NOTE: Xander never proposed to Anya or confessed his love. Because that's just wrong.


Nobody knows because nobody wants to. But I know. I'm supposed to be the dumb one, the little bimbet, Cordelia's replacement. But I'm not. I am older then all of them combined, including Spike.

I tried to tell Xander that no Slayer goes to hell, that even if they were sucked into a hell dimension, the Powers would pull her out. But he didn't believe me so I went to Willow and got the same reaction. She said that Faith would defiantly go to hell, so my 'theory' was wrong. They didn't want to believe so they could justify what they were going to do. I was so grateful when the Urn was smashed, I was so sure that the spell hadn't worked and that Buffy would remain in heaven.

But it did, and now she's back. Suffering more then she even could have in hell. And everyone else is caught up in their own secrets to notice. Like how Xander sneaks off to meet Willow late at night to do things even I won't do with him and how Dawn goes down to Spike's crypt and gets him to basically beat and rape her so she can deal with her emotional pain.

I know these things because I am the one everyone else forgets.

I am the unwanted one.