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Aragorn and Gimli were walking at a leisurely pace through a small forest, their stances relaxed, but their weapons at easy reach for them. Legolas accompanied them, but he had been distant, quiet, even for himself, and had not spoken more than a couple of words since they had entered the forest. The Elf's demeanor had not made the human completely at ease, and he kept on his guard. Legolas had been flighty, and unsettled for quite some time, and had finally resorted to pressing ahead to keep watch.

"Where is that crazy Elf?" Gimli asked gruffly, not noticing the Human's concern.

"Legolas Is somewhere up ahead," Aragorn replied, but was cut off by a scream that came from somewhere behind him.

Without another word, Aragorn drew his sword, which gleamed in his hand, and ran in the direction. Gimli ran after him, not bothering to grab his axe right away- there would be time for that later. He chased the human, until finally he caught him, and kept pace with him. He cursed when he saw a group of men, about ten of them, taunting someone, who was curled up tightly, knees drawn to chest, in an attempt to shield themselves from the onslaught. Gimli frowned, and readied his axe,

pulling it up, standing by Aragorn to support him.

"I suggest you leave her alone," Aragorn said firmly, stepping out so the men could see him. Gimli stayed hidden, as an element of surprise.

"And what are you going to do if we don't?" one of the men asked, sneering at him.

"Then I will have to make you," Aragorn said, his voice not wavering. He stepped forward, and brought his sword up.

"The odds are against you," The man laughed, turning to his men, "Kill him, and hurry up about it."

The rest of the men closed in on the Ranger, and steel clashed with steel as he blocked a blow. He heard a blade behind him, and blocked it also, and Gimli jumped from where he was hiding, landing his axe on the man, killing him with one blow. Aragorn had no time to thank the Dwarf though, as he was quickly attacked by several men, and he had to use every ounce of practice he had ever experienced with a sword into his movements to dodge and block the blows, and then he lunged forward, spearing the man on his sword, and drawing back to defend himself once more.

As he cut down another man, from the corner of his eye, he saw the man he assumed as leader grab the female, and drag her. When she resisted his touch, he slapped her hard across the face, and kicked her hard, making her cry out. He tried to get to her, to stop the man from harming her further, but was blocked by the last man, who was much more skilled than the other two. He gritted his teeth, and tried to fight off the man, when he heard another cry of pain from the female, who was now unconscious from a blow to the head. He tried to hurry, to rid himself of his opponent, but it only resulted in a deep wound up his arm, and after that, he slowed down.

He sighed in relief when he saw Legolas spring from the surrounding forest, knocking the man down, and was able to concentrate on his own opponent.


Legolas lunged at the man who was readying himself to kick the female at his feet yet again, even though she had lost consciousness. The two of them fell to the ground, and Legolas pinned the human, bringing his knife to the man's throat in a fluid motion, pressing the blade against his neck, with just enough pressure to leave a small mark.

"I suggest you leave her alone," he hissed, but the man kicked him hard in the stomach, knocking the elf off him. In an instant, Legolas was on his feet, standing between him and the girl who lay on the ground at his feet.

"Stand aside," The man threatened, drawing his blade.

"You will not harm her further," Legolas said in a determined voice, drawing his own blade, gripping them lightly by the handles. In an instant, he felt the steel slam heavily, crashing against his knives, and he knocked the blade up. The man's eyes widened slightly, the Elf was much stronger than he looked. But then he burst into a savage onslaught, nearly knocking Legolas aside in several solid strikes. He didn't notice until too late that the blonde elf in front of him had made a swift movement, slamming his fist into his temple, and then sliding the knife deep into his stomach.

Legolas watched as the man gasped, and he withdrew his sword from his body. Then he collapsed to the ground, dead. His face was void of emotion as he slowly turned, and searched out his friends.

He found Aragorn and Gimli crouched over the female, trying desperately to revive her, with no avail. He wiped off his blades, and put them back in their sheaths, moving towards Aragorn, who had now gathered the girl up in his arms.

"We must get her away from here, and set up camp," Aragorn said quietly and seriously, "She needs rest." The female didn't stir.

"I will find a suitable place," Legolas said, "I can set up a camp and be ready for you."

"I will not decline that offer, I myself am tired," Aragorn nodded, and Legolas smiled.

"I will see you soon then," he said, before he disappeared into the forest once more, and Aragorn could no longer see or hear him.


Legolas was standing in the shadows of a tree, barely visible, keeping watch. After Aragorn had reached the camp, and lay the girl down to tend to her injuries, Gimli had told him that she had been elf-kind. Since he had seen her, he had not known what to do about her, but had been unable to leave her vunerable to the onslaught of a man, especially while she was unconscious. It had angered him, as he would never ever hit a woman, not just because of his even temperament, and not because he thought of women as weak, but because he believed that it was lowering oneself to hit someone whom should be treated with respect in their own way. He did not want to be involved with her in any way, but he didn't know why, she just made him nervous, especially since he had not been around females since before the fellowship had departed. Even then, it had been Arwen, a much trusted friend.

He sighed, and tensed when he heard something approaching him. Silently reaching for his bow, and making sure he had access to an arrow, he stood still, waiting. He relaxed a little, however, when he saw it was Aragorn, and lowered his bow, advancing on the human, who looked a little bewildered.

"Aragorn, what is wrong?" Legolas inquired, seeing the human's distress. He motioned for the man to sit on a rock, and stood, waiting for a reply.

"It is the girl," Aragorn sighed, "Legolas, she will not let me near her, I cannot get close enough to even hold conversation." The elf frowned.

"But why would she be afraid of you?" Legolas asked curiously, "will she tolerate the Dwarf?"

"No, he had no more luck than I. She does not trust humans, she has been abused, and raped," he sighed heavily, frowning, "I do not blame her for not wanting to come near me."

Legolas frowned, a slightly distressed look played across his face, and he looked at Aragorn.

"Then the man I killed did not deserve to die the death I bestowed upon him," he said softly.

"You did what was right in protecting her from further damage," Aragorn studied the elf, "And for that, I thank you. I know you will probably not like what I would wish you to do, but I am asking you to comfort her somewhat. She may put some trust in you, since she is an elf."

"Aragorn, you know I am no good at talking to females," he protested, "It will be in vain."

"Legolas, please do this, you are a good friend, with a kind personality," Aragorn frowned, "She is exhausted. All you need to do is help her relax a little, so she can rest, make conversation as if she was I or Gimli."

The elf sighed, looking down for awhile. When he raised his eyes, he looked at Aragorn squarely.

"Alright," he said, "I will attempt to calm her somewhat. But do not expect it to work."

"I will tell Gimli to stand his ground," Aragorn stood up, "She is back at the camp."

Legolas numbly followed the human back to their resting place. At least he felt relieved, because the bad feeling about the place had disappeared after the attack. Now he had an entirely new problem on his hands, and this one, he wasn't sure he could cope with as easily.


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