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Summary: While traveling from Imladris to Minas Tirith Lord Elrond and his party are attacked by a remaining band of Orcs. Arwen is gravely injured. Will Aragorn and Elrond be able to save her?

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The valley of Imladris lay still in shadow. The Last Homely House was quiet and still. Morning had not yet broken over the refuge and most of the inhabitants of Lord Elrond's house still slept. Yet there was one who was awake, the Elven lord himself had been up for many hours. He sat alone in his chambers, looking out over the valley. Elrond could see that the beauty and majesty of Rivendell was beginning to fade and knew that the One Ring had been destroyed. Suddenly, Lady Galadriel's words floated into his mind.

*The ringbearer's strength is fading.The quest will claim his life..*

Elrond frowned at the memory and wondered whether the Hobbit had died, as Galadriel had prophesised. Many things were on the Elven Lord's mind, but none was more troubling than the days that lay before him. He rejoiced in the knowledge that Aragorn would soon claim his throne. But he also grieved over the knowledge that he would soon be parted from his daughter, the Evenstar of her people, who would not sail to Valinor.

He watched as the sun crept over the forlorn peaks of the Misty Mountains and plunged through the dense fog that gave the mountains their name. The sun's rays slid down the green slopes and came to rest at the edge of the river. A breeze blew, carrying with it the crisp scent of dawn. The only sounds were the distant roar of waterfalls hidden in the mountain heights and the soft song of a single bird. The tall trees rustled softly in the wind.

Elrond stood and left his chambers, meaning to go to his study. Instead he found himself before the statue that once held the shards of Narsil, renamed Anduril by its rightful owner. The Elven lord turned and studied the painting facing the statue. Elrond's grey eyes landed on Isildur with the shard of Narsil outstretched before him.

*Aragorn was raised here in Imladris, under my care. I am proud of him. He has risen above his kin and accepted his fate. Yet Isildur's heir is also the one who brings me great sorrow. It is because of the love between Aragorn and my daughter, that Arwen and I will be parted. *

A long period of time passed before Elrond pulled his gaze from the scene and slowly walked down the hall. He entered his study and sat behind his desk with arms folded, staring thoughtfully into the shadows that lingered at the edges of the room. His ancient eyes came to rest on the scepter of Annuminas, the scepter of Kings. When the day came that Aragorn had claimed his throne, Elrond would present the symbol of Aragorn's realm to his foster son.

* And when will that day come? The Ring has been destroyed. Sauron is defeated. I sense that that day is rapidly approaching. Sadly that means that my days with Arwen are short*

The ancient Elf rose and stood at a window, listening to the whisperings of the trees. Elrond looked out at the peaks surrounding Imladris. As he stared at the high pinnacles above him, he became aware of two riders cantering down the path leading to the city. Their ebony hair danced and whipped behind them in the wind of their speed. The Elf's eyes widened in surprise when the riders were close enough for recognition.

*Elledan.....Elrohir..Their coming can mean only one thing.....* He thought as he watched his twin sons round a bend in the path.

Elrond left his post at the window and quickly made his way to greet his sons. His robes billowed behind him as he ran to the courtyard. When he came upon them, the two were dismounting.

"My sons!" He cried

"Ada!" the twins exclaimed in unison.

"What news do you bring to me?" Elrond asked as he descended the steps into the courtyard.

Elrohir looked up and met his father's strong gaze and spoke, "Ada, We come bearing news from Gondor, from Minas Tirith."

"From the King." Elledan finished softly, his russet eyes sending the true meaning of his words.

As Elrond gazed at his sons, he knew the time had come for him to leave Imladris and make a final journey with his daughter.


Ada- Father

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