Lighting her cigarette, Dawn inhales the sweet smoke into her lungs, and sighs. She knows that everyone would be disappointed in her, but that doesn't matter because they're all dead. Not that she would care what they would have thought, anyway. No way.

She struts into the club that was once known as 'The Bronze', and glances around the room until she spots Faith at the bar with a beer. Dawn walks over, slides into the stool next to the Slayer, orders a shot and knocks it back, grinning as the alcohol burns it's way down her throat. The girl slams the glass down on the counter, and glairs at Faith.

"Thought you were leavin'" She spits out, though secretly glad. She doesn't think she could stand it if she were alone in this town. Faith just shrugs.

"Eh." Dawn's blood boils at the brush off.

"Fine." She gets up from the bar, starts to leave, then grabs Faith beer and takes a swig before throwing it over the bar and glares at the Slayer as it shatters against the wall.

"Dawnie..." Comes the response, half-heartedly, as if this sort of thing happens every night.

"Fuck you." She stomps off into the brisk night; half hoping that Faith will follow her and then begins to run when she realizes that isn't going to happen. The girl keeps going, until she gets so tired that she drops to the ground, and falls asleep on the damp grass.

Maybe tonight will be the night when she draws her last breath.

She can only hope.