Summary- Hmmmmm. I dunno. I think a new kinda thing- takes place is season 8.

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Bobby took a deep breath before opening the door. He saw the words Young, Frutt and Berlutie on the door and just wanted to take a pen and cross that right out. He felt a hand on his back and turned around to see Helen behind him. "Here to beg for a plea?" He asked, but Helen shook her head. "Lindsay didn't tell you? I'm looking for work now, for a defense job." Helen said. Bobby stared at her blankly. "Your kidding." "Ya know Bobby, I'm amazing whichever side I'm on." Helen said, smiling. Bobby flashed a grin and pointed to the door. "I don't think we're- they're- hiring." He said, chuckling. "I'm here for recomendations dumb ass." She said, and suddenly the door swung open and Jamie walked out. She froze. "Bobby? And... what's your name?" She said in shock. "Helen." Helen sneered. "Right. What are you doing here?" She asked, directing her question at Bobby. He shurgged. "Eugine here?" He asked. Jamie nodded and he walked in with Helen behind him and froze, causing Helen to run into him. "It's so differnt." He whispered. "Excuse me, who are you here to see?" He heard a voice from behind him and turned around. "You're not Lucy." He said, staring at her. "No, I'm Tara, who's Lucy?" Tara asked. Bobby looked at her. "They fired Lucy..." He trailed off. "Sir... who are you here to see?" She asked. He looked at her. "I'm Bobby Donnell." He said simply. She smiled. "Oh, of Donnell, Young, Dole and Frutt. And the other two, Washington and Berlutie." He nodded. "Is Eugine here?" Bobby asked, and Tara nodded. "Hold on, I'll go get him for you." She said, and left the room to go to Bobbys old office. Eugine steped out in a second. He stared at Bobby. "B-Bobby?" He said. Bobby smiled and so did Eugine. They went in for a hug. Helen rolled her eyes. "And I'm invisible?" Helen said, and Eugine stepped out of his embrace with Bobby. "Helen, hey. Elle's is there." He said, pointing to his old office door, and before Helen could respond Eugine started to talk to Bobby. "How you been man? I haven't seen you in forever!" He said, excited. Bobby smiled. "I'm okay" He said. Eugine stared at him. "And Lindsay?" He said carefully. Bobby smiled again. "We're starting over, dating slowly. How's Jamie?" He said, and Eugine looked at the floor. "Eh, you'll find better then her." He said, laughing. Eugine gave a sort of sigh laugh. Then he looked up at Bobby again. "Come on, come into my office. Or your office. Or- whatever." He said, and Bobby followed him in and looked around. "It looks nice in here." Bobby said, and they sat down. Bobby rubbed the couch. "New couches." He smiled, and Eugine smiled sadly. "What happened to Sara?" Eugine asked. Bobby looked down. "I don't know. I wanted my wife back. I guess I finally realized Sara was just to calm me of my problems with Linds. But everything's okay now. Even if we don't marry again, we're really good so far." Eugine smiled. "That's great man." He congradulated him. Bobby smiled. "Thanks. I wanna take Bobby down here sometime, see the new place. He doesn't like the new firm yet, ya know, so far it's just me and Bec again." Bobby explained. "Sure, come on down any time." Eugine said and Bobby smiled. "Helen's not for the state anymore." Eugine's eyes widened. "What's she for?" He asked, and Bobby laughed. "She came in today for recomendations." Eugine rolled his eyes. "Well, she better be gett'n 'em from Elle, 'cause I'm not given her any." He laughed and so did Bobby. "Bring her to your new place." Eugine said, but Bobby shook his head. "We only started fresh 'cause we had to." He whispered, and Bobby nodded, changing the subject. "Where's Lucy?" He asked. Eugine laughed. "You didn't hear?" She went over to college, got all the money she needed to from working here for so long. She's got a new job with her newest boyfriend, we still keep in touch." He said, and Bobby laughed. "Lucy." He smiled sadly. "When'd she go?" He asked. "A little after you. They all went after you. First Lindsay left the little place next door-" "That's only because her business is great and she moved to a bigger office." Bobby said in her definse. Eugine nodded absently. "Whatever." He mumbled. "You never mumbel Eugine. You're a straight-foward person." Bobby said. This was true, and Eugine knew so. He looked dowm. "We're all so fricken messud up without you man, and we don't know what the hell we're do'n." Eugine said, frustrated. Bobby looked up at him. "Good." He said. "Good?" Eugine yelled, and Bobby put his hand up, instructing Eugine to stop talking. Surprisingly, Eugine obayed him. "Because I'm here to come back."