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Chapter 1

Angelina sighed. It was the holidays and she had been watching her favourite muggle show, The Bold And The Beautiful, though she did not know why she enjoyed it so much. The plot was always twisted. Yet Angelina could not but help wish that her life was more exciting.

Angelina rolled onto her stomach and grabbed some Chocolate Frogs. "Mmm. I really should stop eating those - I need to lose some weight." She ridiculously said - no matter how much she ate, Angelina was one of those detestable girls that could eat as much as she wanted to and not put on any weight.

Angelina heard her mother cooking in the kitchen and went over to help her. Her mother was a muggle and could not get used to things being done by magic, especially not things such as cooking. Angelina was just about to remind her mother of this when an item caught her eye. It was a newspaper article from the Daily Prophet:


It was announced yesterday that Oliver Wood, a former Hogwarts student and quidditch player, is to become Puddlemere United's new keeper. Oliver was ecstatic when he heard the news, saying, "I am extremely glad and hope that there will be much success." Oliver is set to start training with the team next week, his first game will be in about a months time against the Chudley Cannons in the annual Quidditch Wings tournament.

The rest of the article went on to describe again how much Oliver was looking forward to being on the team and how everybody expected "great things" from him.

"Way to go Oli." Whispered Angelina.

Angelina knew Oliver but they had never been that close. He seemed so aloof most of the time that it was hard to get close to him. There was no denying though, that he was handsome. He had dark brown hair, deep brown eyes and a muscly build to match. She also had an adorable accent. Angelina could not help wanting to have gotten to know him more. But now it was too late, he had finished his final year of Hogwarts and Angelina was left behind, preparing to go into her seventh year in a few weeks.

Angelina decided to write Oliver a letter for good luck:

Dear Oliver, I have just read about the good news. Congratulations about being selected to join Puddlemere United. You deserve it. I hope to see you some time in the future. Maybe at one of your matches. Good luck! Best wishes,

Angelina debated a while on how to conclude the letter. "Love" implied something and "from" did not sound right. She finally settled on "best wishes".

She put the message into an envelope and gave it to her pet owl, Diane. "Give Oliver my note, sweetling." She told the owl, who was oblivious to the desperation in her voice and flew off.

Angelina looked on after the bird. She wished that she could go with it.


Angelina lay back on her bed. It was 8:00am the next day, and she did not want to get up. Both of her parents were out and there was an insistent knocking on her door. Angelina dragged herself out of bed and stumbled over to it. She opened the door and blushed.

Fred and George Weasley were standing in the doorway. They seemed to be laughing about something.

Angelina looked down at herself.

And she blushed even harder.

She was wearing next to nothing. She was wearing her tight black singlet top that barely covered half her stomach and she was wearing short, white (and almost see-through) Winnie The Pooh pyjama bottoms.

She backed away from the door and ran to her room, shouting, "Hang on a sec. I just need to get changed."

She did not escape quickly enough to miss Fred say, "I never knew she liked watching muggle cartoons."

Angelina slammed her bedroom door in frustration.


Five minutes later, they were all sitting around her kitchen table.

"So, what do you boys want?" Angelina asked. The two boys never went to her unless there was some underlying motive.

"What? We cannot say hello to one of our dear old friends." George said in mock horror.

"Come on. I know you boys only too well. There has got to be a reason for your visit."

"Should we tell her Fred?" Asked George.

"Nah. I don't like her attitude. Who could have imagined that she would have treated us this way?" Fred shook his head in sorrow. He seemed to be shaking and once she had a closer look, Angelina could see that he was laughing.

"Yeah. You look really upset." She said sarcastically. "Now cut to the chase."

"Alright. We just came to see if you wanted to spend the rest of the holidays at our house."

"Huh?" the piece of toast that Angelina had been eating fell out of her mouth.

"WE - WANT - YOU - TO - SPEND - THE - REST - OF - THE - HOLIDAYS - WITH - US!" George repeated.

"I heard you. It just came as a bit of a surprise."

"We figured that you would be a bit lonely with Katie and Alicia away overseas."

"Mm hmm." Agreed Fred. "You can't spend the rest of your holidays watching The Bold And The Beautiful."

"I do not watch The Bold And The Beautiful." Angelina reddened. "Well, not that much anyway."

"Yeah, right." Snickered George. "So, do you want to come or not?"

Angelina thought for a minute. Should she go? After what seemed like an hour, she finally spoke. Fred and George looked on in anticipation.

"Fine. I will go. I'll have to check with my parents first, but it should be fine." She gave in. Angelina could not help wondering about the real reason that they were asking her over, but she left it at that. She was bound enough to find out sooner or later.

If Angelina had noticed the secretive smile that the twins gave each to other, then she would have been a lot more worried about what was to come.......