Journey Through... 2: Masquerade Night

by: First-GeNeSiS

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailormoon neither do I own Toei Animation. Naoko Takeuchi-san doesn't know me but I know her. Ok, I'm just doing this for entertainment. I'm doing this for creativity, art, and to fulfill my innermost longings and imagination.

"Masquerade Night" is the sequel of the fanfic "Journey through...". Yah, I know, the ending of the latter was quite absurd or just totally unexpected (basing on what the reviews told me about the early chapters). So this time, I decided to end it for sure with this new fanfic.

This fanfic doesn't appear in any of the eps of Sailormoon, and MOST of the places and names are totally fictitious other than the Sailormoon characters. I do suggest that you read "Journey Through..." first before reading this one so that you could totally understand the whole story. But just imagine this as a new beginning...

This fic focused more on the Alexandr/Serena pairing.

I'm using the English names of the characters to give in to the mood of the whole story's setting.


Chapter I

Alexandr lifted her head as she leaned back on her chair. An office, a dark gloomy office. Her room became a scene she never expected. The once sightful terrace was closed in a window with drapes. Her bed wasn't there, instead, shelves of Merlin-aged books abound. She didn't need a bed to rest at all, for years, she never had a decent sleep ever. Since that incident, yes, the particular incident of anguish, as everyone perished one by one before her eyes. Her brother was dead, Michelle was dead, everybody was gone! For days, she couldn't sleep, for weeks, she couldn't dream. And now, she was met by a heavy responsibility, a new duty not as a courtier but as a lord. The true identity that lay hidden to all Burglier, to all people, to all towns and counties, she was known as Lord Alexandr of Burglier.

It had already been 5 years since Michelle was gone. Her older brother was gone and now she had become the new master of the mansion. Currently, she managed the whole estate in Burglier. For five years, she was strapped on her seat signing papers and documents, touring on the whole of the estate, looking after the family factory, and a lot of the things that her late brother had left. And she was good at them. She really was good. She had expanded her territory for about 7 miles in just half a decade. The townspeople praised her, admired her, adored her, loved her very dearly. However, the people didn't know who she was, what she was. She remained to be hidden in the shadows of the cold mansion, behind the dark walls of misery. She was a murderer, she was nothing. What they knew was she had become a powerful lord. But what made her name more unforgettable was not because of the power but due to her character. She was caring to the people, to her servants, and her employees. She cared for them more than the late lord of the mansion. But with a face drowned in seriousness, despite the care the people felt, they continued to give distance at this mysterious lord.

Tracing the small rod with her fingers then finally lifting the pen up, she continued to ponder on some thoughts that she couldn't ever think at them perfectly. She sat straight, the blonde hair had grown long enough to reach her waist. But the length of it was left unnoticed as everyday after cleanse, she would always braid it neatly down her back. Now, her looks was more mature, more elegant, her physique more firm that ladies of various statures begged for the lord's love. However, they weren't aware. Two things that could directly deprived them from her heart. First, the lord was a woman; Secondly, how can a person love another when she hadn't even tried to erase a love who was lost years ago. The conditions were hidden in the depths of the mansion, in the depths of the lord's heart. And uncovering such safely buried concepts was fatal not because of revelation but fatal-- fear of the lord's life.

She was once a jolly fellow, a jolly fellow that was better to have remained a courtier. With that, she can live normally according to her will. She had always ran away from responsibilities and duties carrying huge qualities. It was her fear. But now, she cannot do nothing of what it really was at that moment.

Her head lowered down to read what she had written. "My Last Will" She whispered the words to herself. Where did her old self go? Where did she lost her vitality? Where did she lost her will to live? There was no need to ponder the answer. The gentle breeze then flew from the open window of the terrace entangled the drapes then finally touched the strands of hair that was left untouched on Alexandr's face. Though in braid, some of her hair was left to drop down on her face. How could she ever think of love again? That was half a decade ago and she should had buried it long. My last will, it was just an assurance. As a lord, one can be assured. But, she has life. A life so great to be lost somewhere. Quickly, she erased the words with black ink. Never can be read again. She smiled to herself. "I'm foolish." She pulled herself together as she continued to sign the other documents that was piled up on her desk. After signing the last paper that was set for that day, she pulled a clean sheet from her drawer. There she wrote a name, a name that neither she know nothing about. A name that suddenly popped out from her mind. She signed the paper. '-Haruka-'

To be continued