Summary- Bobby's new firm isn't doing too well, so he asks to go back part time at the old Practice- B&L fanfic too.

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Let's roll

Lindsay woke up the next day, feeling laid over. She groaned, turning over and trying to figure out where she was. She finally realized she was at Helen's place, and she saw the empty Budwiser bottles on the table. It was Saturday, and she knew that Vatona's trial started Tuesday, which meant Bobby or no Bobby, she would have to prepare the witness's testimony. She thought for a while, then, groaning once again, she she picked up Helen's cordless phone. She had decided that if Bobby did pick up his cell, she would hang up. But luckely she got his machine, and she left a message.

"Bobby, it's me, just wanted to tell you I'm writing Vatona's eye witness testimony, if you could just another testimony for, I don't know, the second or third witness, that'd be greattttt." She noticed that she was slurring her words and cursed at herself, then continued. "I'll drop Little Bobby off at your place on Monday, since I have him now, so, uh, I'm at Helen's. Call me. Bye." She didn't want to sound too pist even though she wanted to choke him right about now. The events from the previous night were slowly filling her mind, and she looked over at her son to make sure he was still asleep. Damnet, where was he?? She walked down the empty hall towards Zoe's room, and she heard his voice. Not wanting to distract him, she tip-toed back to the couch and found her car keys. She went down to the garage, egtting her brief case and running to Starbucks for 3 cups of coffee, one for 2 for Helen and Ellenor also. By the time she got back, Helen was on the couch watching T.V. Lindsay handed her the coffee and she smiled.

"I thought you left and forgot your son here, you had QUITE a few drinks last night." She said, smiling.

"I know, I called Bobby and I was slurring." She said, going into the kitchen. Helen looked at her, rolling her eyes.

"You called him?"

"We're on a case together Helen, I have to keep in touch. We're both gunna feel guilty if we send a guy to jail because we're pissed at eachother." Helen looked hesitant, but then nodded.

"Just don't make that an excuse." She said quietly, as Lindsay poured herself cerial and looked over at her.

"Don't worry.... I won't."


Bobby opened his eyes and looked around, groggy. He slowly tried to pick himself up, but couldn't do it, and he fell backward, only to realize he was in Donnell Young, Dole, and Frutt. He blinked a few times, then picked himself up with great effort and looked out the window. It was morning, but still somewhat dark. He then looked at his watch. 7:30. Then he heard his cell beep loubly- he figured that was what had waken him up. He checked the tiny screen- 1 message at 7:15. He played it in his ear; it was Lindsay, and he noticed her slurring her words also as she mentioned Joey Vatona. Vatona.... damn. The trial started next Tuesday, and he had hardly started the 2nd witness, which he told Lindsay he would write. Plus he had Joey Heric to defend, and that was never easy. He knew he had to get up, but he couldn't bring himself to, and eventually fell back down. He played Lindsay's mesadge again in his ear to make sure she didn't say anything important, then heard "I'm at Helen's. Call me." He dialed Helen's number and herad someone pick up.

"Helen?" He asked, and he could tell by his woice that the alcohol was a little stronger than he had thought.

"Bobby?" He heard on the other line. Damnet, it was Ellenor, and he knew he must have waken her up.

"Ellenor, Geese, you sound horrible." He could tell she was rolling her eyes on the other line.

"Thanks Bobby. Wadda you want anyway, it's 7:30." She said, somewhat pissed off. Bobby was confused.

"Lindsay's not there?" He asked.

"I don't know- she was here last night, unless eh drove home at 2:00AM. I hope she still is, because she had a few too many beers." She said laughing a little, but Bobby didn't laugh with her.

"Did she bring Little Bobby with her?" He asked, hoping she hadn't left their son with him. He dind't wuite remember.

"Yeah, try to keep track of your kid." She said, and Bobby was getting pissed off by her smart-ass comments; he just wanted to talk to Lindsay.

"Can you just chack if she's there, I need to talk to her." He said, and there was a pause on the other line. "Ellenor?"

"Yeah.... Bobby, she was pretty mad at you last night, I'm not sure she wants to hear your voice right now." She said hesitantly, and he almost lost it.

"Ellenor, I didn't call to talk to you, I need to talk to her. I'd like it if my person life was kept personal- you don't need a reason to put her on the phone, but if you really want one, she called ME, and secondly, we're on a case together, we need to communicate whether we like it or not." It must have beed obvious he was angry, because a second later he heard Ellenot scream Lindsay's name, and LIndsay took the phone.

"Bobby?" She answered, and he rolled his eyes.

"Finally. Did you call me, I got a message at 7:15?" He asked, trying hard to sound mad that she callled so early, but it didn't seem to come off, and she continued.

"Yeah, about Joey Vatona, we need to open on tuesday, so hope you're done with that. And if you could write the neighbor's testimoy, I'll write the eye-witnesses." She said. It wasn't a question, but more of a statement, so he felt compelled to agree.

"OK, um you've got Little Bobby, right?" He asked, double-checking Eugine's office again. He heard Lindsay sigh.

"Yes Bobby, and it's a good thing you don't, who the hell knows where he'd be." She said, he mood going from what seemed like bad to worse. He realized ending the conversation now would be a good idea, but apparently she didn't.

"Sorry, um I'll see you Monday, bye." He said quickly, but he heard Lindsay sigh and he knew he shouldn't be hanging up. He rolled his eyes again. "Okay Lindsay, what's the problem now?" He asked impatiently, and he heard her hang up on the other line. He was gonna call her back, but it was just too early to fight with her now, so he decided against it. He struggled to get himself up, and after a few minutes he finally succeded and started to continue the witness' testimony.


3 hours and 2 coffee's later, he had finished. Plus, things started comming back to him about the night before, and he wondered where Alan had gone. He remembered pieces of their little party and getting very drunk, and part of him regretted it. He went over to the desk for another pen, and saw a note, almost illegable:


It was wonderful getting drunk with you, I'd considder doing it again some time. It's 2:00 A.M now, I'm taking a cab home, if you wake up hung over, here's the number for a taxi service-

There was a phone number, and underneath it Alan signed his name. Bobby laughed- apparently Alan had drank a few more beers then he had. Just then his cell phone rang again- oh goody, it was Lindsay.

"Yes?" He answered.

"It's me." She said on the other line, and Bobby was forced to laugh.

"Who else would I answer 'yes' to?" He said somewhat smuggly, and Lindsay seemed to ignore it.

"Well, I just realized that I've gotta get the file, because I can't write without it. Where are you, I'll come pick it up. And I think I'll make copies too- I doubt we'll be working together any time soon." She said, and he nodded matter-of-factly.

"Couldn't agree with you more, I'm at the firm, you can come whenever you feel like it." He said, and he heard a sigh on the other line.

"20 minutes." She said, and hung up. Bobby disregarded the phone call, wrapped up in his testimony. He re-read it repeadly, making changes almost every time, until it finally looked plausible. About a half-hour went by, and he lookeed up occasionally for Lindsay's face, but she dind't come. Then 40 minutes went, by then 50. Finally after about an hour or so, the door opened and Lindsay walked in.

"I can see you took your sweet time getting here." Bobby said, not even looking up to adress her, and Lindsay rolled her eyes.

"You said 'The Firm' on the phone dumb-ass. I went to your firm, but no one was there. Then I stopped off at my firm, but you weren't there either. Finally I came here, you'd think you'd specify." She said distraught, and Bobby finally looked up.

"Well from now on, considder this 'The Firm.'" He said, and returned to his testimony. She nodded.

"I guess I should've, right? "Donnell, Young, Dole, and Frutt" always will fundementally be "The Practice," 'the firm,' 'the office.' She said, taking a moment to soak in the surroundings. He put away the testimony and finally met her eyes.

"I came back here, didn't I?" He said, sipping his 3rd cup of coffee, and she nodded.

"Don't you always." She muumbeled, but he ignored that.

"You should've called, not ran around to every law firm in town." He said, feeling bad for a second, looking at her disheveld appearance. She shrugged.

"Well, my cell phone died, so I found you, it's not the end of the world." She finally showed a small smile- it had been a while since their fight, and she was cooling off a little, as was he. She sat down near him and he offered her a sip of his coffee. They were quiet for a little, then finally Lindsay spoke. They hadn't even realized that they were sitting on Jamie's desk, Lindsay's former one. She knew she shouldn't cave, she shouldn't, everyone and anyone would tell her that, but wheather it was Helen, Ellie, or even Eugine giving advice, she was the only one who knew exactly what happened, and she knew the right thing to do. She felt better, softer, the minute she spoke the words: "Listen Bobby, I'm sorry. Helen keeps telling me that I souldn't be but I can't help it, I am. You were just trying to protect me because, well, look at me. Even I think that I need protecting. I'm volunerable, and I hate that, and I hate admitting it, but I am. I guess some parts of thos "New Bobby" are just harder to take in than others. But you shouldn't have lied to me." She ended strongly, waiting to hear his side of the story. He nodded.

"I know, really, I'm not just to make you happy, I shouldn't have lied to you. I was just trying to protect you, but I shouldn't have done it by lying. I call myself this new guy.... there are still pieces of this "New Me" that need to be fixed- that lying problem, and the fact that you appoligized before I would. I don't wanna be back at that spot where we're not communicating, you know that. I just don't wanna see another George Vogleman, Hinks, any of those. You were bad there Lindsay, no offense, but you were." He finished, putting his arm around her tentitavely, and when she relaxed into it he knew they were okay, that right now they'd be alright.

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