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"We should hit the north end of the fence because it is not exactly opposite but it is far enough away from the exit rout for it to be our distraction." Zack argued loudly with syl, while pointing at the map on his table.

"But I can't get there and back around to pick you up plus what if there is a problem with the explosive or with the hack. We need a third zack."

"We aren't bringing max into this syl, we have gone over this already."

"I wasn't talking about max." Syl cryptically stated.

"Then who are we going to bring in, a civilian?" Zack knew they couldn't trust anybody besides themselves with something like this.

"What about krit?" Syl questioned her co.

"He wouldn't be able to get here in time syl he is too far away." Zack had checked up on krit a few weeks ago he lived neat la defiantly too far to get here in time for them to leave for manticore.

"Actually he is about ten minutes from here right now." Syl said avoiding eye contact with zack she didn't want to tell him this.

"How did you find him syl." Zack half whispered back to her.

"We found each other years ago zack when we were just twelve, and we stuck together over time. We have all found each other and stayed in contact zack. I know it goes against what you want but we are family. We needed each other. The only one we never found was max she was too much like you for too long, constantly on the move, we couldn't find her and didn't know where she was until after you did. I'm sorry we didn't tell you zack, but we lost each other once we didn't want to loose each other again."

"That's why you and krit always seemed to be in cities near each other isn't it?" Syl just nodded. "Give me the number for krit."

"I'll call him zack." Syl half pleaded she did not want zack calling krit when krit had no warning.

"No syl, give me the number."

Ring ring "Hey syl" krit said seeing it was her cell calling him. "I was wondering when you would call I was thinking we could order some chinese food and get a movie and a bottle of wine or two and we could stay in tonight.".

"Drink with a mission tomorrow soldier?" Zack questioned krit.

"Oh hey zack, sorry I thought it was syl."

"Get over here krit. Now." Zack was almost growling into the phone.

Seven minutes later krit was picking the lock letting himself into zack's apartment. "Hey zack hi syl."

"Hi krit." Syl said hugging him hard "i'm sorry." She whispered in his ear.

"Krit" zack said giving him the classic guy hug next. "So how long have you been in town?" It wasn't a friendly question.

"Just arrived this morning, what's the plan to get max's boy out?"

"Well it looks like we are going to need to find a third." Zack stated.

"I'm your man zack you know that." Krit said contused assuming he was here to be the third in there plan.

"Your not going krit."

"Why not?" Krit was getting angry now what the hell was wrong with him.

"How long have you and syl been in love krit?"

"Three years" answered syl "we have been together for three years. How did you know?"

"I'm not dumb, anyway it's why he can't be there with us."

"It's why I have to be there with you two zack." Krit argued gently.

"No, for the same reason that max can't know, she loves logan too much and you love syl too much. Your head wont be on the mission, it will be on her."

"My mission will be doing my job to make sure you two are safe, so syl comes back to me. My mind will be on nothing else." Krit stood tall against his co. "Besides we are going in there risking our lives because you love max."

"Like a sister it is different." Zack cut in.

"Is it? It might be like a sister now zack but don't tell me there wasn't a time when you didn't love her the way she loves logan, the way I love syl. You went back in her place once before sacrificed yourself for her if this turns into a situation where it would be me or syl you think that I shouldn't be there because I would risk my own capture to try to save her then you are a hipocrit. And a fool."

"We are going to take separate cars you will hit the gate here with c4 once syl has hacked the system and I have gotten in."

"Ok so we leave at 1500 hours tomorrow. You can crash at my place with syl too krit." Zack said around seven as they finalized the last of their plans.

"Actually I have a place for the week. I was hoping syl could stay with me tonight zack, why don't you go visit max and lizzy?" Krit suggested to his big brother.

"Why don't you two go see maxie you haven't seen her for too long, and you have to see lizzy she is so cute." Everyone knew what he was implying. This mission was dangerous there was a chance one or all of them might not make it out. He thought they should get to see their sister and niece the ones they were doing this for if this might be there only chance.

"Tomorrow when we succeed, we will see max when we bring logan back to her." Krit knew as well as zack the risk involved, but he didn't want zack or syl to worry about it. And deep down somewhere he knew that no matter how much he wanted to see max and meet her daughter, if it really was his last night the only person he wanted to be with was syl.

"Fine I am going to be staying in the guest room at maxis's then, so you guys might as well crash at my place. It has to be nicer then whatever dump you picked out krit." Zack said as he grabbed his jacket and walked out the door. "We will meet here at 900 hours to prep for the mission."

"So what do you want to do tonight?" Syl asked turning her attention toward krit.

"I want to hold you." He whispered wrapping his arms around her waist from behind holding her close to him.

"And then?"

"Then nothing. I am going to sit here and hold you for as long as you like." Krit nuzzled her neck as he spoke.

"How does forever sound to you?" Syl questioned for the first time in there relationship mentioning the word forever.

"it sounds really good honey. I love you."

"I love you too krit"

"Are you scared?" He asked her softly looking her in the eye.

"A little."

"Me too." He admitted in a whisper.

"What are you scared of?"

"I am scared we wont get him out, and lizzy will never know her father, I am scared that zack or I will get hurt or die. Mostly I am scared of losing you. I don't think I could handle it if I lost you syl, I love you too much"

"I know how you feel I don't want to loose you either." She said desperatly kissing him softly.

"We will be ok, even if we get ...lost...we will find each other, we always find each other." Krit spoke in a whisper not sure if he should go on. "Marry me?"

"Are you purposing cause you think we aren't coming back?" She wanted to just believe it was a real proposal, and say yes but she couldn't.

"I am asking because I know we are."

"Then yes I will marry you krit."

"Max." Zack called her name as he walked through the door.

"Zack is that you?" Max called back from the kitchen.

"Yeah it's just me looking for a meal." Zack said walking into the kitchen seeing max putting food on the tabel where lizzy sat in her highchair.

"Good I just finished cooking dinner." "You did, or cindy did?"

"Shut up I have become much better at cooking. We were just going to eat you gonna stay?" "Sounds good." Zack said grabbing a plate.

"Mind if I crash on the couch tonight?" Zack often did this often since logan's death especially after eva was born.

"yes" max said with half a smile.

"You mind?" Zack questioned confused.

"Yeah, you can stay in the guestroom." She said the smile growing.

"I thought that was Cindy's room"

"That was the old one let me show you." Max had converted the weight room into the nursery the guestroom was now OC's room but she led zack to the office. For a long time max couldn't set foot into that room Logan had spent so much time in, it was where she fell in love with him while he was spouting off his ideals. Upon entering the room he saw a nice big bed with a dresser but what stood out was the fact that there was a big partition separating Logan's desk from the rest of the room she couldn't move the desk that was where he headed his crusade. It was a big part of him and she could never let it go."

"It looks great baby sister." He bent down and kissed her forehead. "Now you and Lizzy go get some sleep and I am going to do the same." He said goodnight to his niece and got ready for bed.


"What happened here today soldier?" Lydecker was talking to one of his men. "There was only one intruder, but we believe he had help, we first learned of an incident when we were hit by a small explosive along section 17 of the perimeter fence. We also believe that they had hacked into our security footage and were controlling our camera feed. All we saw that there was a problem with was this fence because of this we didn't see it as an iminate threat and did not go into a full lockdown. when it had been taken care of we noticed about an hour later that the prisoner was gone. We got the footage, the real footage from then and believe that this man posed as x5-601 and got in then helped the prisoner to escape."

"it's 599" lydecker inturupted looking at the picture of zack.

"That's what we had figured. he came in unnoticed, took out the only guard with the prisoner and they walked calmly out."

"Why was the prisoner in that unsecured room to begin with soldier?"

"I am told he had a seizure on the way to interrogation and it was the nearest exam room." "And the lab tech that was with him?" Lydecker demanded.

"He is gone too lydecker sir."

"So the people on the inside were actively helping and not just going along with the brake in?"

"it appears that way sir"

"So they were in communication." Lydecker reasoned.

"yes we believe so sir"


"we don't know yet sir"

"and how did they hack the system?"

"we are not sure"

"do we have any leads?"

"Not at this time sir"

"Then I suggest you get to work since there seems to be a lot to find out soldier." Lydecker said invading his space threatening the young soldier.


They had done it. The plan had gone smoothly zack got logan and the jim, the lab tech, out, they met syl who drove them to the rendezvous point with krit. There the jim took krit's car thanking them for getting him out as well, and he left on his own. The rest drove back to seattle, back to max. Logan was going home

Logan asked about max in the car on the way back to seattle. The three x5's told him some things, that she was ok but she missed him she lived in te penthouse with oc she didn't know logan was alive. They told him about the manticore faking his death, how there had been a funeral, and how max had made the eyes only brodcast in his memory, he would have to change his name at the very least now.. They didn't tell him what max had gone through and they didn't talk about lizzy, these were things max needed to tell him.

They arrived hours later and went right to the penthouse it was late now and no one was up. "I'll go get her." Zack said but was stopped by syl's gentle arm "Let him go in alone Zack" She said softly. Logan was in shock the at being back in his apartment. He stood staring at the livingroom that had barely changed. The only difference was that instead of one simple picture of he and Max there were pictures of him and him with Max everywhere. Logan entered slowly it was so strange to finally be back, both wonderful but dreamlike. The others entered slowly after Logan, who now was walking towards his old room. "We are crashing here if you need us." Zack said to Logan who barley registered that he spoke. "I'll take the couch." Zack then said to Krit and Syl, "you guys take the guest bedroom, it's the second door on the left, and sleep. It has been a long day and I have a feeling tomorrow will be even longer."

Logan slowly opened the bedroom door and saw his angel. He had the urge to wake her, and kiss her, and tell her what happened, and tell her he loved her, and to tell her he would never leave her again, but they had all the time in the world for that. Now he just wanted to hold her. So he took off his shoes and socks and his cloths finding a clean pair of his old sweats still in the drawer . Slowly tentatively he slipped into bed next to his love. Even in sleep she snuggled up right next to him he wrapped his arms around her and for the first time in a long time they both felt happy and at peace and for the first time since he "died" they slept in solace.


"Do you Logan take this woman to be your wife to have and to hold to love and to cherish from this day forward?" "I do" Max loved this dream, she had gotten to the point that she knew they were dreams even when she was having them but she didn't care she still loved them. "Do you max take this man to have and to hold".....the dream slowly started to fade away, 'no I want to sleep' thought Max as her body woke. . Gladly she found she was now just in another dream when she opened her eyes Logan was in bed with her, holding her. Looking up there was the picture of Lizzy on the night stand. Something was wrong, this was not how the dream went. In this dream it was always the same; it was the morning of the day he proposed. Lizzy didn't exist yet in the dream,...'oh my god I'm awake!'

Max ran from the bedroom into the living room finding Zack on the couch. "Zack get up! help, there is a man in my bed that looks like Logan." Zack was up on his feet fully awake. "Max come here sit down." "No. What is going on? Zack tell me." Zack let out a sigh he didn't know how to tell her. "That is Logan, Max he didn't die, it was Manticore. They took him to get to you. We broke him out yesterday Max, it's real that is Logan." Max walked toward Zack slowly and calmly then slapped him hard on the face. "Don't you dare joke about Logan Zack it's sick to do this to me." "I'm not pulling a practical joke Max, it is Logan I promise you." It finally started to register to Max that this was real, that it really was Logan in the other room. Max fell apart crying and hitting his chest "why didn't you tell" me she cried out choking on her tears. Syl and Krit entered the room but stayed back this was going to be a lot for max to wrap her head around and they didn't want to interfere yet. Logan who was woken by Max's absence, he walked into the livingroom instantly steeling Max's attention. She turned toward him, for the first time taking in his appearance. He was thin, Manticore obviously had not been feeding him often. There were restraint marks on his wrists and ankles and even on his neck. There were cuts, welts, and other signs of torture visible on his arms, but she had never seen anything more beautiful, and Logan felt the same about Max. They didn't speak but slowly walked towards each other and then kissed briefly before just holding each other. They whispered nonsense words to each other. I love you, I'm sorry, missed you, never leave me, I thought you were dead, I love you. They kissed again, but it was quickly interrupted by the sound of a baby crying.

"I got it." Zack said, "You two need to talk."

"Logan, I have some things to tell you." Max said as she led them over to the couch and sat him down.

"What is it?" Logan said holding her hand tight. It wasn't that he was scared about what she was about to say, he just couldn't be not touching her now that he had her back.

Max couldn't find the words to tell him about Lizzy, so she told him something else. "Yes I will marry you....I kinda decided I was ready while you were gone...see." She said awkwardly holding up her hand with the engagement ring. "That is if the offer is still good?" She had meant for that to sound confident and cocky like the smart ass she was, but it just came out desperately insecure.

Logan smiled at her insecurity, "Of course it is my love." He kissed her softly.

"There is something else," she took his hand and led him to the nursery where now Zack was with Krit and Syl. They stood back as Max and Logan entered the pale yellow room. "Logan," Max announced as she picked up Lizzy and brought her over to Logan, "I would like you too meet Eva Elizabeth Cale, your daughter...our daughter."

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