Screaming, Glory slams her fist into the wall of her closet, knocking it down, as she sinks to the floor, holding her head.

Those little scabby minions should have been back by now, she thinks. If she didn't get a brain soon...

The hell goddess claws at her head, pulling out her hair in clumps. She forces herself to her feet, and stumbles out of the forest of dresses to her dresser, and gropes around for something, *anything* to make it better.

Her fingers close around something metallic, and she knows that she's holding the gun she got for the next time that Vampire Slayer came around.

Glory puts the gun to her head, and she feels the cool metal as she pulls the trigger. The bullet penetrates her scull and goes right through her insane brain.

By the time it leaves her head, the first hole has begun to heal.

She begins to sob uncontrollably, sprawled across the shag carpet for god knows how long before Jinks shows up with a teenage boy gagged and terrified.