Look! A new story for you to read from me! So happy! :) Just to let you know, this is a Pyro/OC/Pietro love triangle fanfic.

The Kitty Kat Rebel
By: xxacolytegirlxx

Chapter One: Seeing Double

"I can't believe it yo! Lance has a twin sister and he never told us!"

Todd Tolensky, Freddy Dukes, and Pietro Maximoff sat around in the living room of the Brotherhood Boarding House watching television while Lance was upstairs getting his sister's room ready.

"I bet she's hot. She better be hot." Said Pietro with a smirk.

Freddy rubbed his stomach slowly as it rumbled. "I'm hungry. I hope she knows how to cook."

Todd looked at them strangely. "I can't believe you two. Wanda must be better than her!"

When Pietro and Freddy snickered about Todd's idea, there was a knock at the door. Pietro, with his super speed raced over to the door and opened it. There stood Kitty Pryde. Pietro arched an eyebrow when he noticed there was a big difference in the valley girl today.

"What're you doing here, Pryde?" he paused and examined her with a sly smirk of interest. "And what's with the hot new change?"

Kitty tipped her head to the side a little. "Pryde? Who's Pryde?"

Todd and Freddy quickly arrived behind Pietro to see what was going on. The girl they thought was Kitty Pryde had strange green-ish silvery eyes with chocolate hair like Lance's that was put up in a high ponytail like Kitty's with strands of hair behind her ears. She had thin black eyeliner with glitter sparkling as her eye shadow with starlit light pink lipstick.

"You aren't Kitty Pryde. are you?" said Pietro as his smirk got larger.

The girl smiled a little and shook her head. "No, I'm Timber. Is Lance here?"

It was that moment when Pietro realized that his hope had come true. Lance's sister WAS hot! Even though she looks like Kitty Pryde, Timber's wwaaayyy better!

"Well Lance isn't here yet!!" Pietro quickly pulled Timber out of the doorway and rushed her into his room. He placed her on the bed and closed the door, leaving Todd and Freddy still downstairs. Timber blinked in confusion, wondering how she got to one place to another in the blink of an eye.

"W-where's Lance? He was expecting me right?"

Pietro looked at her strangely. Was she not totally drooling over his good looks? He knew he had to get to the heavy artillery.

"Yeah he was expecting you. But he had some business to..."

Just before Pietro could finish, an earthquake started to shake the floors. Timber stood up excitedly and looked at Pietro happily.

"He's here!! Oh thanks for trying to keep me company, Pietro."

The door quickly flew open, revealing Lance with his hand curled up into fists. Pietro backed up a little, hoping Lance wouldn't try anything stupid. Just before he was going to thrust a punch right at him, he noticed Timber right beside him. Lance slowly turned and saw Timber go into his arms.

"Oh Timber! I thought Pietro already got to you.." Lance shot Pietro an evil glare as he slipped slowly out of his room to go downstairs.

Timber backed away from her brother with a smile and pulled her tight Bayville High jersey down a bit so it covered the rest of her long sleeve black shirt.

"I guess you're going to Bayville now huh?" he asked.

She nodded. "School's tomorrow right?"

Lance looked at her for a moment, remembering how much his sister did look like Kitty Pryde, his crush. Suddenly, he came up with an idea.

"Hey Timber. How about I take you to see someone?"

Timber looked at her brother strangely, making her hair bounce a little. "I guess."


Timber and Lance were now on the road in Lance's jeep driving to the Institute. The whole time, Lance wouldn't tell Timber who she was to see.

"Well, you could at least tell me where we're going, Lance."

Lance smirked as they went through the institute's gates. "Here it is. The Charles Xavier Institute for the Gifted Youngsters."

Timber awed at the sight she saw. It was a rather large white building with more windows than she's ever seen. They both got out of the jeep and headed up the steps to ring the doorbell.

"Who's here?" she asked her brother as he knocked on the door.

Lance smiled. "Just wait."

The person who opened the door definitely wasn't the person Lance wanted to show his sister. There stood his rival, Scott Summers. His sunglasses shined against the bright sun, proving he was glaring straight at Lance as he did the same.

"What are you doing here, Alvers?" Scott paused and looked to the girl on Lance's left. His eyebrows went up in surprise as Timber arched an eyebrow. "Kitty!! What are you doing outside with Lance? I thought you were inside watching---"

As Scott tried to get Timber's arm to bring her inside, Lance shoved him away.

"Back off Summers. This is my twin sister, Timberlee."

Scott grew hesitatant. "Yeah right, Lance. Go back to where you came from and give me Kitty."

Suddenly, the real Kitty Pryde approached the door beside Scott and smiled at Lance.

"Like, hey Lance! Who's.. like, whoa. She.." Kitty and Timber both stared at each other strangely as Scott grew even more confused.

"She looks exactly like me!!" they both shouted.

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