The light faded and the rings went back into the ground. It took Monica a few seconds to realise what had happened. Monica looked around the ring room. And realised they were now on the planet. The room was clear of any Goa'uld. But she sensed something different.

We need to get out of here now. Goa'uld are on their way here. She told the group.

Which way to the weapons? Jack asked. Monica closed her eyes for a few seconds and let free her senses.

That way. She pointed to a door on the right. The door was code locked, but Jonas already knew the code because he had studied the information Shannon McMahon gave them, They exited the room and closed the door behind them. As soon as they walked up one corridor they were surrounded by Jaffa.

Jack muttered but still held up his gun. You might want to give up now. Jack calmly instructed. The Jaffa laughed. Now that's not nice laughing.

Put down your weapons. The Jaffa in front ordered.

What happens if we don't? Jack asked. They heard a sound of something rolling on the floor and saw a silver ball coming towards them. It stopped in the middle of the group. Aw crap. Jack said as he realised what it was. A second later a light flashed from it and everything went dark.


John was amazed when the lights went the rings disappeared into the ground. One second he had been in the ship and now he was on the planet, in an alien facility. The group quickly exited the ring room, knowing there would be Jaffa and Goa'uld on the way.

Which way? John asked. Daniel looked at the blue prints of the base.

This way. He pointed to the left as he continued to lead the group as he kept looking at the blueprints in his hands. He was about to turn a corner but instantly went back. Whoa. Jaffa, lots of Jaffa outside the door.

Mulder pulled something from behind his back. Everyone watched as he pulled out three grenades and took the pins out. Fire in the whole. He whispered as he threw the grenades around the corner. A second later there was a huge explosion and the sound of Jaffa dying.

Missy should be behind this door. Daniel said as he looked at the blueprint.

John yelled as he pressed his ear against the door.

He heard her call back.

Hang on honey, we're gonna get you out. He told her. Daniel pressed a code in on the keypad and the door opened. Missy ran into her fathers arms. He lifted her up off the ground.

Are you okay? Did they hurt you? He frantically asked as he looked her over.

I'm okay. They didn't hurt me. I think I annoyed them though. She said.

What did you do? John asked as they started making their way out of the room. Missy all the time in Johns arms.

Mommy taught me how to sing and she said it's good to sing when you're scared. So I sang. I don't think they liked it very much. She giggled. John couldn't help but smile at the image of the Goa'uld telling her to be quiet.

That's my girl. He kissed her temple as he continued to carry her.

We have a problem. Daniel whispered. Goa'uld are surrounding the ring room.

Then we need to find the exit door. John told him as they carefully walked away from the ring room.


Monica opened her eyes slowly. She tried to move her head to the side but couldn't. Her head was strapped down to something. She realised as well that her legs and arms were tied down to the alien table she was on and there was also a strap around her stomach. She couldn't move at all.

She heard a door open, but couldn't move to see who had come in. And then she saw who it was. The man from her dream. The person who had taken her little girl away from her. Anubis.

I knew you would come. He stated. So you are the one who has scared the Goa'uld and the Jaffa. The so called legend. Well I cant wait to show your death to everyone. Then nothing can stop me from destroying your pathetic world. But first, I would like to learn everything you know. He stated.

I'm not telling you a thing you bastard. She stated as she looked at him with all the hatred she could.

I don't need your voice to learn. I have my own methods. From his pocket her produced a black shinny metal ball. A second later spikes came out of it in every direction. This little device will download everything in your brain into the computers. You can try to fight it, but there is no stopping the download. He moved closer to her and Monica swallowed the huge lumped which had just formed in her throat at the site of the ball with spikes. She didn't need it to be explained on how it's used. She knew. He was going to put that in her brain.


Jack sat up suddenly. He looked around the room and saw he was contained in one of the holding places.

He said. He went up to Jonas and shook his shoulder. Hey, Jonas, no sleeping on the job. He told him. Jonas opened his eyes and was momentarily confused, and then he remembered what had happened. He looked around and saw the others in the group waking up. Except one person was missing. Where's Monica? He asked.

I can only guess Anubis has her. They took everything we had, including our weapons which we could really use right now. Jack told him.

What will he do to her? Follmer asked.

We need to get out of here. Jack ignored the question as he tried to open the door. Brad walked up to him and forcefully turned Jack around to face him.

What will he do to Monica?! He asked, this time more firmly.


John's group continued to walk through the maze of alien corridors. He carried Missy in his arms the whole way. Not willing to let her go, not even for a second.

An exit is just around this corridor. Daniel told them. John looked around the corner and saw the exit to the outside, heavily guarded. For the first time since finding her, John put Missy down.

Missy, I want you to stay here. When I give you the signal you come to me okay? He asked. She nodded her head and pressed herself as far as she could against the wall.

Carter took out a couple of grenades from behind her. Took out the pins and threw them towards the Jaffa. A moment later there was an explosion and the sound of Zats firing. Moving forward, the group fired their Zats and guns at the Goa'uld. They easily took out the very few Jaffa which had survived the grenades. John went up to the doorway, leading to the outside and looked out. It was all clear. He motioned for Missy to come towards his. He instantly picked her up in his arms.

Carter called. There's a force field. There's no way around it and no way to disarm it from here.

Great, we're stuck.

They stood in silence as they thought about about what they were going to do. It looked as though this would be the end for them. They had come this far only to be stopped. When suddenly, the force field was turned off.

Please tell me one of you did that? Mulder said.

Lets hope so. But either way, we need to go. Carter instructed and everyone ran out of the open door, seeing the river they all instantly took out the gift from the Tollan and they started swimming to the other side of the river.


Anubis watched with interest as the female human tried to fight the mind probe which he had placed him her brain. She had a look of concentration on her facial features. His first prime entered the room.

Lord Anubis, someone has deactivated the force fields. He told Anubis.

Reactivate them immediately! Anubis ordered. His first prime went to the main computer at the front and pushed a few buttons before turning back to Anubis.

I cant my Lord. Someone has overridden everything and locked us out of the system.

Anubis looked to the women lying on the table. As the probe was in her brain she was connected to the computer. She was controlling everything.

Bring one of the prisoners! He instructed, the first prime nodded and left the room. About ten minutes later he returned with Brad Follmer.

Brad went to her. Monica? Can you hear me? He shook her shoulder, but she didn't open her eyes.

She can hear you. She's watching as we speak. Monica Reyes put the shields back up, or I will have this man killed. Nothing happened. Anubis nodded towards his first prime, he instantly held a Goa'uld weapon on Brad. Now Miss Reyes.

No Monica! Don't do it! Brad yelled, but he was hit over the head with the weapon to shut him up.

I will have him killed. You have ten seconds to decide. Anubis told her.

Monica could hear what was happening. She knew everything that was going on. She knew for the good of the universe she had to continue to do what she was trying to. She heard Brad tell her not to put the shields back.

Brad stood up and looked at her. She had detached herself from the computer enough to open her eyes and look at him. He smiled down at her as he ran his fingers through her hair. She was crying and so was he. Knowing this was the end.

I love you. He whispered as he placed a kiss on her temple. A second later a shot rang out and Brad fell to the floor, he had been killed.

You fucking Bastard! Monica yelled out as she cried.

Put the shields back up, or I will not hesitate to have your daughter killed. Anubis threatened. Monica looked at him with all the hatred she could.

She stated and closed her eyes again as she went inside the computer. Alarms started going off. She opened her eyes again and smiled a sad smile. She knew she was about to die. She silently prayed that the others got out. She smiled knowing that she hadn't failed, she had succeeded.


What are the alarms for? Jack asked over the noise of the alarms.

Someone has set off the self destruction. Jonas told him. The door to where they were being held, suddenly opened.

Way da go Monica. Jack said as his group walked out of the room. Beating a few Goa'uld up on the way and taking their weapons. How long before this thing explodes? Jack asked.

Seven minutes. Jonas answered. All of a sudden they heard Monica's voice over the sound.

You guys have seven minutes. Get out of here now! She told them.

We cant leave you! Jack yelled out. He didn't know where her voice was coming from, but he talked back anyway.

Yes you can. I cant escape where I am. She paused. Tell John and Missy I love them. And then her voice cut out.

What do we do? Scully asked Jack. He hesitated.

We get out. He said and they nodded. They came to the exit door and saw they were surrounded by a river of water. Jack exclaimed.

Wait. The thing the Tollan gave us, to help up breath under water. Jonas remembered. Everyone else did and reach into their pockets for the devices. Instantly places them in and over their mouths they jumped into the water and started swimming. They didn't swim above the water, for fear the would be seen and killed by the Jaffa and Goa'uld.


John and his group had run some distance but had kept in sight of the ship. They saw the others exit and signalled them over once they were across the lake. John instantly noticed who was missing.

Where the hell is Monica? John instantly asked.

Anubis took her. She told us to leave. Skinner explained.

John put Missy down and ran for the ship.

Mulder yelled. But John didn't listen, he swam to the other side, back from where they had just escaped. He could hear the alarms going off as he entered the facility. He shot any Jaffa or Goa'uld who came at him. Making his way to the main area. He walked in and saw Brad dead on the floor. And for a split second felt sympathy and then he saw who was lying on the table.

She instantly opened her eyes at the sound of his voice.

John?! What are you doing? You need to get out of here now! This place is going to blow! She firmly told him.

No way in hell am I leaving you! He told her as he took out a knife and cut the straps. She sat up. She saw Brad on the floor and instantly burst into tears. He's gone Monica. I'm so sorry. He gently stroked her hair.

We cant leave him. He deserves a proper funeral. She sobbed out. John understood. In her own way, she still loved Brad. John let go of Monica and leant down to Brad. He lifted Brad up and carried his body over his shoulder. We have less than two minutes before this place blows. Monica told him. Tears still ran down her cheeks.

There were no lights. Everything was dark. She had cut the power while the device was still in her. She had thought without any power, there would be no way for anyone of the Goa'uld too over ride her self destruct command.

I cant see a thing. John told Monica.

Me neither. We're never gonna make it out like this! She stated. Wait a second. John let me go through your backpack. She unzipped it and fumbled around in it for a few seconds. She pulled out the object the Nox had given them.

What are you gonna do with that? John asked.

Monica whispered. She held the glass ball up near her lips and gently blew on it. A light shined from it. Filling the darkened hallway with light.

I'm starting to like those aliens. John stated. They started running again. They ran as fast as they could. Shooting Goa'uld and Jaffa who tried to stop them. There's the exit! Monica yelled as she saw it. They ran out of the door and jumped into the lake. They didn't think about the items that allowed them to breath under water. They heard the first explosion, followed by other. They didn't stop until they reached the other side of the lake. Where they were met instantly by the others.

Missy ran into her mothers open arms. Monica held her tightly and kissed her temple.

Thank God you're okay. Monica whispered. Monica stood back up, holding her daughters hand. Everyone was watching the destruction of Anubis.

Monica did you do that? Jack asked.

He put something in my brain to download what I knew. The device didn't work for some reason, but I was able to do anything I wanted to with the computers. When he tried to escape, I closed in in a corridor with no way out. Monica explained.

What happened to Brad? Dana asked gently.

They bought him down, and Anubis told me to put the shields back up or ... or he would kill Brad. Monica paused. Brad told me not to do it, so I didn't. Tears escaped Monica's eyes again.

John had now handed Brad to Teal'c, walked up to Monica and placed his arm around her shoulder. She leant her head against him.

Lets go home. He whispered as he kissed her temple.

They stood around the six foot whole. The coffin waiting to be placed in. The priest saying some words, but nobody was really listening. Monica never thought she would be here. She never could have imagined how hard this day would be. She thought she was over him, that she felt nothing but friendship. But now she realised, there would always be a tiny piece of her heart, which would forever belong to Brad. She couldn't change that, she didn't want to.

The grave was lowered into the ground as the priest said a final prayer. Monica leant down and first took a handful of dirt and sprinkled it into the grave, and then she took a red rose and a white rose and dropped them in the grave, landing on top of the coffin. The others at the funeral threw dirt in, but she was the only one who had the roses for him. Red represented the love they had, the love she would always treasure. The white rose represent their friendship, they may have grown apart, but friendship had always remained.

Monica stood back up and wrapped herself in Johns arms as she shed silent tears. He understood what she was feeling. She was glad he was there with her. They stayed until everyone else had left. Monica gazing at the headstone and the words written in stone.

In my passing, lies your hope. She read the words out loud. She had chosen the words herself. Because of Brad willing to sacrifice his life, the world, the universe would live on. Mulder, Dana, Skinner, John and herself where now allowed back in the country. They had been cleared of all charges. They were offered jobs back in the FBI. They were free. Now like millions, even billions, of others over the universe. All because Brad was willing to sacrifice himself. Monica smiled and looked up at John.

You ready to go? He asked her softly.

Yeah, I'm ready. They walked to their lone car hand in hand. Monica stopped John once they were standing next to it.

Thank you.

For what? He asked confused.

For not being mad about Missy, for still loving me after all these years, for coming back for me and... She paused as she looked back at Brads grave. And for understanding. She leaned forward, gently placing her lips on his.

You know, I've been thinking. John said once they had parted.

About what? Monica asked.

About how, one day, I would like another child, Missy deserves a little brother or sister.

This caused Monica to grin. She knew another reason why he wanted another child. He regretted not being there for her when she was pregnant, or during birth and he had missed out on so much of Missy's life.

I think that's wonderful. Monica whispered as she placed her arms around him. He pulled her close and ran his fingers delicately through her smooth hair. Seven years ago he though he's never see her again. He thought his life would be over. But now, after everything that has happened these past few months. John couldn't help but think of the future. Maybe there was hope for them. Maybe there was hope for the future.