"My mirror stance reflects physical attacks. You lost, Sailor Neptune." Ketsurui says with a smirk. Michiru tries to slide kick her. Ketsurui jumps and slashes horizontally with her scythe. "Hydro Canon!" A concentrated stream of water slams into Michiru, knocking her out of the ring.

"But we've got the biggest, balls of them all!"

Ketsurui strikes a pose and winks cutely at the audience while tossing her scythe in the air. She catches her scythe and bows. The crowd erupts in cheers. She blows kisses to the crowd and walks out. She clutches her chest and falls to her knees as soon as she is in her own room.

"Ahhh...not again..." There is a knock on the door. She grimaces and gets up and opens it. Kazuro is standing there. He raises an eyebrow.

"Are you alright miss Ichigami?" Ketsurui waves him off.

"I'll be ok, side effect of a technique. What do you want?" Kazuro reaches into his suit and pulls out a letter.

"Sir Kayin instructed me to give you this letter after your fight with Sailor Neptune." She rips the letter open and unfolds the paper.

"Huh? Why? Kazuro, did you read this?" He shakes his head. She shows him the letter.

"Dear Ketsu,

I'm glad that you held your own against the senshi. Regardless of how you feel, you are to withdraw from the tournament. This is a favor to me. All will be explained upon the conclusion of the tournament. Trust me on this. I swear in the name of the shadow, the chaos and the infinite.

All for Malduke's glory,


Ketsurui rereads the letter.

"Who is Malduke?"

"I don't know for certain, but I think he has some connection to Kayin's family and past."

The 3rd day of the tournament

Shampoo walks pridefully to the ring. "Shampoo not see crazy red-head since 2 weeks pass. Shampoo kill obstacle and keep looking" she grumbles to herself. Haruka, in her senshi of Uranus fuku, walks with her sword on her hip.

(Just a backwoods hick from China, shouldn't be a problem for a soldier of love and justice.)

"Entering the ring from the left, from the Joketsuzoku amazon tribe of China, Shampoo!"

"Entering from the left, representing the Outer Sailor Senshi and planet Uranus, Sailor Uranus!" Nabiki kills her mike.

"What do we know about the remaining competitors?" Kazuro thumbs through a folder.

"She's the last of the senshi actively in the tournament. The inners didn't contest the disqualification during the first day. They seem to have been busy with something." He pulls out another folder.

"Ketsurui withdrew, so she's not a consideration. There are only two opponents besides Ranma that we know nothing about. Ranma will probably have to fight both of them." He shows her a picture of a young man with curly hair and a scale vest. "This guy is pretty good, his style is a mix of street fighting and chinese wu shu. He seems to have an edge that nobody knows about. The weird thing is his name, which he asked us not to announce." Nabiki looks and starts laughing.

"Hahahahhaah! You're kidding me! That's his name? Hhahahaha!" Nabiki wipes her eyes and sits up with a serious expression. "All joking aside, who is your boss?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that a lot of the bookies and yakuza here are people I wouldn't deal with, and they seem eager to help, some of them afraid of him. I judged that when I told one of them that he wasn't here and he breathed a deep sigh of relief." Kazuro wipes his glasses off.

"Sir Kayin has a prominent reputation in the underworld. He may not use the nickname "Electric Nightmare" there, but he is greatly feared. Happosai as well." Nabiki blinks.

"Happosai? Granted, Gramps is tough, but I don't see why yakuza would be scared of him. He's just a harmless pervert." Kazuro looks her in the eye.

"Happosai is almost as feared as Sir Kayin. I happen to know that they are old friends and the fear of them has to do with some kind of job they used to do for the government."

Back at the ring:

Haruka draws her sword and holds it in a European fencing stance. "World Shaking!" A ground wave travels toward Shampoo in the shape of Uranus. Shampoo jumps over it and attempts an overhead strike with her bonbori. Haruka blanches and pulls up her sword in a cross guard. Shampoo falls on her ass and sweep kicks Haruka, and roll backwards. Haruka kicks up and charges at Shampoo. Shampoo glares and charges with a battle cry. Haruka raises her sword over her head.

"Space Sword Blaster!" She jumps up, slamming her sword into the ground, unleashing a power blast. Shampoo is unable to stop her acceleration, and is caught in the explosion. Shampoo struggles to land one last blow. Her eyes go back into her head and she falls down unconscious.

Uranus snorts. "Pathetic. No one can defeat the sailor senshi." The ref checks Shampoo's pulse. He gets up and walks to Haruka. He raises her hand.

"And the referee has declared Sailor Uranus the winner!" Nabiki's voice is heard proclaiming. Haruka's eyes widen.

"You're a youma! In the name of Uranus, I will destroy you!" She strikes with an overhead blow. The ref turns, and catches the blade between his hands. Haruka's jaw drops. The ref jumps kicks her, disarming her at the same time. He points a red flag at her.

"Attacking the referee, is cause for disqualification. On a personal note, you are too arrogant." says his sign. He walks off. Haruka grits her teeth, but leaves quietly.

? (BGM: Magic Emperor Ghaleon's theme, Lunar: Silver Star Story, Sega CD)

Velius chuckles at the sight of Haruka's defeat. "Heh heh heh, once again, the idiot senshi show their stupidity and incompetence." He turns to the tall figure on the throne behind him.

"Master?" The figure faces Velius, and glowing red slits appear.

"This pre-show entertainment bores me. I'm much more interested in the next fight. Observe!" He gestures, and an image of a curly haired teenager in a scale mail sleeveless shirt appears. "This 'Pantsuto Taro', (A/n: Pantyhose Taro) should prove a greater challenge. Let us see if my old enemy can reveal his true power this time. He chuckles slowly, eventually laughing maniacally. "Heh heh heh heh..., Hahahahahaahahhaha!"

Kamikaze Budoukai, 1 hour and 30 minutes later,

Ranma walks casually to the arena. (Amazing, most of the competitors are already out. You'd think it was planned for only a few to make this far...) Ranma shrugs. (Don't care, as long as we get some fights in. This guy looks like a easy win.) Ranma's opponent is looking down into an orb.

"Remember, do not hold back. If you do not force him to use his greater powers, I will remove my gift from you. Use your 'other' ability if necessary."

"K. Your call, boss." He pockets the crystal. (Heh, this should be easy. This guy looks like a wimp.) He cracks his knuckles.

Happosai smokes his pipe. "Cologne-chan, are you seeing this?" She smacks his head with her cane.

"Don't call me Cologne-chan, Happi. We broke up centuries ago." Happosai smiles stupidly.

"Too bad, as I recall, you were great in bed." She bashes him again.

"Anyway, look at that boy who's fighting Ranma. He seems odd." Cologne narrows her eyes. "I see potential, but also something hidden, part of it looks like son in law, but something else is there too." Happosai nods.

"That boy might not be able to beat Ranma, but he may just give him a good fight, though there is something wrong with his power. It's like something else is boosting his power." Ranma grins cockily.

"So, what's your name man?" The curly haired guy smirks.

"I'll tell you if you beat me." He takes up a stance and raises a battle aura. Ranma smirks and raises his own distorted aura. He kicks toward the guy's chest. The scale clad boy grabs Ranma's leg.

"Come on, wimp. I know you got more." Ranma jumps off the ground and kicks the boy in the head.

"And Ranma lands a stunning kick on Pantsuto Taro!" Nabiki's voice is heard over the speakers.

"You're kidding me... That's your name? Hhahahahaha!" Ranma starts rolling on the ground laughing. Taro looks at him with a look of pure rage.

"Don't call me that name!" He slams his fist down where Ranma's head is. Ranma rolls out of the way. Taro grabs him and slams him into the ground. "I fucking hate that name! I'll kill anyone who calls me that!" Ranma kicks Taro in the stomach and flips backwards to land on his feet. A distorted aura flares up around him. He head butts Taro, ethereal images trailing him. He then uppercuts him, followed by jumping above him and slamming him down, followed by another uppercut. He finishes with a double open palm hit. Taro is knocked to the edge of the ring. Ranma breathes out.

"Ryujin." he starts to walk out. Taro gets up grimacing.

"Nobody gets that many hits on me without making me mad." He pulls out a canteen. He splashes himself. A startling tranformation happens. In Taro's place is a giant winged minotaur with octopus tentacles. "Bufufu" the minotaur growls. He pulls out a sign. Hahaha, prepare to get stompe... What the hell?" The minotaur blinks. Ranma looks down.

"God damn it, why the hell did you splash me with your stupid canteen!" The minotaur blinks again. He scribbles something on a sign with a marker.

"Hahahahaha! What ya gonna do now fem-boy? Bitch me to death?" Ranma's face takes on a familiar look of cold rage. She rushes the monster. She uppercuts him while spinning upward, landing a second uppercut after landing. The minotaur staggers back. It snorts angrily and slams it's fist into the ground creating a shockwave. Ranma jumps over the wave and tries to throw the beast. The minotaur doesn't budge and kicks her with it's hoof. Ranma goes flying almost to the edge. She groans, and her eyes widen as she rolls out of the way of Taro's flying stomp. Her breathing is labored as she struggles to gasp for air.

Taro goes into a flying charge. Ranma's eyes narrow, and she roars, but the roar is that of a lion. Taro's charge is stopped. She rushes him, kicking him into the air, then jumping and kicking him down. She jumps above him and fires a dark blast down at him. Her aura shrinks and she falls to her knees. The ref walks out and splashes Taro with a glass of hot water. He checks his pulse, and then walks over and declares Ranma the winner by raising her hand. Ranma smiles weakly. Her eyes roll back into her head and she collapses. Kazuro looks at the condition of the ring and starts bashing his head into the desk. Nabiki blinks.

"And the winner by knockout, Ranma Saotome, also knocked out."

"Not again... We're going to have a net loss if this keeps up..." Kazuro moans.

"Hahahahahaha! He is close, I can feel him awakening. Velius!" Velius turns.

"Yes, my lord?" "Prepare a small squadron, and inform Genya to follow. We leave upon the conclusion of the last battle. I go to witness it from the moon." Velius bows.

"Thy will be done." The figure stands up, a reddish tint appearing in the light. The room goes dark, and the unknown figure is nowhere to be seen as the darkness and red tint fades.

Kamikaze Budoukai, the next day,

Ranma rubs his ribcage. "God damnit, that guy hit me hard." Zu walks up behind him and slaps him on the shoulder, eliciting a wince.

"Oops, sorry man, didn't know you got hit there. Just came to tell you that the spatula chick Klang! is here to see you... Hey, why did you hit me?"

"Cause you're insulting my family art, jackass! Hey Ran-chan."

"Hey Ucchan. Did ya see my fights?" Ukyo nods slowly.

"Yeah, Ran-chan? Are you ok?" Ranma puts his hand behind his head.

"Why, is something up?"

"You used that weird power in your first fight, but in your second..." Ranma blinks.

"Come to think of it, I don't exactly remember how I won that fight. How did I take out that bull guy?" They look downcast. Ryouga walks up.

"Hey, what's going on?"

"The last fight, Ranma doesn't remember it..." Ryouga looks down.

"Ranma, you went berserk. Everybody heard a lion roar and you took down Taro easily with a weird ki blast. It didn't feel like ki though... More like something different.." Ranma blinks.

"Oh, you mean the chaos power I use." Zu's head jerks up.

"Chaos power? What you mean man?" Ranma shrugs.

"I can use the elemental power of chaos as energy and a weapon, kinda like you use earth, that girl Ketsurui uses water, Ryouga uses fire, and I think kayin is wind." Zu chuckles.

"Nice, Kayin was right about you. You aren't as dumb as you look." Rama smiles.

"Thanks Zu, you're right, I'm not as dumb as I..., What! Say that to my face baldy!" Zu laughs.

"Wuahahahahhaha! Give up dude, you have to hit me really hard to get me to shut up, and only Kayin has been able to hit me that hard so far." Ryouga knees him in the stomach. A cough is heard. "Ok... That was a good hit..." He falls down.

"So, who hits hard now rock head?" Zu gets up and shakes his head.

"Not bad, wasn't expecting you to hit harder than Kayin." He slams his elbow down on Ryouga's head. Ryouga wheezes and falls down. Zu blinks and slaps himself in the head. "Aw crap, he's your next opponent. Sorry Ranma." Ryouga gets up.

"Ok, that was fair enough. Anyway, the repairs aren't done yet." Kazuro walks up with a sigh. "I just got a letter from Sir Kayin. Please read it." He skims through it.

"Dear Ranma,

I knew that you would not disappoint me. I figured that your fellow knight Ryouga would be your opponent. As you may have guessed, there is a connection between you, Zu, Ketsurui, Ryouga and myself. We are the five members of a group called the Elemental Knights of Chaos.

Our power is ancient and draws upon five natural sources of strength. They are, fire, earth, water, wind, and pure chaos. By now you should have guessed everyone but me. I'm the wind knight, and your element gives you control over almost all aspects of it. For example, Ketsurui can control ice, water, I can use electricity and wind, etc.

I will tell you of Velkaris if you win or draw the final match. The rules have been changed for the final, you can only win by submission or knockout. The ringout rule and ref rules are out. The ref will not be present during this fight. Also, the audience will be out of the way, so do not hold back. Fight hard and do not surrender.

All for Malduke's glory,


Ryouga glances at it. "Finally, I was getting sick of having to hold back against losers. I'll see you at the ring later Ranma. This duel is getting ended, one way or the other." Ranma laughs.

"Hahahaha. Prepare to get your ass handed to you hot head." He high fives Ryouga.

"You're the one who's gonna get burned, bandana boy. Don't you ever change clothes?" Ryouga opens his pack.

"Yeah, not my fault you can't tell." Ranma looks in.

"You have 5 or 6 copies of the same outfit?" Ketsurui looks at the clothes.

"A brain dead monkey could pick better fashion out." She puts a finger on her chin.

"I know. I'll go tell those two girls that you need a fashion trip after this tournament." Ryouga blanches.

"Are you nuts! I don't need them to have a reason to hunt me down!" Ranma yawns.

"We got a couple of hours till the fight tonight, so I'm gonna get some sleep." Ranma sits in a rotating chair, leans back, puts his feet up, and starts snoozing. "Zzzzzzzzz..." Zu thrusts out a lower lip.

"Truly a master of slacking off." Happosai nods approvingly.

"The boy has potential in the art of martial arts slacking. Then again, his father is one of the founders. Of course, he never did enough Anything-Goes practice to stop slacking." Happi puffs on his pipe.

"Soun was better, but utterly useless after his wife died. Genma was better in the art, but I always thought Soun was more level-headed." He sighs. "I had high hopes for them. And what do they do? The idiots split my genius school into a piece of crap, and one half assed version. Now Ranma, he's the real thing." Ryouga looks at him.

"Huh?" Happi hits Ryouga with his pipe. "The Tendo school is nothing without the rest of the style. The Saotome style is good, but lacks the power that the tendo school commands. Ranma has somehow combined them with a third style." Happosai cackles. "The boy is a prodigy. I'm making him my heir if he wins." Ketsurui narrows her eyes at him.

"I doubt he's going to want to steal underwear, and I know he's not dumb to go after mine cause I'll scar him like I scarred you." Happosai shivers.

"Of course not..." He says while sweatdropping. "The panty raids are my own personal vice and not a part of the anything goes school. I only made Genma and Soun do them for the training and because they were both idiots. No offense Soun." Soun sighs and hangs his head.

"I've been a failure to my daughters and my wife." Khu Lon bounds in on her staff.

"Happi, we need to talk." The midget master snuffs his pipe and bounds after her.

"What do you want Khu Lon-chan?" Khu Lon narrows her eyes at Happosai. "Who is your friend? I contacted the elders about him and his nearly killing my grand- Daughter. I need to know if he was serious. Would he have killed her?" Happosai nods grimly.

"With a smile and a flash of his blade. Kayin is my good friend, but he is extremely blood-thirsty. Most swordsmen who have a bloodlust like his are a danger to themselves and others. He kills only those whom he deems guilty and worthy of death. He would have made sure you could not control him." Khu Lon snorts.

"I didn't want him to hurt my grand-Daughter, but I think he is overly arrogant. He claimed he could kill all the amazon tribes and we wouldn't be able to stop him." Happosai looks her in the eye.

"Kayin does not exaggerate his power. Zu, Ryouga, Ketsurui, Ranma, those 4 alone would challenge the matriarchs and make a vicious battle. Kayin is a genius at strategy and he has vast experience on the battlefield and in fighting bad odds. Even I can't beat him with a sword. His only weakness is he runs out of energy fast if he uses his special techniques, but he said that is due to a curse he has which is going to expire soon." Happosai looks at a clock. "I'm heading back to the judges booth, come back before the last match. And don't pick a fight with him. He may have low ki levels, but he can get a lot out of very little."

Earth's moon, Moon Kingdom, Palace of Selene,

The masked figure sits down on a throne and looks into a large orb showing the arena. He chuckles. "Hheheheh, Serenity, 5,000 years have passed and now I sit upon the silver throne. What would you say now, knowing that your Sailor Senshi and the knights failed to stop me and that no one has the power to do so?" He gestures to the orb. "Now, my old enemy, show me the true power of chaos! Bring forth the age of nightmares again, so that our war may finally be ended!"

A vast aura appears behind him in the shape of a bladed winged figure with glowing eyes. His maniacal laughter fills the silent halls of the palace. "Hahahahahaahahahahah!"

Kamikaze Budoukai, 2 hours after last time,

The ref is standing in the middle of the ring. "Well sports fans, all good things must come to an end, so without further ado, I present our finalists for the championship of the Kamikaze Budoukai."

Ryouga walks into the light, dressed in a yellow muscle shirt, his regular black pants tied at the ankles and his trademark bandana. He smiles and a fang is revealed.

"In this corner, he's blazed through most of the competitors here with relative ease. His fists of flame only equaled by his burning kicks, Ryouga Hibiki!" Ryouga smiles and waves to the crowd.

"My kind of fight." he says to himself. The spotlight lites up the other side, revealing Ranma wearing a black muscle shirt, chinese pants and slippers. He looks down, smirks, and looks at Ryouga.

"He's managed to defeat Sailor Pluto of the senshi, the monstrous Pantyhose Taro, but can he defeat his best childhood friend? Entering on the left side, Ranma Saotome!" Ranma walks towards the ring. The ref holds up a sign.

"You both are aware of the new rules?" They nod. "Good, try and avoid the audience. They have moved back a few rows, but they could still be harmed by reckless attacks." He raises a flag. They tense up. The ref lowers the flag.

"Prepare to die Ranma Saotome!"

"I'm gonna beat your head through the ground!" They each throw a haymaker punch.


"Ouch..." Ranma kicks out Ryouga's legs, only to have Ryouga punch him in the stomach. Ryouga rolls back, and jumps toward Ranma's head. Ranma flips back as Ryouga's fist impacts the ground. Ranma ax kicks Ryouga, who blocks with his forearms.

"Come on, you pig tailed loser, show me what ya got!" Ryouga springs at Ranma tackling him down. He lands several punches on Ranma's face. Ranma knees him in the back, and kicks up.

"Damn, you got tougher." he says while holding his side. Ryouga spits some blood on the ground.

"You too. I'm loving this. Damn your old man for not letting us finish this earlier." He does a flying kick at Ranma knocking him down. Ranma uppercuts Ryouga and headbutts him. Ketsurui blinks from the sidelines.

"This isn't a fight, it's a massacre." Zu laughs.

"Those two must be the best of friends. I haven't seen a fight this good since the Manchu dynasty fell. Worst thing about that, was that most of the best martial artists in china vanished into the mountains and forests." He shakes his head. "Ignore an old guy remisniscing and watch the fight. The real fight is starting now." Ranma stands up with a cocky smirk.

"Finally a real challenge. Think you're warmed up enough, Ryouga?" Ryouga's aura of flames appears.

"I'm ready to burn your sorry ass Saotome." Clapping is heard from the crowd as a drumbeat comes from the speakers.

"Ahh, buddy you're a boy, make a big noise, Playin' in the street gonna be a big man some day."

"You got mud on yo' face. You big disgrace."

Ryouga says. "Hibiki school technique! Meteor!" He charges up a fireball in his hand. He throws it at Ranma, who ducks quickly.

"You big disgrace, kicking your can all over the place."

"So, going for the heavy stuff now?" Ranma jumps into the air and throws a dark blast at Ryouga.

"Cheap asshole!" yells Ryouga as he jumps up and slams his fists in a hammer blow on Ranma's back.

"Arghh! Fucking Prick!" He uppercuts Ryouga and they both hit the ground.

"We will, we will rock you! We will, we will rock you!"

"Maboroshi ken, Tenbu." The phantoms appear. One rushes Ryouga and palm strikes him. Ryouga takes the hit and punches the phantom only to go through it.

"Give me a real match Ranma!" He charges Ranma and tackles him to the ground.

(Fuck it didn't work. Vel, what happened?)

(Ryouga is in a much higher class than the others. You're gonna have to fight harder and not just use the phantoms. I seem to remember that the strength is using them as weapons and in conjunction with yourself.)

"We will, we will rock you. Sing it. We will ,we will rock you."

Ranma flares his aura. "I'm not going down without a fight hot head." Ranma blasts the ground underneath him, and Ryouga falls off him. Ranma gets up. He smiles. "Ryouga, thanks for the battle. I'm proud to have a friend like you." Ryouga nods and gives him the thumbs up.

"You too Ranma. Now get ready to lose." Ranma laughs.

"Hahahaha. You first punk." He takes up a stance with phantoms flanking him. Ryouga snorts.

"Humph, those thing won't stop me, I smashed them last time, so you might as well..guahhh!" A phantom palm strikes him, slowly fading to reveal Ranma.

"I figured how to boost my power with these things." He kicks Ryouga into the air, then jumps up and slam him down with another kick. "The tenbu technique." Ryouga stands up and spits out some blood.

"Kick 13!" He jumps at Ranma with a flaming kick. Ranma hits him with a round house as the kick knocks him down. "Magma driver!" Ryouga launches a flaming uppercut. Ranma dodges to the side and charges power in his fist.

"Raijin!" He smashes Ranma with a energy charged fist knocking him out of the ring. Ryouga stands up groggily. Ranma breathes hard.

"God damn, don't you ever run out of ki?" Ryouga runs at Ranma with a punch. Ranma ducks and grabs Ryouga's overextended arm. He punches Ryouga several times in the chest and kicks him down. Ryouga stands up again. He rushes Ranma and lands several blows while getting hit by Ranma. The two of them fall to their knees. Ryouga pants. "I'm getting tired, let's just finish it with the next attack, ok?" Ranma breathes hard.

"Deal, I owe you some lunches after this." Ryouga chuckles.

"You have to beat me first." They both leap into the air. The audience holds it's breath. There is a burst of energy as they both blast each other. They land and face each other.

"Fuck, I lost again. I want a rematch Ranma." Ryouga falls down unconscious.

"Heh, told ya I'd win, uhhh..." He falls back with swirly eyes. The ref looks at the two of them. Ranma groans and stands up slowly. "I can stand, so don't say I lost." The ref holds up a sign.

"Ok, you win. Ranma Saotome I hearby declare you the winner of the Kamikaze Budoukai!" The crowd cheers. "And Ranma Saotome has become the winner of the tournament after a fierce battle with Ryouga, wait a minute, Ryouga is getting onto his knees." Ryouga woozily stands and almost tips forward, only to be caught by the ref and Ranma.

"Come on, I'll take ya to Zu and let him heal you." Ranma starts dragging Ryouga out.

"Most impressive Ranma, Vel was good as well. It seems I must honor my bargain." A voice says behind Ranma. Ketsurui blinks.

"I know that voice..., He's here?" The ref reaches for the black cloth mask over his face and pulls it off.

"I did say I wouldn't be here, but I meant as a competitor. After all, the host for the tournament shouldn't fight when most of the fighters are not at his level." Kayin says while smiling. Ranma narrows his eyes. "I won your tournament, so spill it. Who was Velkaris?" Kayin shakes his head. "You need to rest for a few hours, because this is a long story and you have injuries."

1 hour and a half later,

"Alright, now talk." Kayin nods.

"You won this tournament and you did partly through Vel's power and style, which is called the maboroshi ken. I also can tell you that I knew Vel back in the old days 5,000 years ago, along with the sailor senshi."

"Who the hell are you and how do you know all this!" Ranma yells while grabbing Kayin by the hem of his kimono. Kayin grabs Ranma's wrists, and shocks him with electricity.

"Arghhhhhhh!" Kayin brushes off his hakama.

"I know, because I have been around that long, because I have witnessed Velkaris Lekeldian use his full power, and because he was my younger brother."

(Brother... Kayin?) Kayin smiles.

"You are my brother's successor both in spirit and to the position of elemental knight of chaos. And by right, you can free me from my curse and take your place as a member of house Lekeldian." Ranma gapes.

"I'm a saotome, not a lahelgian." Kayin sighs.

"Lekeldian, and you can be both. By accepting the blood pact and... Arghhhh!" He falls to one knee as dark lightning darts around him. "Stay backkkk!" It stops as he breathes hard. "I bear a curse for holding this orb, it has leached away most of my life energy while making me immortal. Only you, as the rightful heir may release me from my pain." He looks up with his eye.

He cuts his right hand and proffers it upward. "Cut your hand, and grasp mine." Ranma grips the blade and grips Kayin's hand. "Now, O Soul of Chaos, reveal thy strength, release me from thy curse!"

(Thou art worthy to wield the strength of chaos. In the name of The shadow, the chaos and the infinite which is the name of Malduke, I grant thee mastery of my power.) Ranma hears in his head. The orb floats out of Kayin's hand and links a chain of power between the two of them. As the orb moves to Ranma, Kayin seems to get stronger.

"Thy life energy has been restored, as thanks for your service, but thy gift of immortality shall no longer work." Kayin chuckles.

"Finally, I'm mortal again." His aura grows and surrounds him. His face seems to age backwards, from the 30ish older man that he first appeared to be, to a younger man. The transfer stops. Kayin shakes his head and looks at his reflection in his blade. He gasps. His face is now that of a 20ish youth with more color, but still pale.

"I, I'm, I'm young again? The excess ki it returned must have knocked my aging process back to where it used to be..." He opens his palm and summons a ball of lightning. "Hehehehe, it seems that my powers have not decreased, and I can feel my reserves finally recharging themselves." He bows. "Ranma Saotome, I thank you for freeing me from this."

Ketsurui gapes at him. (Wow, Let me at him! He's gorgeous now!) A person taps her on the shoulder. "Ok, you just asked to get smashed...daddy!" She turns around and is about to throw a punch, only to see Genko smiling with Yuki by his side.

"We saw your fight Little Ketsu, and we thought you did very well." Genko and Yuki hug her.

"We also saw most of the other fights. So, who's the lucky boy who's got you flustered?" Yuki says with a impish smile. "And should we get a priest and start the wedding bells?" Ketsurui groans.

"Daddy... It's not like that." Genko blinks.

"Wait a minute, is that Kayin? Wow, what happened to him?" Ketsurui shrugs.

"No idea, but that other kid seems to be his brother, and Kayin just turned into a young guy my age." Yuki purrs.

"Dear, would you mind if I went after him if you don't? You don't see a man like that very often." Ketsurui blanches.

"Daddy!" Genko laughs.

"Hahahaha, relax little one. We can see you're interested. Yuki was just teasing. We know you've been wanting to go after him for awhile." He puts his hands on her shoulders.

"Go after him. I can tell he won't object." She nods and runs to the exit. Kayin grasps Ranma's hand.

"And now, we can work on your problems."

"Oh no, good sir, we have much better plans for Ranma here." Daggers fly out and nearly hit Ranma and Kayin.

"Who the fuck is this!" A slippery voice chuckles.

"Hehehe, my master said you two are probably the best of the new knights. Let us see how you fare at protecting others!" Several daggers shriek down toward Ketsurui who is still running to the ring. She blocks some of them and gets hit in her leg.

"Ahhhhhh!" She falls down. More daggers and a whirling blade-like object move toward her. She closes her eyes, only to have blood splash on her face. "Kayin!" Kayin has moved in front of the daggers taking some of them in the chest, and having a bladed fedora in his mask.

"Heh heh, never thought I'd be shielding anyone like this..." He spits up some blood. "Of all the times to have given up immortality..." He falls backwards into her arms.

"Nooooo!" A man with platinum blonde hair with a streak of green on the front dressed in a trench coat steps out from a shadow.

"Hheheheh, master said that you were strong, seems he misjudged you. He giggles madly.

"Enough Genya." a cold voice says. "You were ordered to get their attention, not attack them." A figure in a cloak appears. The air mists around his feet, obscuring them from view, and a visible chill is present in the air.

"Who the hell are you?" Ryouga jumps kicks the new enemy.

"Frost nova." A blast of ice stops Ryouga in his tracks. Ryouga shivers.

"Damn you... Burning dash!" He lights on fire and dashes the cloaked figure.

"Frost armor." A shield of ice appears in front of him, but Ryouga's dash burns through it. The cloak lites on fire.

"Did I get him?"

"No, you did not. Let me show you how you're supposed to kill someone." A skeletal hand reaches out and grabs Ryouga by the throat. "I am Velius, chief strategist and 2nd in command of the kal shan tai. My battle nickname, is soul reaver." he steps out of the steam, only to reveal that he is actually floating in mid-air. His lower body consists of several pieces of cloth with half orbs on the end, a metal ring connecting his spine and upper body to his lower, a transparent shield like device floating behind his back, and six horns surrounding a skull with glowing blue eyes and a beard like protrusion on his chin.

"What the hell is he?" says Ranma.

"Oh man, didn't expect one of these things to show up." Zu hops down into the ring. "That, kids, is a lich. Powerful undead sorcerer, very tough to kill, they feed on souls, and very bad tempered most of the time." A red light appears in the sky, tinting everything crimson, with a beam shining down on tokyo tower. A booming voice is heard across the city.

"Flawed creations unworthy of existence! Behold the light of god's judgement!" The beam intensifies and the tower is destroyed in a burst of energy. Ranma looks in shock.

"Oh my god..." Genya laughs.

"God? Save your breath boy. Mankind's end has begun this day. Behold!" He point at a red light like a star that seems to be approaching.

"The evil star of darkness descends today." He gets on one knee. Velius leans his head down. The light intensifies. It streaks like a comet toward the ring. It suddenly stops above the ring. As the brightness dies down, a figure appears from within the light. He is tall, garbed like a dark minister, with armor, a cloak, and a skull like mask. Setsuna screams.

"Noooo! It can't be him! The nightmare has returned!" Kayin looks up with his one eye.

"God damn it, he can't be back,... Not him..."

(I know him... I know this man...) Ranma blinks.

(You know him Vel?)

(I remember him... He is the one who killed me!) The figure whirls his cloak back. An image of him appears in the sky.

"I am Grahf, Emperor of Darkness! The end of days now comes to pass!"

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