ATTENTION: For all of you folks out there who have been waiting for this chapter to come; this is your lucky day! Well, sorta. Unlike what you might have thought, I am not giving up on this story. Quite different, actually. I'm going to be doing an entire re-write of every chapter of 'Where Hope Lies!' All two chapters! This time, the writing will be faster, funnier, excitinger (is that even a word?) and a million times better than it was before!

And don't think 'Oh, so the crazy author is finally going to get a spell check.' Because that not all! I'm going to give you a quick explanation of what I'm going to do, for all of you that are interested.

The first thing is, yes, I am going to get a better spell checker. Me! I've gotten really good at it too, and am constantly driving my friends nuts with my little habit of editing. Which is slowly turning into an obsession. The second thing is style. This story has so far been a little too choppy for my taste. Oh yeah, and I've also got a vocabulary a little bigger than before.

Heck, I'm wasting my time. readers roll time and say that they're wasting their time already by reading this I'm just going to let you get onto your next story so that I can hurry up on my next chapter. Just a few more notes on this, though.

I'm going to be getting this beta-ed, so if you'd like to, I'd be glad to accept your help. And also, this story might be going through several examinations and revisions so 'keep cool' (please don't make fun of my slang) if this story changes a bit more.

And all that's left is! THE POLL!

Question: Who should Harry be paired with in this story?

Ginny- 17

Hermione- 11

Some Other Girl- 7

Nobody- 2

Just keep those votes comin! And this is advice, to all you wonderful people at , because I'm not going to have to do what they say. Just influenced. After all, aren't reviews all about friendly advice?

Oh, and Semirhage, don't worry. I have no idea of turning this into a sappy romance. Not that all romance is sappy, but some of them are too 'I love you for no reason, let's kiss!' None of that. This is going to be a romance that just drifts in with the plot. After all, according to me, those are some of the best ones. I still like some of the pure romance ones, just in case we have a few major romance supporters in the crowd, I have nothing against big ships!

Now: TO WRITE! Or rewrite. Whatever.


Tootles, ya'll!

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