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Where hope lies: SINIUS (chapter one)

Lily slowly opened the crusty pages of an old book. She peeled apart the pages until she came to a faded page with the title: To Know Or Die. She paused for a moment until reading on.

/Many wizards since the Middle Ages have wondered what life has in store for them. Naturally all spells and objects permitting this has been listed and banned. All but this one. This is a very complicated spell involving two people, each feeling strongly connected in either hate or love. It is called Sinius. (Sin-ee-us) Sinius is dangerous and must be taken very seriously. It will take you to the future or past in the time it feels would be most interesting for the traveler. Out of the few people who have used this spell most of them meet their future children and get to know them. Although this had been dubbed impossible by the modern magical folk it is not. It is just the exact measures need to perform it.

Sinius must be attempted in the middle of the night and the two people must have strong feelings for each other as mentioned before. They must repeat the words 5 times. Warning. If you are attempting to do this spell forget and give up. You will die.

Sinius Sinius take me here. Sinius Sinius time to spare. Flaming ice will bring us together and back. With the one we are always on the right track.

Little tells us about where you will end up or what decides it. Specified wizards had the suspicion of the Domigynus spell. Legend tells us that Godric Gryffindor used the Domigynus spell was used on the sorting hat. See Hogwarts: A History for the full legend on the sorting hat. The Domigynus spell was also rumored to be used on the Mirror Of Erised, though no one has proved this theory and many doubt of the mirrors existence. Supposedly it tells us our greatest desire. The Sinius spell does not show us but brings us to the desire.

Do not attempt this spell and ignore all that has been written. Good day./

Lily closed the book and put it in her bag feeling sick. She knew she needed to do this. She just knew it. She put the book bag on her shoulder registering dimly how much heavier it was with the weight of the book. She silently drew out her wand and gave herself a sharp rap on the head. Waiting, as the familiar cold feeling swept through her body giving her an impression of invisibility. She walked quietly down the hallway and didn't utter a sound until she reached the common room entrance.

"Catacormus." She whispered and crept inside. Taking the dillusion spell of her she slipped into bed and listened to Bella's quiet breathing. She dreaded going to sleep because of the dreams that came to her. Never had she told anyone about them or recorded their existence anywhere. The dreams, she knew, weren't normal. Someone was sending them, a boy in fact. She soon turned over and fell into an uneasy sleep.

/A boy with messy black hair sat on the end of his bed, his arms wrapped around himself. She knew this boy, she saw him everyday at school. Only one person possessed that messy of hair. James let out a faint whimper and stared blankly out of the window a slightly sniffling coming from him. She had never seen this boy's face, but even then she knew it was James. She wished desperately to know why he was so sad. She assumed this was James' bedroom, though she felt a wave of uncertainty. Everything was broken and nothing seemed the least bit magical. She didn't know why this would be, James' family was all pureblood and very rich.

Without thinking she hugged him. She went through him but it didn't matter. She wanted to be with him. Her long slender hand went through his hair and she looked at his body. He was weak and frail but his muscles seemed in very good shape. His face looked like he hadn't eaten in weeks. His face. His eyes. This wasn't James. She didn't even know him. He had piercing green eyes as he stared through her. She felt a shiver run down her spine but did not drop her gaze. His eyes were identical to hers though they had a haunted look to them she had never felt so torn between emotions. His eyes gave her a feeling of sadness and the feeling of horror. Like an unmoving movie. He blinked every now and then but was otherwise lost in thought.

She almost felt herself wishing she had never looked at his face. She wanted to know why he was so like James and why her eyes were his. A wave of white shimmering dust engulfed her and raised her up leaving the boy with the haunted eyes behind. As she was about to rise through the ceiling she heard a single word. Mum. She watched as he cried even more his thin face covered in tears./

She woke up slowly. Her felt her face and saw that they were wet with tears from last night. She sighed. If anyone saw her like this she would be a social joke. She dried her tears on her PJ shirt, she was being stupid. He didn't exists. All girl's had dreams about their night in shining armor. But she sure that wasn't her impression of a savior. He was sort of pathetic. One of those people who can make grown men cry by just looking at them. Not out of ferocity, but out of sadness. He looked as though he'd seen the world die and come back again. She cleared her head and go dressed.

"C'mon sleepyhead!" shouted Bella. "James is sitting at our table today. Usually, Lily would grown and say that this would be the worst experience of her life. But she couldn't bring herself to do it. Maybe it has something to do with her dream. ~No~ she told herself. ~I'm just feeling little off today. Maybe a trip to the hospital wing?~ She dragged herself down the stairs and to the Great Hall. When she got to the table she sat down quietly. James and his friends were talking about the pranks they were planning. She couldn't help but feel something toward James. She had never felt this way before. Was it love? Hate? Sadness?

~Or regret?~ said a voice in her head. ~regret?~ she asked herself. ~Regret and love?~ She mentally snorted. ~Love who?~ Almost as though something had been looking to give her answer her gaze fell on James. ~NO!~ She got up and walked shakily over to her worst enemy. ~Why am I doing this?~ she asked herself. "James?" she asked shakily. She was very conchise that everyone at the table was looking at her. She regained her strength. "I need to speak to you." James and Sirius both stood up. "Just you." Sirius and James exchanged terrified glances. As soon as they got into the hallway James jumped into an explanation.

"I SWEAR I didn't put that hex on Sniv- Snape!" he began hastily. "It was because he- he" Lily ignored him and swept him into an empty classroom. His ramblings were cut short when she opened a very old book. "Lily. What are you doing?"

"I'm asking a favor James." He stared at her. She had never called him James before. It was always Potter or you arrogant idiot. "It's a spell." He just sort of stared at her until she started talking. "Listen. It's called the Sinius."

"You see James." She explained. They were sitting on the floor now, talking rapidly. We can see who he is. I want to know! I NEED to know!" For the first time in his life James wasn't thinking about Pranks Friends or asking for money. He just felt a sudden urge to help Lily. As though he had to, to exist.

"Yes Lily." He said also using her first name. "We'll copy it down. Tomorrow we can try it. I want to know this boy." Before he could stopped himself he had hugged her tightly and she returned it. No plan of ever letting go. Just wanting to stay there for the rest of their lives.

Outside the pairs 4 best friends were watching them. They too didn't feel like smart remarks or badmouthing each other. Some things just spread. And the love in that room was one of them.


"Okay James. You ready?" Lily said quietly. James stared at her with a look of utter disbelief.

"We're about to travel into time to see possibly the most exciting things in the world Lily!" he croaked. "And you ask me if I'm READY! How could I be ready for-" Lily rolled her eyes at him and impatiently pulled back a lock of her hair.

"Scratch that." She said airily. "You WILL be ready and you WILL do what I and only I say!" James perked up and puffed out his chest. He gave mock salute before pulling out his wand. "All right." She muttered. She heaved herself to her feet and regained her regular snappish posture. "Lets start." She was cut short by the door banging open and 4 figures jumping in.

"Going somewhere?" grinned Sirius. James flushed guiltily as did Lily. "You honestly didn't think you'd get away with this." They exchanged looks which clearly meant they had. Sirius and the others strode into the room and leaned against the wall. James and Lily hastily put their wands behind their backs.

"Won't do any good to hide what your doing." Remus affirmed. "We've known what you were doing for months. It's sorta hard not to notice that your friend disappears once a month with Lily Evans. I'm teaching her how to change objects' colors. Honestly. Everyone in school saw her turn you pink in first year." Lily went a light pink and his her face in embarrassment.

"Don't hide your face." Bella joked. "Pink's your color Lily. But of course James looks good in it too." She shot a sideways glance at James whose face competed with Lily's.

"C'mon guys." Said Sirius trying to contain his laughter. "We're not here to pester James about pink. Remember what we agreed to? The hole watch and go thing?" the other nodded and stepped back.

"You're letting us go?" said Lily in disbelief. "What are you guys playing at?" Sirius chuckled.

"You are about to break a rule and you ask a marauder 'why are you letting us go?'" he shook his head again. "James had us under the impression you were smart!" Lily laughed despite herself and walked to the center of the room. Their friends hesitated before jumping on each other and hugging them closely.

"Oh Lily James!" Bella sobbed. "Don't do anything stupid! I'll never forgive myself if you die!" Lily was surprised at her friends tears but hugged her back. "You'll have to tell us everything when you get back! You need to be in one piece to! You're not to do anything stupid or take big risks! You too James! No adventures!" Sirius hugged James too.

"Remember prongs." He said happily. "If you see your past self remind him not to turn me purple and if you see your future self give hug and me to!" The marauders and gave one big hug and gathered into a circle.

"No Marauder is seen without the other. They will never listen to a mother. Rules are for the stupid. We will all be hit with the cupid. Snivellus is a git. Friends until the end." They all collapsed into fake tears and hugged each other.

"Git and end don't match you guys." Chuckled Bella. The marauders looked at her, scandalized.

"Anything that insults Snivellus rhymes with anything." Remus pointed out. He turned to the others "Its now or never you guys. Midnights in 2 minutes. Your invisibility cloak Prongs."

"Your necklace Lily." Said Bella softly. They all stood around until James cried out.

"I DON'T WANNA LEAVE!" He sniffed a little. Sirius dragged him into the center of the room.

"After that ceremony Prongs you will. 1 minute till midnight." He hastily put his watch away and leapt to the back of the room with the others. "Goodbye Prongs! I'll see you in a bit!" he called.

"Now James." Said Lily quietly. They stepped into the middle of the room and all went quiet. Far away an owl could be heard hooting and the lake had all its water sloshing around.

"Sinius Sinius take me here!" they cried. The windows burst open and a rush of cold air filled the room. "Sinius Sinius time to spare!" The wind rushed beneath the terrified pair and lifted them off their feet. Moving noisily under them and forcing them higher. "Flaming ice will bring us together and back!" they shouted. The wind turned an electric blue and surrounded them like flames. "WITH THE ONE WE ARE ALWAYS ON THE RIGHT TRACK!" A deafening roar of wind swept through them. It was the most painful thing either of them could imagine. It was cutting into their skin, creeping into their very hearts.

"Love." Whispered a gentle voice. Then there was nothing.

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