Author: Goldy

Title: The Resurrection

Disclaimer: Buffy and all things Buffyistic belong to Joss, Fox, and ME. I don't make any profit of this, but, do, however, believe that whatever I come up with is better than anything ME has shown us over the past few years. But that's just a matter of opinion.

Summary: This time she won't fail.

Timeline: Mid season 3 timeline. There is no Faith or Wesley, apparently. However, Cordelia and Xander have split up and Buffy and Angel are trying to figure out how to be together.

Pairings: B/A centric (do I write anything else?) with W/O and hints of C/X

Author's notes: I know, I promised I was done with B/A fanfiction for a while, but 'The Resurrection' was the first piece of fanfic I EVER wrote and I've been in the process of re-writing it for the past year or so. It's about half done, so let me know if anyone actually likes it.

Author's Notes 2: Okayyyy. So the opening is kind of cheesy. *g* I wasn't exactly the best writer when I started this three years ago. Just… go with it. I hope it gets less cheese worthy.

Feedback: Please. I'm about fed up with the rest of fandom, so I could really use some nice, comfy words.


Lyons, France 1919

The night was young. Daniel was thirsty, but wary. She mustn't do anything too soon. She had to stay still until she was rewarded with her directions. She was waiting for the sign that would let her know that it was time to feed.

A small slavish follower, granted one that was ever so loyal to her, came up grinning devilishly. "The night is dark and dangerous," he drawled, smiling with contempt. "The people are waiting."

Daniel gave a delighted smile and resisted the urge to clap her hands. Everything was finally beginning to fall into the order that she had worked so long to achieve. She could feel the time coming closer, sneaking around the corner faster with every passing second. Her blood nearly boiled with apprehension. If everything went according to plan, and she had no doubt that it would, then her resurrection would be close at hand.

In the city at that very moment a change was taking place. Lovers walked hand in hand down the street. Little girls ran and skipped in delight. One boy was hurrying home because he was late for supper. The change was quick and felt immediately. Birds squawked, the wind blew, the lovers looked up in wonder. The girls stopped skipping and the little boy went faster.

Despite their sudden fear, they were too late to stop it. The lovers froze, still hand in hand. The loud squawking pigeons stopped mid-flight, their screams dying. The girls were stuck, forever forced to replay their skipping game over and over.

Daniel could feel the change deep down in her core. She went out into the frozen city. Vampires that had been in hiding sensed the change and finally dared to come out in the open. Daniel breathed in deeply. She could smell the deep fear that all of the people were giving off in waves. Frozen they might be, but still fully conscience and aware of what was happening.

Soon a group of vampires gathered around Daniel. She knew what they were waiting for. Instructions… from her. The vampires and demons knew her, knew her name, knew her meaning.

Because she was powerful. And they were not.

"The time has come," she declared, poised over the hoards of snarling demons like a queen.  "Drink everyone in the city dry, but when you come upon the slayer leave her for me."

The city now belonged to those who walked in the shadows. Unspeakable demons and ferocious vampires walked freely. Daniel licked her lips eagerly, thinking of how the slayer was out there among the frozen. She knew what this chance meant, knew how long she had been waiting for it. A new era was dawning, one that belonged to the vampires.

Daniel was a powerful vampire, one with the legions of hell behind her. Nothing could stop this night, nothing could make it go wrong. She would bring death, despair and pain to all she met. The slayer would fall and crumble before her.

But even Daniel, evil Daniel, shivered as the power behind the whole operation crept into her mind. Whispering his words, his plan, and Daniel knew. She was nothing but a minion to him

"You're too confident," it hissed in her ear, in her mind. The voice was no where, but everywhere at once.

It was called Mussini. And his name had been known to kill the hearts of even the strongest warriors on the planet.

"Great one," Daniel whispered, in awe and worship, fear and hate, but a certain cockiness at the same time. She hefted her chin towards the sky proudly. "I will not let you down."

"The blood of the slayer," her master commanded, reverberating through the Earth, making all those who stood on it tremble. "Only then will you have your resurrection."

Daniel closed in her eyes, breathed in the scent of the blood pumping from the unwillingly victims frozen around her. "Yes… the blood of the slayer…" she breathed, delirious at the thought.

Mussini laughed. Daniel shivered. "You remember what happened to the last one who failed me."

Daniel felt her throat get dryer, knew that if she had a heart it would have exploded in her chest. "I won't fail you."

But Mussini was gone, leaving Daniel nothing but the cold night, the hapless victims, and the slayer.


Daniel looked up sharply, angry suddenly at being addressed. "What?" she hissed.

The minion known as Elliot trembled under her wrath. "I'm hungry… and I thought that … we… might… can I kill someone now?" he whined, voice high pitched and pleading.

Daniel snarled, grabbing her victim around the neck. "Don't dare to ever consort me again."

The vampire didn't get a chance to even nod its consent before exploding in a cloud of dust.

Daniel found herself face to face with the slayer. Lindsey, the current slayer, had seen too many of her friends and family killed that night. They had been mercilessly murdered by those that walked in a night, their power to even run taken ruthlessly away from them. Her pretty face was drawn in an expression of pain. Her brown hair was a disheveled mess around her face.

White fingers gripped a tiny wooden stake. "You're going to die, Daniel."

Daniel's eyes widened with surprise. This… this was the unexpected. The slayer was supposed to have frozen with the rest of them. Taking a deep breath, she backed up a few steps making silent gestures with her hands. She grinned a mouthful of sharp fangs when Lindsey was attacked on all sides by vampires. "I wouldn't count on that, Darling."

Turning, Daniel fled and only stopped when she felt Mussini's wrath steal upon her. Stopping, she gasped and fell to the ground, clutching a sudden pain in her stomach.

The night was deathly silent and the cool breeze blew over her hair. Mussini's voice came out of the night, out of the wind, out of the sky and the ground as a loud racket in her head.

"You have failed me, Daniel."

She gasped, tried to say something.

"No, you cannot have another chance!" it thundered angrily, its disgust seeping through her body.

"Please…" Daniel choked in a pleading voice, "please…"

Her words were cut off as invisible hands seized her around the throat. "80 years…" her master hissed, "80 years until Muldron is again lined up with the Earth."

Daniel yelled in pain, squirming and flopping around on the ground. Suddenly it stopped and she lay in shock, staring at the sky with fear on her face. "80 years is not so long to an immortal," Daniel begged.

"No, it is not…"

Sudden hope sprang on Daniel's face. "Another chance, Great One?"

She could feel his smile on his skin. It made her break out in goosebumps. "Yes."

"I won't let you down!" Daniel cried joyously. "I promise I won't fail…" her words were abruptly cut off as another wave of excruciating pain came over her.

"Of course," Mussini mused, "there is a price to pay for the next 80 years."

Miles away from Daniel and Mussini, there was another battle going on. Ignorant to Daniel's screams the slayer, Lindsey, was fighting for her life and the lives of others. But she was tired, and she knew there were too many vampires for her to defeat all alone. It pained her that she hadn't been able to get what she had really wanted, Daniel's death. Lindsey had accepted long ago that soon another slayer would take her place. She had not given up hope. As her eyes closed for the final time she knew that one day Daniel would be gone for good.