This happens to be my first ever fanfiction, so comments and constructive critiscm would be very much appreciated, flame me all you like, I won't take any notice. If you criticize in a polite and civil way, I will try my hardest to be a better writer, but keep in mind, I'm only a beginner. Also, I never really expected myself to be writing a Sirius/Hermione fanfiction, but took on the challenge. I took the easy route though. So KILL ME FOR WRITING A TIME TURNER FANFIC :O

Lots of nothingness, Sophia.



Hermione's POV

She shivered. Her boot covered feet were sinking into the snow after every step she took. A chilly wind blew from behind her as she tucked her soft brown wavy hair behind one ear.

God it's cold…

A snow fight was taking place a few metres from where she was standing, gazing up at the snowy sky. She strolled onwards aimlessly for a few minutes and found a branchy tree on the outer edge of the forbidden forest, climbed onto one of it's many branches and lent her head against the thick trunk.

This world is going to fast… too many things to deal with… Why can't this war just…finish?

Hermione shivered again and decided it was time to get back to the castle. She jumped from her branch, but her ankle gave way and she fell forward face first into the snow and heard a crunching sound beneath her.

She lifted her self up slowly onto her hands and knees, but the Hogwarts grounds felt like they were spinning. NO, they were spinning. The castle and everything around her became a blur. She shut her eyes tightly.

I think I'm going to be sick.

The spinning stopped abruptly. She opened her eyes and got up on her hands and knees again, when suddenly, a hard object hit her in the side of her head.



Sirius' POV

Oh great.

Who the hell does that girl thinks she is?

More detention. Oh well.

Sirius jogged over to the motionless girl lying on her front, James following him not far behind. He dropped to his knees in front of her, she was breathing, of course, but she was still unconscious-and very cold.

Sirius sighed " you know I'm going to have detention for this.." James nodded, with a sly grin on his face "It's never bothered you before" he replied.

"I know but I'm getting sick of the whole detention thing, and besides you won't be in there with me. But, whatever, let's get her to the hospital wing before she catches a cold or something". He lifted the girl up by one arm, while James took the other arm.

"wait, wait. Levitation charm. Duh" Sirius said. He muttered the charm and the girl rose up into the air, her feet slightly off the ground, her head lolling on her shoulder.

They walked up to the towering castle doors, a few of the students outside turned their heads to watch the scene. It wasn't bizarre to see James Potter and Sirius Black in a situation like this.

Never seen this girl before…

She has Gryffindor robes though?

After a few minutes of walking in silence through the many Hogwarts corridors and up the moving stairs, they walked into the Hospital Wing and found the new Hogwarts nurse, Madam Pomfrey, very much involved with a first year who seemed to have broken her wrist in four places.

"Madam Pomfrey, a little accident occurred a few minutes ago outside, you see" James began as the young plump nurse made her way towards them after finishing with the first-year girl. "..yeah, uh, we were having an innocent snowball fight, when Sirius' snowball missed me and hit this girl. And. Yeah." He finished uncertainly.

"Lay her down on this bed then, quickly… come on! Where did it hit her?" she asked, looking up at the two boys. Sirius was staring at the girl, but was abruptly interrupted when he received a sharp elbow in the ribs from James.

"Oh. Yeah, in the head… I think." Sirius replied, rubbing his side. He looked back down at the girl again.

A prefect badge…? What the hell?

"You two will wait right here-I'll just go get Professor McGonagall to deal with you two" she said, taking a few steps away from the girl's hospital bed.

"But I didn't do anything!" James objected a little too loudly.

"Shush! What's your name again? Potter – isn't it? We DO have other people trying to rest here. Now WAIT" she said sternly.                       

Sirius remained silent for the whole wait, staring at the unidentified girl, whilst James sighed and stared out the window, obviously wanting to join the other students in their snowball fights.

After at least 5 minutes, Madam Pomfrey returned to the Hospital Wing with Professor McGonagall at her side. "I won't be giving you detention, as Poppy explained what happened I realized it was an accident, but I think it would be fitting if you came to see her in the morning Mr. Black, and DO apologize. Good day to you all" she said and turned on her heel, walking out of the wing.

"Let's go back down then!" James said, rubbing his hands together. Sirius glanced at him and shook his head "nah, I'm kinda tired, I'll see you at dinner, okay?"

James looked Sirius' expression over and finally said "suit yourself. If you need me, I'll be outside" Sirius nodded and fell into a chair beside the girl's bed as James walked out of the hospital wing.

She's so…mysterious.