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'My Lady~

As I am certain you know, the Ring has been destroyed and Sauron is defeated. But with that, the power of the Three is rapidly fading. I have begun seeing the deterioration of the majesty of my realm, and no doubt you are seeing the same in your land over the Misty Mountains. The Elves' time is over. We are soon to pass into a lingering memory of ages long forgotten.

The time has come for those who bear the Three to pass into the West. Yet there is one last journey we should make and it warms my heart to know that you, Lady, and Lord Celeborn shall accompany us. Though it still grieves me to know that I will be parted with my daughter beyond the circles of the world. She has already begun to fade; I have felt it in her hands when the wind blows strongly. They are cold.

Lord Elrond Peredhil,
Lord of Imladris.'

The Lady of Lorien held the parchment bearing Elrond's message lightly in her hand and reread his last paragraph. Three words echoed in her thoughts. 'They are cold.'


The sun had just peeked over the Misty Mountains and wove her fingers through the trees of Lorien, finally resting on the fair face of an Elf who sat silently in the high branches of a Mallorn tree. Rumil rested comfortably against the broad trunk and his bright grey eyes carefully studied his surroundings. His sharp ears listened intently to the forest around him, filtering out the earthly sounds of the woods and listening for any noises that warned of danger. He was keenly aware of the other Elves situated near him, diligently protecting the border of their land. A barely audible rustle of leaves reached his ears and in a lightning fast move, he had notched an arrow to his bow. As soon as he had prepared his weapon, the Elf heard the gentle sound of Elvish voices and returned the arrow to his quiver. Nimbly leaping from branch to branch, he landed softly on the forest floor in time to see the large party of Elves emerge through the woods and come to a halt before him.

"Mae Govannen Lord Elrond. We have been watching for you since we received your message. The Lord and Lady await your arrival" Rumil said with a slight bow.

"Vendui Rumil of Lorien. I am relieved that my message arrived safely." The dark haired Elf answered.

Rumil gave a slight nod of his head "You have the blessing of the Lady and are free to go where you will in our land, though I would guess that you will want to arrive in Caras Galadon as quickly as possible."

"We do Lord Rumil and shall now leave you to return to your post. May Elbereth watch over your path." Elrond said to the fair-haired border guard.

"And yours my Lord." Rumil replied before leaping back into the boughs of the trees overhead.


When midday was just past, the party out of Imladris arrived in Caras Galadon and rode through the south gates. Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn were there awaiting them, along with Haldir, brother of Rumil and captain of the Lady's guard. Elledan and Elrohir went to greet their long time friend, Haldir, while the Lord and Lady welcomed Arwen and her father. When Galadriel laid her hand on Arwen's cheek and looked into the eyes of her granddaughter, the Lady of Light fully understood the meaning of Elrond's message.


Later that night Elrond walked through the already fading trees of Lorien, seeking solace under the stars. In his heart he knew he would find no comfort for what he had been sensing over the last few weeks. The life of the Eldar was leaving his daughter. All near her could sense it, could see it. The inner light all Elves possessed was slowly fading from her body.

"Your heart is troubled my lord."

Elrond turned to see Galadriel across the glade from him, shimmering with her own light. "Yes, Lady, it is. I grieve for the loss of my daughter."

Galadriel walked slowly towards the Elf Lord and came to stand beside him, both staring out into the forest. "Yet there is nothing you can do to alter that loss Elrond Peredhil. Arwen will wed Elessar, I have foreseen it." She turned her sapphire gaze to his face. "You have foreseen it." She paused, watching him closely. "You know this union will come to pass. We have both sensed that the life of the Eldar is already leaving her."

"She is becoming mortal. Though her life has many long years left, she will die." Elrond replied, voice heavy with sadness.

"Such is the fate of one who chooses as Luthien Tinuviel did my Lord. Relish then, these last days with the Evenstar."


Five days after the Elves of Rivendell arrived in Lothlorien, all was ready. At dawn, a great number of the inhabitants of Lorien left the Golden Wood and turned south, riding along the banks of the mighty river Anduin. Many of the House of Galadriel left with their Lady and few of the Eldar remained in Caras Galadon. They were glorious yet tragic to look upon, for such a host of the Firstborn had not been seen for many an age and a great sadness hung around them.

On the seventh day of their travels, the party crossed the Mering Stream and into Anorien. While Anorien was part of the King's Realm, remnants of Orcs that still roamed that land and did not wholly forget Sauron, their master. So Elledan and his twin, Elrohir, rode some distance behind the rest of the host, watching for any signs of the vile creatures. A sudden unease washed over Elrohir and he halted his mount, signaling for his brother to do the same.

"Something is not right in this land." Elrohir said to his brother

"I sense the same. What do you see?" Elledan replied softly.

Elrohir peered carefully into the hills they rode through, but found no source for his feeling of foreboding, "I see nothing." He frowned "Perhaps I was sensing only the lingering feelings of these hills." He replied and urged his horse onward.

Neither of them saw the black-shafted arrow that firmly struck the ground where they had just been..


Mae Govannen ~ Well met

Vendui~ Welcome

Elbereth~ Elbereth was the name the Elves gave to Varda, spouse of Manwe, who created the stars under which the Elves were born into the world.

Luthien Tinuviel~ A she-elf who gave up her immortality so she could love Beren, a mortal man.

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