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Moving On

By: Jenkid11

Changes in the Regime

                It was 5:00 a.m., and all of Surrey was quiet.  Under the soft golden rising sun the inhabitance of this small town were quietly tucked into their beds, fast asleep.  All but one that is.  For one dreary eyed, messy haired boy however, this was not the case.  As he gazed up at the pale blue sky his thoughts fell back to Sirius.  Harry wasn't coping very well, or one could argue that he wasn't coping at all with his godfather's death.  The loss of Sirius had hit Harry hard, very hard, and the prophesy didn't help matters any.  The prophesy.  Those two words constantly sent a shiver down the now sixteen year olds back.  Kill or be killed.  That was what the prophesy had said wasn't it.  He would have to kill Tom Riddle or die at his hands.  While Harry didn't much fancy the idea of becoming a murderer, he couldn't really imagine dieing at his enemy's hands either.  Suddenly, Harry heard the tell-tale signs of the Dursleys waking up.  Taking one last moment to reminisce the memory of Tonks, Mad-Eye Moody, Mr. Weasley, and Mrs. Weasley's warning at the start of the summer, he thought for what seemed like the thousandth time that this may not have been the best way to deal with the Dursleys. 


They had not taken kindly to the threat, especially Uncle Vernon.  The moment they had arrived home, Harry had been roughly dragged up to his small bedroom.  There he saw to his horror, that his windows were once again barred.  That wasn't the only change to the room however; his room was now surprisingly bare.  It looked as though there has been some major cleaning done there over the school year.  Now all that lay in the room was a small, lumpy mattress, a tiny pillow, and one thin sheet.  He was violently cut from his musings however, by his uncle slapping his face, hard. 

"Boy, haven't you heard a word I said."  "You'll listen to me and do exactly as I say from now on, or you'll pay dearly for your disobedience."  "I don't care what those freaks said, your mine to deal with, and you'll remember that boy, or there'll be trouble."  "You'll write letters to those awful people, under my supervision, and no slip ups boy, or else."

Then, he left the shocked Harry laying on the floor where he had landed, clutching his throbbing cheek.  His uncle hadn't really raised a hand like that to Harry since he had gotten into Hogwarts.  This however seemed to have drastically changed.  All he could think of was, "Oh, Shit!"

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(Back to the Present)

His aunt rapped on and unlocked the triply locked door, so that the boy could make the family breakfast.  This was the regular morning routine now.  Harry walked tiredly out the door after yet another sleepless night, and into another day in what he adequately described as hell on earth.

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