Dear Reader (who perhaps cared about this story and thought it had potential),

I owe an incredibly big apology to you and all of my reviewers that have been waiting for a new chapter, or people who waited for any sign that I was going to continue this story.

I began this story more than a year ago, when I had only just turned 13. I was totally and utterly in love with the Sirius/Hermione relationship and adored both of these characters with fervor.

Unfortunately, I began to lose interest in that particular ship and instead fell in love with Draco/Hermione Ron/Hermione in turn. Basically, I forgot about this fanfiction and moved on.

I have come to realize that just because I may not particularly support a relationship doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to write a suitable story for it. Which brings me to where I am now. I feel as though I have matured slightly in my writing and I'm finding that I can write longer stories whilst still getting the point across. My style has changed and I don't really like the way I was writing when I was 12.

So should I begin this story again, with the same plot that I had planned, but with my new (and improved wink) style? Or would you prefer me to continue along the lines of wat I was writing before?

Either way, I'm pretty sure I will be continuing this story.

Love (because I'm full to the brim of it),