Summary: Voldemort has fallen, the wizarding world is celebrating. But little Harry Potter, their hero, has disappeared after he was taken to his aunt and uncle, and Sirius Black was never caught …

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IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS STORY WAS STARTED IN 2003, prior to the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I was 14 at the time. Please do not point out things that need to be fixed - this is not a story that I ever intend on coming back to. Also, please don't point out 'but Zabini is a boy' - etc. This was not confirmed at the time of writing.

Spoilers: Information, characters, settings and (some) events have been taken from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

After the Dawn

Prologue: Take It To London

It was the 1st of November in the year 1981. The night before, Lily and James Potter had died, the Dark Lord, Voldemort, had fallen, and little Harry Potter had been taken by Rubeus Hagrid to Number Four Privet Drive, where Albus Dumbledore waited.

Albus Dumbledore, along with Minerva McGonagall and Rubeus Hagrid had had a short conversation in the dead of the night, before leaving baby Harry Potter on the doorstep of Number Four Privet Drive, with a letter explaining 'everything'.

Petunia Dursley was humming softly. Her baby boy, Dudley, was still asleep and she was making her small, normal family breakfast. Taking the milk bottles, she walked over to the front door and opened it, not looking down.

She walked outside and nearly tripped over something on the doorstep. Was this some prank that the local teenagers had concocted? She wondered, looking down.

What she saw made her shriek and jump backwards in alarm, dropping the milk bottles with a clatter.

Harry Potter was startled out of sleep and started bawling angrily at being woken. As he writhed and screamed within his blankets, the letter that he'd been holding slipped from his gasp and fell out of the blankets.

Shivering, but no longer screaming, Petunia Dursley bent and lifted the envelope, with a look of disgust on her face. For a moment, she considered leaving the baby there too, but the neighbours would notice …

She scooped up the baby and shut it in the dark, unused cupboard under the stairs, where it stopped bawling in surprise.

Upstairs, there was a thunder of heavy footsteps as Vernon Dursley, Petunia's husband, clattered downstairs. "What happened?" He asked from the stairs.

Petunia was reading the letter that she'd found with the baby on her doorstep. Vernon came over behind her and read it over her shoulder.

"How could they?" He growled angrily. "They should know what we think of them and their kind …"

"I told her!" Petunia said, her voice higher than usual. "I told her to watch out for those wizards … but did she listen? Oh no! And now she's gone and got herself killed and expects me to look after her son!"

"Well, we've our own son to raise and feed! We don't need another one. I won't have one under this roof," Vernon decided.

"But what will do with it?" Petunia asked. As far as she was concerned, wizards were less than human, and didn't deserve titles such as 'she' and 'he'.

"We could take it to an orphanage…" Vernon mused aloud.

"And leave some poor, hapless individual to adopt it and find out about its … unnormalties?" Petunia replied, slightly shocked.

"You're right, my dear," Vernon agreed, now thinking his plan through. "I could leave it in some backstreet, where no one would notice it. It would probably just die anyway."

"Yes … yes, that's a good plan!" Petunia decided, as her nephew decided to start crying again. "Take it now! It might contaminate Dudders!"

At that moment there was a howl from upstairs, signalling that 'Dudders' had awoken. "Oh, mummy has to go and take care of ickle Duddykins!" she cooed, racing off upstairs.

"I'll take it away then," Vernon said importantly, with the air of one who was removing a poisonous snake from the house.

He walked slowly towards the cupboard, an expression of fear and intense dislike upon his face, as he opened the door.

The child's bawling offended his ears and he reached into a pocket, drawing out a handkerchief, which he balled up and stuffed in the babies mouth.

Unable to use its mouth, the baby stopped screaming, but still cried, tears soaking into its cheeks, face red and puffy.

Wrapping it tightly in a blanket, Vernon got into his company car and backed out of the driveway. Driving away from his house, Vernon wondered where on earth he would take the boy …

To London, he thought suddenly, the words seeming to appear in his mind. I'll take it to London.

He drove steadily, heading towards London. After awhile, he took the gag out of the babies mouth, because it was turning blue. He didn't want to be found with a dead child in the car.

Soon enough he reached London. The baby was crying again, but Vernon muffled it by adjusting the blanket to cover its face. He thought it had gone to sleep now.

Finally he reached a dark part of the city, stopped the car at the entrance to a dark looking alleyway, checked to make sure that no one was around, and stole out of the car.

Walking to the back of the alleyway, he heard the scuffles and squeaks of millions of small creatures, rats and mice, probably, hurrying away from where he was walking.

He set the baby down on the ground, still wrapped within its blanket, the lightning bolt scar easily visible on its forehead.

Vernon stood for a moment, then turned and strode away. The baby could do as it wished – he couldn't care less.

Finis Prologue.

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