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Faramir heard the cries of the sentries that watched over the kingdom, and both he and Arwen looked to each other- Aragorn had made his return.

Arwen ran out of the room, her beautiful red dress and long dark hair billowing out behind her and she raced across the white marble, and grass of the courtyard, to the wall, which she leaned over, her hair falling over one shoulder. She saw a large group of immaculate white horses, necks arched and ears pricked, trotting across the vast plain towards Mina's Tirith. Each was in perfect timing, and uniform, except for a darker, bluish grey horse, which she realised as they got closer, that was carrying Legolas. A smile broke out on her face when she saw Aragorn beside him, and Faramir came to stand beside her- he had walked across the yard. The pair heard a faint bellow- 'open the gates'- as the riders approached, and then the gates opened, and they disappeared into the great maze of the white tower. She turned and looked expectantly across the yard, still smiling. She couldn't wait to see her husband once more. When the riders finally rode neatly into the large yard, their horses came to a halt under invisible commands, and the riders dismounted gracefully, Arwen looked around for Aragorn. When she saw him, all she wanted to do was run up to him and hug him tightly, but instead, remembering who she was, and the manners she should display in public, she waited till he approached her, and embraced her, before she displayed any affection to him, even then keeping it to a minimum- a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek- she was well aware of their company. She drew away to see Legolas and Gimli standing a short distance behind Aragorn, and she smiled when she saw them. Legolas stepped in to give her a quick kiss on each cheek, a gesture of greeting and friendship.

"It is good to see you again, Lady Arwen," he smiled, stepping back, and ignoring Gimli loudly clearing his throat, cursing under his breath in his own tongue. Then Gimli stepped in, taking Arwen's hand, and kissing it himself.

"Hello Arwen," he said brightly, happily, with much less formality than the elf, making her laugh softly. Gimli smiled, and shot a look to his blonde companion, who raised his eyebrow slightly, pretending to be unimpressed. Both of their attention, however, was then drawn to Aragorn, who was ushering fourth a very timid Eveaniea.

"Arwen," he said, "This is Eveaniea, you may have met her before, she resided in Rivendell some years ago. She is betrothed to Legolas,"

Arwen smiled warmly, looking the female elf over. She recognised her immediately, and her eyes widened somewhat.

"Eve?" she asked in disbelief, "Is that really you? We thought you dead." By now the whole group of blonde elves were tending to the mounts, except for the two head guards, and Thranduil, who stood next to Legolas and Gimli. Faramir was showing the elves to the stables and to their rooms, and only Ita'istar remained with them. She saw the female elf shift, somewhat in shock.

"Arwen?" she said uncertainly, "I am not dead, just about, but not quite," she murmured, "look at you, the queen of Gondor,"

Arwen looked her over, frowning. The elf before her was a mess. Though her hair had obviously been brushed, it was streaked with dirt, grass and twigs, framing her pale face, hiding bruises which were fading from her cheek and jaw. Her eyes remained clear, however, and she wore a green tunic, a bow held in a pale hand.

"You will come with me before dinner, and get cleaned up," she said clearly, and Eveaniea nodded, before Arwen turned to greet Thranduil. She dipped her head in a bow, and he did the same. Aragorn came to stand beside him, and the human king addressed the elven King.

"We will find suitable lodgings for you and your companions, I will personally show you to your rooms. On behalf of Arwen and I, we should hope you will accompany us in dinner after sunset, in the great hall. If you shall need anything at all, as our guests, we shall hope that if you need anything, that you will ask a servant, or myself," He said, and Thranduil smiled.

"We will be at dinner," he said, "As we cannot decline such a generous display of hospitality, and on behalf of my companions, I thank you,"

"You are more than welcome," Aragorn smiled, "Now if you will follow, let us show you to your rooms."

Eveaniea sighed happily as she quickly slipped into a finely woven white silk dress, and pulled a light silver cloak around her shoulders, latching it around her neck with a fine silver brooch. She then slipped on a pair of small slippers that matched what she was wearing. As she stepped out of her dressing room, into the lounge room that was attached, Arwen made her way over to her, smiling.

"You look beautiful," She said softly, "If you will take a seat I can fix your hair, and we can be ready in time to go down for dinner,"

She motioned to a seat, and Eveaniea sat down, looking out through the balcony, and smiling. Arwen pulled the brush through her hair, untangling it carefully, smoothing out the knots. Eve didn't even flinch the entire time, nor say a word, but as Arwen finished binding strands of her hair elegantly at the back of her head to form a plait, she looked in the mirror and gasped. The Queen got a fright when she squealed, and was at her friend's side in a second.

"Eve, what's wrong?" she asked softly, wrapping an arm around the shoulder of the trembling elf.

"I can't go down to the dining hall, I can't Arwen," she whispered, "I look......"

"You look perfect," Arwen said, reassuringly, "there is nothing wrong with you,"

"I don't deserve this," she muttered, looking down at the dress and the cloak, "I really do not deserve all of this. I should stay up here, out of sight and out of the way of everyone."

"You will join Aragorn and I at dinner," Arwen said firmly, "no excuses. You no more deserve to miss out than Aragorn or I," There was a small knock at the door, and both of them turned.

"Arwen, can we come in?" It was the King's voice through the door.

"I do not see why not, unless Eveaniea protests," She smiled at her companion, who, despite her shock and wide eyes, shook her head slightly, "You may," Arwen continued, placing a reassuring had on Eve's shoulder.

The door opened, and Aragorn walked in, Legolas behind him, both wearing attire that fit being indoors, and that fit their status- the King wearing a gold and red tunic, and a pair of leggings and leather boots, a wine coloured cloak covering most of his back, while the elf wore mostly pale shades- white and silver, his hair had been bound differently, so it did not fall over his shoulders, rather down his back. They both crossed the room, Aragorn heading to Arwen, to embrace her from behind and kiss her cheek, while Legolas stood back, staring at Eveaniea, of whom Arwen noticed seemed to be looking shell shocked. She went to say something, till Aragorn hushed her, and she fell silent.

"Let him do it," he whispered very softly into her ear, "It will mean more to her,".

Arwen looked up at him, and leaned back against her husband lightly, lying her head against his neck.

Legolas did not move, although well aware of Arwen and Aragorn only a few feet away from him, his grey-blue gaze was fixed upon Eveaniea, who stood before him. She looked nervous, unsure of herself, as if out of place in the elegant dress, and silvery cloak, and what pained him the most was that she looked as if she was doubting she was worthy of his attentions. Her eyes dropped, examining the floor in great detail, and she was wringing her hands lightly, almost unconsciously. In two seconds he crossed the distance between them, and he stood before her, placing his thumb and forefinger at her chin. He gently tilted her head up so she was looking directly at him, and he saw a single tear running down her cheek, slowly reaching her jaw, and falling to the floor, leaving a silver trail behind. She tried to look away from him, but he stopped it in a second, firming his grip on her chin ever so slightly, and he brushed away the tear track with his thumb.

"You look even more beautiful now, than you did before," he murmured softly to her, and he let her duck her head slightly as a small blush spread across her cheeks, "but I fear you do not possess the same confidence. Are you alright, amaelamin?"

"I am alright now," she said quietly, 'Thank you," he extended his hand to her, and she gingerly took it, slipping her smaller hand into his.

"Shall we go down to dinner?" Aragorn suggested, "If we are all ready?" He took Arwen's hand, and stepped to the side of his wife. Legolas looked to Eveaniea, who nodded briefly, and the four of them made their way down to the dinner table.

Later that night, Eveaniea walked over to her balcony, her small, silky soft hands gently tugging at the ties that held her long, smooth hair in several braids. Once it was free, she swept it out about her shoulders, which it cloaked around softly, settling, not a strand out of place. She looked out over Gondor, the magnificent white city, and the ground seemed to slip away beneath her, steadily. She was up so high she could see the land for miles around, and it was almost breathtaking to her. She had been in the possession of lowly bandits, surrounded by dark, tangled, thickets of forests for so long she was unused to such scenery, and it awed her no end. She felt she could sit out here for all of eternity, and still be surprised by it. She felt a light breeze of wind, and smiled as it circled her, and went on it's way, and she lightly climbed up onto the railing, sweeping her dress to the side, and wrapping her arms around her knees, closing her eyes, and relaxing, with nothing to bother her, just herself, the call of a guard on watch, every now and again, and the glow from the tiny torches they carried. She smiled lightly, and took a deep breath. The air was most definitely cleaner up here.

She had insisted on leaving after dinner with Aragorn and Legolas, her excuse being that she was unused to so much company and formality, and it was not a lie. She had felt it smothering her, suffocating her, to the point she could not bear it any longer. She had politely excused herself, and went to her room, for the peacefulness of being on her own- and safe. She knew eventually she would become accustomed to such gatherings once more, but she would rather do it slowly. She heard the door creak open slightly, a quiet figure enter the room, and she turned her head slightly to see Arwen at the balcony doors.

"Eveaniea," she said softly, "You are alright?" Arwen inquired gently, and Eveaniea pushed her hair back.

"I am okay," she assured her, "I am not used to the hustle of a court," she smiled warmly, her slightly thin face almost glowing as it had once done, "I am merely looking for peacefulness, now that I am in a safe place."

"That is good," Arwen nodded, "We were just a little worried, you almost ran away from the dining hall, we thought something might be wrong. But I am guessing if our assumptions were true, you would have already thrown yourself over the rail," she smiled slightly, "I am glad that is not the case."

Eveaniea jumped swiftly down from the edge, and stood in front of Arwen.

"I think.....it is over now," she sighed softly, and lowered her eyes, "And now, ....I no longer have a reason to wish for death to find me," she paused, somewhat uncertainly.

"Besides," she said hesitantly, "I am sure if such thoughts entered my mind, even now, no matter how bad, I would go to Legolas first." she turned and looked over the horizon once more, and Arwen came to stand beside her.

"You trust him that much?" Arwen asked her female companion.

"I would trust him with my life," she whispered, "I have not known him for that long, but," she dropped off for a moment.

"Aragorn has known him for a long time, I have known him for longer. Never in my life has he ever come close to doing anything that would make me doubt our faith in him," she said quickly, almost sternly, then she softened. "I think that you have the right impression of him so far, and you are making a good choice in being betrothed to him."

"Yes," Eveaniea nodded slowly, tiredly, "I do believe so,"

Arwen grinned slightly.

"You have had a long day, get some rest. I will send someone in, in the morning, to wake you," She motioned to the bed, "Have a good sleep," she said.

Eveaniea watched her leave, and then tumbled onto the bed, falling asleep before she could bring herself to pull the covers over her.

Thank god elves do not feel the cold was the last thought that passed through her head before she retreated to her dream world.

Both Aragorn and Legolas lifted their heads and turned to the door as Arwen re-appeared, and Legolas stood up abruptly from the couch he had been previously sitting in.

"Is she alright?" he asked quickly, before she could even close the door. Arwen laughed softly.

"She is fine," she said, "she just wanted some quiet time. She is not used to gatherings with so many people,"

Legolas sat back down, and Arwen resumed her place beside Aragon, and Aragorn rested his arm on her shoulder.

"I see it as perfectly normal," The King commented quietly, "She has not held such company in a long time, I think it highly likely it would scare her, it scares me sometimes," he grinned, and took a sip from a goblet of wine. Arwen looked over to Legolas.

"She has just gone to bed," she said, "I do not think she would mind you going in to say goodnight."

He looked at her momentarily, taking a sip of wine, and then he rested it down on the small table that was set in the middle of the chairs.

"I will go and see her before I retire," he said, and nodded to both Arwen and Aragorn, "Goodnight my friends."

"Goodnight Legolas," Aragorn said as his elven friend left the room. He leaned back on the couch, and Arwen raised a hand to play with his well groomed hair.

"Maybe we should retire as well," she whispered, "You are also in need of a rest Aragorn."

Aragorn smiled, and let his wife help him to his feet.

"I do believe you are right," he said wearily, "I am more tired than I thought," and let her lead him to bed.

Legolas walked down the deserted hallways, the only sound his sharp ears could pick up being the snores of the nobles who resided in this wing of the palace. He walked past the room his father rested in, and down past the soldiers quarters, past his room, where he came to a halt in front of the door at the end of the corridor. He hesitated slightly, listening, he could hear the soft sighs of Eveaniea slow breathing, and without debating it further, he quietly pushed open the solid door, and he slipped into the room, closing it discreetly behind him. He looked around the room, which was lit only by the light of the moon that flowed in though the open balcony doors, and pooled on the ground, slid down the walls. It illuminated the pale white dress Eve wore, making it glow softly. He smiled when he saw her, fast asleep, on top of her bed, on top of the covers, and he walked over to her lightly, standing at her bedside, watching her. She was so far gone in sleep she barely stirred in his presence, didn't notice he was even there, until he cautiously reached out a careful hand, and rested it on her shoulder lightly. She awoke with a start, pulling away, and brushing her long hair from her face to look up at him with confused deep blue eyes. When she realised who it was, she sighed, and lay down once more.

"Shhh," he said gently, "It is only me," He carefully picked her up, and tucked her beneath the blankets, pulling them up over her shoulders. He placed a pillow beneath her head, and she smiled at him softly, and placed her hand over his.

"Goodnight," she said in a sleepy voice, but when he went to pull away, she held his hand tighter.

He looked at her warily, and sat down on the bed, brushing her hair over her shoulder.

"Please stay here," She whispered quietly, half burying her face in the pillow, and he laughed softly at her.

"You are a funny little thing, aren't you," He smiled as he curled up beside her.

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