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Betraying Memories Chapter#1: A Battle Begins

(This fanfic takes place in the Russian Tournament when DJ Jazzman is presenting Kai as the newest member of the Demolition Boys)

"Could the All Stars survive the attack of the Demolition Boys? Tala┬┤s and Ian's victories will be the end for the All Stars or could Michael change the game?!!" DJ Jazzman shrieked.

"Now let me introduce the newest member of the Demolition Boys" said DJ Jazzman as he pointed to the Demolition Boys entrance.

"I don't have any idea of who could this blader be Brad" said AJ Topper (is his name like this?)

"Neither do I, let's wait and see.." said Brad as the camera focuses in the entrance.

A tall boy with grey hair in the front part and blue from his back part , with a black tank top , blue cargo pants , a white scarf and four blue triangles imprinted in his face, was coming from the entrance as the Blade Breakers watched in awe.

"I can't believe it Brad , it is Kai from the Blade Breakers!!" said AJ in a loud tone.

"Without Kai in the Blade Breakers they've been thrown to the river without a paddle (I don't remember the name of that thingy but I called it paddle)" said Brad.

"Why did he did this to us??!!" Tyson said with an angry tone . " Why , why?..." Max said with a disappointing tone.

"I can't believe this." Ray said.

"I can't believe Kai is a traitor.." Tyson said in a disgusting tone.

"I always knew he was never meant to be with us" Dizzy said in a sarcastic way.

"Shut up Dizzy this isn't time for jokes!" said Kenny.

As Kai approached to the bey arena Tyson stood up and ran to Kai's direction although he only stood up watching as the battle started.

"Look who's here. you are a little traitor don't you?" Michael said as Kai stood at the other end of the bey-dish (or bowl I don't know how to call that thing) Kai only stood silent with his death stare directly on Michael.

Michael rised an eyebrow "well anyway you're going down"

"Why don't I battle with all your tem , bigmouth?" Kai said .

"What are you crazy!" Michael exclaimed.

"Are you afraid of me?" Kai said in an arrogant voice.

DJ Jazzman saw in amazement what Kai has just said , "Why don't we follow the rules?" DJ Jazzman said nervously.

"Could you step out of this?" said Kai as he settled his death stare on DJ making him only more nervous than that he was , DJ turned to see Boris nodding in agreement with Kai. "Understand" DJ said to himself.

"The BeyBlade authorities say that this battle can go on , so prepare for this battle!!" DJ announced.

"Now I've heard it all!!" said Dizzy.

"I can't watch this.." Kenny said shaking.

(In other part of the stadium) "Why is Kai doing this? I admit Dranzer is powerful but not enough to beat a whole team." Said Marhia in disbelief.

"This is too strange , first Kai turns from the Blade Breakers and now this... something wear is happening here" Lee said as he crossed his arms.

"This is going to be funny , seing Kai trying to beat the whole team" said Kevin with a smile on his face.

(In other part of the stadium) "Kai knows nothing about of honor!" said Jhonny as he stood up angrily.

"Calm down Jhonny" Enrique said trying to sitting him down. "The most probably is that Kai will lose to the All Stars he isn't that powerful , even I would have trouble" said Oliver.

"I don't think the same as you Oliver" said Robert.

Jhonny , Enrique and Oliver turned to see Robert.

"I think Kai's different. something is evil and I don't like it , why would Kai be so confident challenging the whole team? I think he has a secret weapon or something to help him win.." Robert said as he was watching Kai and All Stars getting to the dish.

Everyone stayed silent and watched the battle.

(Now returning to Kai)

"Judy if we defeat Kai we will not have to fight again with the Demolition Boys and they'll be out of the tournament" said Emily.

"I'm with you Emily" said Steve

"But. I don't think Kai has something good in his mind , he might have a trap for you all" said Judy with concern.

"Don't worry Judy he just has a big mouth that's all we will be fine" said Michael.

Judy nodded "OK do your best I know you can win"

Kai and the All Stars prepared their blades and waited the counting. As Kai took Black Dranzer the Blade Breakers and The Majestics watched in surprise of Kai's new beyblade.

"Maybe that's what Robert told us about" Jhonny thought.

"Let's count backwards!! 3..2...1..Let it Rip!!!" DJ Jazzman screamed.

"Know let's finish with this easy job" said Kai with an evil grin in his face as Black Dranzer ducked every strike.

All the All Stars clenched their teeth in disgust ok Kai's words. "Now you will eat those words when we finish with you!!" Michael exclaimed. "Trygle!!" "Trygator !! attack!!" Emily ordered. "Trypio!!" he orderes. "Tryhorn!! Finish him!!" Steve ordered. All the four bit-beasts were going to Kai's beyblade. They hitted it , the All Stars were all ready celebrating their triumph.

A smile was forming in Kai's face , an evil smile.

"Are you ready to eat dust?" Kai said.

"What are you talking about there's no way you can defeat us!!"said Emily

"Are you sure?.. Black Dranzer!!!" as Kai screamed a huge black phoenix ,just as Dranzer, appeared in front of everyone.

Everyone saw in awe as Black Dranzer stopped the All Stars' beyblades.

"So that was it?"Kai laughed evily. "I've got an idea , what if you and the White Tigers try to defeat me? Take it as a second chance, if not you're out" Kai said to Michael.

"Michael, that's our last chance" said Judy.

"What do you say Whit Tigers, are you afraid or will you accept?" Kai said as an evil grin was formed in his face.

"Of course we are in!!" said Lee with a wild cat look in his face.

"What's happening? Does Kai really beleive he can beat both teams?" said Kenny.

"We never kow what surprises can give us Kai" said Robert as he approached to the Blade Breakers. Max, Ray and Kenny looked as the Majestics sat beside them.

"Do you really think Kai can defeat both teams?" asked Ray with a concerned look in his face.

"Probably" said Robert lookin at Kai.

"What!!" said Jhonny. "I haven't seen such apowerful and at the same time evil bit-beast as Black Dranzer" said Robert.

"All what we can do is watch" said Tyson as he sat back in his place. Both Blade Breakers and Majestics stared at the Bey battle that was about to start.

"3..........2............1.......LET IT RIP!!!" shrieked DJ Jazzman.

"You will not win" said Marya

"I'm bored...."said Kai with a sleepy face, this only made both teams angrier as they bit-beasts appeared and tried to attack Kai...but suddenly Kai's beyblade was floating as everyone watched in awe.

"This can't be happening!!" said Michael and Lee at the same time.

"Time to finish the easy part , Black Dranzer don't let anyone alive!!!!" Kai said.Black Dranzer started to dive to the center were all the beyblades were. When it crashed a big cloud of smoke was around Kai and the other two teams, when the fog was starting to clear Kai was with an evil smile and the All Stars and the White Tigers were with a disbelief face as they saw all their beyblades totally destroyed.

"Oh no.. they lost" said Tyson.

"What a battle!!" said AJ

"You're right Kai's new beyblade is too powerful" said Brad.

Kai lifted his hand and his beyblade returned to his hand.

"I hope you don't miss your bit-beasts!" said Kai as he lifted his right hand with his beyblade in it.

"What did you say!?" exclaimed Lee.

"This was the first battle of the Russian Tournament , the Demolitio...." Brad interrupted AJ "Look at that!!!"

As Kai's beyblade started to flash the bit-beasts that were in the dish appeared and dove into Kai's beyblade.

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