"Narcissa?" My name in itself seemed a question to him.

"Hmm?" I replied.

"Are you mine?" His voice held all of the old silky Malfoy inflection that we know and love, but with the softness that came only with Lucius. He had narrowed his eyes on asking, but now his expression was almost inquisitive and I believe I could see what looked like fear in his eyes. What on earth would he fear from a question like that. Well, then, what on earth did he _mean_ by a question like that. Am I his? And then I understood. I understood the fear in his eyes.

He wasn't asking if I was his the same way that I was Aleistar' and he was Aleistar', for there is no doubt that Aleistar, Lucius' father, does indeed own us both. He was asking if he had my heart and my will and my soul. And as I looked into his pooling gray eyes I realized that he truly did, and must have for some time without my even knowing.

"Yes, Lucius, I'm yours." I finally responded, breathlessly, for I was having difficulty getting my voice to cooperate.

He stepped forward and reached out a hand, taking mine and using it to pull me up off of the stool. His other arm he then wrapped around me. And, leaving my hand, he reached up to cup my face and our lips slowly came together in a kiss that lasted for eternity and a second.

His lips were pale and thin on site, but implausibly supple and yielding on contact. They felt like velvet against my longing mouth, and I was nearly drunk with the pleasure. It began as just so much warm pressure and slowly escalated until I felt we were melting into each other. In fact I wished we could do just that, and become one person, never having to part again. But that was not to be the case.

Soft footsteps without the room warned me of Aleistar' approach. Agonizingly, we separated. Yet, not quickly enough it seems. For, when Aleistar entered the room, we were still in each other's arms. I was lost in the silver depths of his eyes.

Aleistar cleared his throat, and we stepped apart a bit better, though Lucius's arm was still around my back. We must have looked terribly guilty, but Aleistar made no mention of the situation. However I believe I saw a smirk playing at the corners of his mouth.